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  1. He got an easy ride with Hogan taking the best defender and double team last few years, now has nowhere to hide.
  2. Trading hogan for [censored] all has turned us into bottom 4 trash and freo into top4 material
  3. Good, if we're after him would like to screw them over in any deal given what they did to us with Hogan.
  4. TheoX


    We're paying May 800K/year? Jeebus. He's just an OK player and injury/suspension prone. Big fat NO to Buddy.
  5. Gotta love watching Carltank snatch defeat from the jaws of victory 😀
  6. We would overpay hugely picks and contract wise no doubt.
  7. We'll trade pick 1 for some dud injury prone key back no doubt
  8. We need a decent key forward after trading the best young kpf in the league for way unders.
  9. May is a joke lol. Our forward line is dysfunctional.
  10. Can't even stand your ground when some Muppet with zero awareness comes careering toward you. Joke.
  11. Preuss looked like a guy who's played 8 games in 4 years, hopefully he improves during his surprisingly long 4 year contract.
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