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  1. Hes an arseclown at the trade table.
  2. Sign him up. At least he can get on the park, has speed we so sorely lack, and won't cost us nearly a mill a year.
  3. Never should've coughed up 2 first rounders for a guy who had such a high injury risk after already having a knee reco, and was out of contract and named his destination club. We got absolutely bent over. The May trade looks to be a disaster too.
  4. ANB and KK have 2 more years on their contracts after this year, they wont be delisted. Agreed on Jeffy. Add JKH to the list, he needs to go ASAP. Absolute dead wood dud.
  5. No trading pick 2 please. Annoying to see how good King looks at GC after we gifted them pick 6 for an injury prone unprofessional player that really should've been a free agent.
  6. Get him, he'll only cost a 3rd or 4th rounder at least. Better than our highly priced (money and picks) highly injury prone recruits of recent times.
  7. Hell we gave a KK a 3 year deal FFS, why not give this guy a go, at least he has talent.
  8. Freo and Bell will be asking for the world in terms of picks for him, a 1st rounder is way too high a price for us to pay.
  9. Think he was sitting with the GC president, no doubt discussing a before R1 PP for the suns, and screwing us out of one of the clear top 2 talents.
  10. Carltank not tanking now that their first pick belongs to crows
  11. How many years did we give KK again? 3? Bizzare.
  12. Even our 2nd rounder is looking too early as a straight swap.
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