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  1. Based on the fact, obvious to most, that his game plan and "brand" mantra does not change even though other clubs know how to open us up. Never in presser does Goodwin admit to adjusting the plan, only to executing it. Thus it is all the player's fault.
  2. Goodwin's crash & bash game plan was always going to result in a higher than usual injury count. And it has. We may win more games in 2020, but we will still suffer more injuries. With his new contract, we are stuck with Goodwin, like it or not. For what it is worth, l don't think Goodwin is mentally humble enough to accept his deficiencies game plan. I hope he can take us to where we want to go, but am not counting on it.
  3. With all due respect Red and Blue....... The fact that you miss the point of this thread entirely seems to diminish the value of your contribution. Do you not understand the words Oscar did not cost us the game? I rarely post on this site, the blinkered opinions of many are simply not worth debating. I travelled to Darwin and saw Oscar's positioning on his player long before the ball was delivered. He has a high IQ, but not for football. This thread is about improving the side, nothing else.
  4. Every player had a job to do. The angst with Omac is not that he cost us the game. It is that in so many ways and in so many games, he has been found incapable of executing his role. This deficiency has been highlighted for 3 years as we had no other options. We now appear to have better options, while Oscar has failed to develop despite numerous opportunities. The day of reckoning has now arrived.
  5. Seriously wondering if on tonight's form we are skilled enough to beat any AFL team. Confidence has evaporated, trust in each other non existent, skills non existent, and intent to work hard just a memory from 2018. From the outside it seems inconceivable to witness such a complete capitulation in such a short period of time. From the inside? Who knows, but something does not smell right.
  6. Our boys have chased tail all night. With not much left in the legs, this could get very ugly in the last and the Toiges can smell blood. Basic skill errors and no brains has killed us all night. It is sad how quickly we have become a rabble drinking our own bathwater.😪
  7. Our current injury dilemma will be the opportunity for Petty, Kielty and Oskar Baker to break into the side and get a real taste if AFL level footy. Similarly you would think Jeffy will get a go and young Lockhart who has over delivered from being a total nobody only 5 weeks ago. We won't win too many games blooding young talent but they may inject the enthusiasm and urgency we so badly lack. The players expected to return from injury in the back half of the year should not be rushed, as is our tendency to do. As for the game plan, it is too late to change it now, we recruited for it. However, it should be obvious it needs to be reviewed and enhanced with outside pace seen as important as hard nuts. Having been here so many times before over the last 50 years plus, l am very disappointed but not destroyed by our current position. I believe the players the coaches and the admin crew are all fully aware of the damage we have already done to our so called "brand". We have passed the close enough is good enough mentality of prior decades in my view, this is serious and will be treated as such at all levels.
  8. I believe the total disruption of train and tram services from almost everywhere south of the city will be huge. So much stuffing around, concern about parking alternatives and everything else associated with getting to the G will impact the crowd. To my recollection, this has never happened before, and even if it did, you could always park at the G in the one days. I am thinking 5,000 less will attend when non regular commuters become aware of the challenge they face. As for getting home by public transport, l expect that will be even more confronting and painful (perhaps not if we win?).
  9. Fair calls Binman. We can only have so many tall defenders and Frosty has not been the coach's favorite. Insofar as being critical of his costly defensive blunders, l would put forward that few defenders are without blemishes. Nearly all have been caught out of position at some time, usually trying to cover a hole in defence. Defending is a thankless role. I expect Frosty will struggle to get a game but that does not mean he is less a defender than someone who does get a spot. That's footy, that's life, it is not always fair and not always just. As long as the back half can work well together, l really don't have any personal objection to who make up the 6.
  10. I sat with Sam a couple of years ago and he contrasted our team with GWS. He loves the Dees and works harder than most to develop himself and earn a spot. Has never taken a short step in his career and gives 100% to the team. He is a beauty to have in the backline. Have another look at the Geelong final, if you haven't watched it 20 times already, like me.
  11. Frosty has some areas of his game that need refining. Of course we all know that. But what he brings in energy, strength, courage, speed and 1% ers puts him in my best 22 every day of the week.
  12. Myself and family very much enjoyed our chat at the MFC dinner last year. You gave 100% to the club until the final siren. We all wish you well with your thoroughly prepared for teaching career. We will never forget that ground thudding concussion down the boundary at Williamstown, although we very much hope you do. Kudos on a career that offered MFC maximum advantage when we needed it most.
  13. The players took some really big steps forward this year in leaning what they need to do to be a genuinely successful team. What a great emotional roller coaster they took us on, and what a range of visions they have given us about how the next 5 years can look. Well done Melbourne on and off the field. We are again a club to be proud of and a club to fear.
  14. The boys grew up today. They will get a taste of what they are playing for. Great effort. Finals Finals Finals at last.
  15. Well. The next 30 minutes determines our fate for the year. Can't question the effort so far but do we have it in us to win a battle with a giant? Cmon Dees.
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