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  1. We've given up a likely 2020 top4 pick, 26 and 50 for pick 8. Would have to be a pretty good deal for us to part with it you'd think.
  2. If he becomes a FA (think hed have been at gc long enough, or maybe he'd need 2 more) after that year it'd be well worth the compo pick they'd get if he left to Carltank. Probably band 1 the way the AFL work.
  3. What he said is pretty valid. May and Lever are huge mistakes at this stage. Surprised he didn't mention the bizzare decision to trade a likely top4 pick plus valuable change for pick 8.
  4. Great news, though that's a pretty long contract, usually those 5+ year deals go to top shelf players.
  5. Lol. I thought [censored] teams get soft draws usually. Looks like the AFL want north to get pick1 next year.
  6. GC didn't offer him a contract, I wouldn't say GC rejects nominating us makes us a destination club.
  7. This is the club that gave KK, with his major concussion issues, a 3 year contract. Anything's possible from us.
  8. Meh, don't need a data analyst to tell us we're a basketcase.
  9. Short and sounds like hes a poor kick. No thanks.
  10. Weightman seems a Lucas Cook-esque reach for needs at 8. Wouldve been a chance to get him at 26 you'd think. Hope we go Kemp if he's there.
  11. It looks absolutely insane. I thought the AFL could block trades that were so lopsided with points value. If we win the flag north is still 400+ pts ahead. Completely [censored].
  12. Mahoney's lost the [censored] plot. Has he been promised a job at North or something?
  13. Doesn't look like he's ever played every game in a season, doubt it happens when he's 28 and so injury prone. I'm sure OMac can fill the void though 😜
  14. Rather split it with gws and get their no6 so green doesnt attract a bid.
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