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  1. Gawny appears to be protecting his knee. He has no spring and is avoiding contact with man mountain Natanui. I don't blame Max. One game is not worth getting injured for, but the ease of WC clearances from the centre has killed us just as much as our witches hat game plan. Disappointing. I was hoping to watch this game fir the next 10 weeks. Can't even watch it for the next 10 minutes. The players can now see where they are at compared to a Top 6 team. Miles off the skills required.
  2. Really? Such a first world problem the AFL (or AFLW) considers it needs to spend time and resources on? If the AFL must expend time, money or effort how about seriously funding regional football or junior football. Not just for the elite, but for the betterment of the sport and its grass roots.
  3. I saw RDB play a fair bit of footy first with us then with Carlton who were very often televised in the mid to late 60s, then at Port Melbourne. He was my favorite player as a kid and because I really didn't understand the reasons he left MFC until much later, it hurt to see him play at other clubs. Much as I wanted to have his endeavour and spirit and attitude (and a little did rub off), as a footballer he was not quite in the talent class of Darly Bulldock, Kevin Murray or Ted Whitten his peers of the day. RDB was guts and determination and he pushed himself to his limits. As a player who was able to read the play to find the ball, miraculously create time where no time for decision making existed and then to CONSISTENTLY execute the required skill, by hand or foot, in my view Robert Flower was without peer. His slim physique should have been an impairment to his durability as a player, but it wasn't. Rob could carry injury and fans were often not aware of it, such was his graceful ability and timing to get the ball and avoid being tackled by the opposition. There are plenty of other players who had a bigger impact for us, but they played in a different time or could not last the journey of a full career. Rob played when we were rubbish. He was the only reason I went to the G for a decade to see us get flogged. In his interview with Mike Sheahan he said he always felt we had a chance, that was hard for me to understand as a spectator but easy for me to understand as an observer of a player who lived and breathed red & blue. He could see nothing else but the spirit that was the club at that time, knocking back money and finals to be true to himself and his club mates. May he rest in peace and from a good place, soon see his club finally secure his football life's dream.
  4. I note that the Chinese were able to build major field hospital facilities from scratch to deal with their current very unfortunate crisis in just 10 days. A simple, traffic efficient and obstruction free pathway from a train station to our nation's premier sporting facility seems to have been too hard for all relevant administrators to execute for the last 50 years. It is a reflection of self interest and a genuine lack of vision that the ground is as poorly serviced as it is to open the door for Eddie to spout his egocentric views. As for the MCG parking fiasco, that takes bureaucracy to a new level of incompetence. jnrmac, this is not a whinge, but rather an observation of the cost of the lack of co-operative vision between successive MCC Trustees and governments. Recognising planning improvement possibilities available in the future, is simply an acknowledge of planning deficiencies of the past. Many at fault here over a long period of time. It would be wrong to excuse their past inaction, but fruitful to invite future change. I just wish the discussion was led by someone other than self serving Eddie McG. I have walked the Morrell St Bridge for 50 years. It is (was) the epitome of critical infrastructure neglect, held together by a series of band aid repairs using a range of different building materials along the way. Eyes are speaking here, not voices complaining.
  5. Hunt should have a role down back. With Frost gone our back line could become very slow. Even our small backs Salo/Nev /Jones(?) lack pace. Most successful clubs have a line breaker, admittedly with polish, to open up the play. Jayden needs to work on his disposal skills or we need to build a set up when he has the ball, in order to take advantage of his main attribute.
  6. These clips genuinely bring a tear to my eyes today, just as they did when No2 flanked the MCG wings most Saturday afternoons. Robbie was one of the few shining lights in the very dim decades of the 1970s and 1980s for the MFC. Brilliant from the start of his career, loyal until the end of it. He has few peers in VFL/AFL history. Thanks for the clips WJ. Timeless and priceless.
  7. It is always disturbing to hear of the personal struggles many AFL listed players have, from all walks of life. I am reminded, for different reasons, that at Melbourne, my hero of a decade or so ago, Liam Jurrah, fought his own battles off field that led to a potentially brilliant and spectacular career being cut short. I really hope Harley can get back on track, if at Melbourne great, or anywhere for that matter. No one wants to see natural brilliance or flair go unrecognised or unfulfilled. Great piece WJ. Only 100 and something days to go to Round 1 2020. Can't wait. I need to exorcise my demons resulting from this year's on field performances. I am still haunted by so much expectation being drained from our bodies so quickly and easily. Time for a reset.
