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  1. Pickett was a big reach, and has shown nothing to suggest he is the next Cyril, Betts or Cameron as some on here are suggesting. Would've been a good 3rd or 4th round pick. He doesn't get the ball and he doesn't kick goals, couldn't even do that at U18 level. This trade is a disaster unless we start winning.
  2. This clown will have traded more than the number 1 pick for a midget that can't get the ball and doesnt kick goals.
  3. Smith is a joke. Pickett will end up costing massively in picks
  4. Presumably the ridiculous 3 and 4 year contracts for KK and Preuss were Mahoney's idea too.
  5. Well in football terms anyway. He has 2 years of decent footy left if he's lucky, given his injury history.
  6. His trading has a stench about it, massively overpaying for the likes of an uncontracted Lever, elderly May and big reach in Pickett. And banging on about how Hogan will be getting the highest value for a trade ever seen, then trades him for one first rounder, even if that turned out OK for us.
  7. North will be planning who they want with pick 1. May was a huge mistake, not to mention Lever. Overpaid duds.
  8. Twould be nice if Melbourne occasionally surprised to the upside like the Hawks did, sadly we are predictably [censored].
  9. They are injury prone players though. That probably won't change unfortunately. May also only has a couple of good years left.
  10. Out: Smith, Jackson In: Pickett, Weid
  11. They already traded it i think.
  12. Sickening that GC got a before r1 priority pick last year and a mid 1st this year. We are a far worse team.
  13. Mark Alvey and Mattew Lobbe is scraping the bottom of the barrel for 'mega deals'.
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