  8. Richo is the humble one, Goody is the all knowing one. Richo to Goody is right. Goody would then think about the question and wonder whether actually worked out the Saints, who beat us many more times than we beat them, under the 2 coaches.
  9. Brings me back to my school days at CBC St Kilda, Tarax. Belted by a few brothers (totally deservedly) back in the day for not knowing my verbs. Re Jay, et ibimus in excelsis in my view. He is a player.
  10. Had Oscar not been the previously annointed one, would be interesting to see what value (if any) he would have carried in the trade period. His contract alone would have been in excess of any player value. In a backline bedevilled by injury, Oscar was not even worth picking for a game. I believe that speaks volumes about his worth. We still carry way too many VFL players on our list.
  11. Absolute BS. I personally spoke to Sam in May this year. He was 100% invested in the club and its success. He was well aware of the players recruited around him and those that were challenging him for his spot. He was aware he had to "really earn" his spot to get a gig every week despite the team performance. He worked hard to meet that benchmark. When the club then spits in his face about whether he was valuable, who here wouldn't crack it? As for the 2019 Bluey, those that suggest he just made the top 10 should remember the ones casting v the votes, were the ones that cast him out. He was never going to be given votes, no matter what he did on the field. I am confident Clarko will harness Frosty's strengths to enhance the Hawks backline, and offer support for his weaknesses. Our brains trust wouldn't know where to start except, "go in, go hard". After all, isn't that our "brand". I imagine Paul Roos just took one more step away from the club that he and PJ tried to build. Love the selection of Ed Langdon to fill an obvious need. But that trade was totally unrelated to Frost. All that said, we will all move on, and we all want success, irrespective of how it is stitched together.
  12. Hawks have the brain power to know how to use speed to advantage and cover poor disposal skills. Frosty will do well for them, flanked by runners able to receive a short kick or handball and move the ball forward with precision. Regrettably, our backline and forward line lack any "connection" so the line breaker was required to fulfil other roles as well. For Frosty, that was asking too much of him, and too little of others. He is no star, but a very useful soldier, now gone. Meanwhile we have back line list with cloggers to spare, who offer not a lot. One whom particular, who can now breathe a tremendous sigh of relief. I wonder who? It's the Melbourne way Having met Sam at many functions, he wanted to stay and was deemed not good enough. I wish Sam the best and expect him to perform one role, his role, much better in a more cohesive structure. What's done is done, so l will move on, just hoping that over summer new coaching staff can bring in fresh ideas to use the talent we have and build a plan around it. Not the other way around.
  13. Pretty much the same story for me Demonised. It has been a thorough test of character for every Demon supporter since '64, starting with RDB REmoving to Carlton in '65. Strangely, l wouldn't have had it any other way, but l would have let my kids choose another team. I concede that was cruel on them as they were denied the choice.
  14. Nothing comes easy in life, as our young inexperienced coach and players found out in 2019. Success is earned, not awarded and relies on increasing effort and desire, increasing skills, developing game plans for the cattle available and no small measure of good old fashioned luck. These in point, the Bulldogs who claimed glory in 2016 and have been able to repeat it. MFC has been given every leg up to be successful. Ok, we lack a "home base" but that does not win flags. We have facilities at AAMI that put that discussion to bed as am excuse. No, we where led by leaders in Roos and PJ who framed the outline of success on and off the field. Since the departure of Roos we have lost structure on the field. Goodwin's chaos ball, is nothing more than a shunt and grunt game plan, that will inevitably lead to players being injured, as we have seen for 2 years straight. We have got talent, but not oodles of it, so a succesful, evolving gameplan needs to be built around what we have. That is observably lacking. Precision disposal does not appear as high on Goody's wishlist as guts. Until it does, we will fall short of success just as any team in any sport will, where ultimately, execution of the game's fundamentals sort the best from the rest. I believe we will do better in 2019, against poorer opposition. But we are unlikely to be great. After nearly 60 years of supporting this club, with the exception of just a few bright spots, such is the way it has been, and possibly such is the way it will be in the years ahead.
  15. Yep. MFC has been part of my life for way too long to let go. I joined as a member when we were broke and broken. Seen many years worse than this one, though this one was one of the most damaging. Been to every home and away this year in Melbourne and even travelled to Darwin to see the loss against the Crows. It seems strange people want to punish the club coffers instead of the players, the coaches and the administrators. Members get to vote, and can express their discontent direct to the club to make changes. Funny thing is, no one is happy with what has happened this year and changes will be made. Sadly, the mistake was re-signing Goodwin before the season started. He is now the person with the least to lose. 2019 is over for all of us. Has been since before the bye and painful ever since.
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