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  1. MELBOURNE B: Frawley Garland Terlich/ClisbyHB: Grimes McDonald ToumpasC: Blease N. Jones KentHF: Howe Fitzpatrick WattsF: Hogan Clark Trade (Crumber)R: Gawn Trade (quality mid) VineyI/C: M. Jones **Draft (mid - pick 2) Trengove Sub SylviaEmergencies: Spencer Evans Terlich/Clisby Terlich must improve decision making Clisby must improve strengthBlease must improve work rate so he can run both waysHowe must get 20 touches a gameFitzpatrick and Watts to play high and always give defenders an optionFitzpatrick to give Gawn a chop out in the ruck and share i50 ruck work with ClarkClark to lead to the 50, Hogan to drop into the square, he will outmark most 3rd tall defendersWe need to trade for an A grade first possession midWe desperately need a ready made crumbing forwardWe should win 6-8 games next year
  2. Nicholson Frawley Garland Watts McDonald Grimes Bail Jones Byrnes Howe Sellar Pederson Sylvia Dawes Viney Jamar McKenzie Rodan Dunne Tynon Blease Jetta I think Nelld will want as many of the "new" recycled players in as possible for the first game
  3. I beg to differ. I think you'll find that I can claim the "chockies" with 10/10 and 6 in place!!! see my post at 11.28am Most importantly Jimmy to us, as unbelievable as history will show
  4. Scharenberg will be no 1 , he will be a superstar. Billings not far behind. If we get to keep our picks and don't trade them (likely to do so) then the following players could be in the mix. Billy Hartung or Lewis Taylor to inject some real ball winning pace into the squad or Ben Lennon if we wany to continue the theme of bigger bodied midfielders. All local kids who have class and have a go!
  5. Whitfield Plowman O'Rourke Toumpas Wines Stringer Mayes Macrae Vlastuin Daniher
  6. Whatever the reasons for his departure, he must go with the "thanks and job well done" tag. Agreed you don't have to be Einstein to pick great players when you have very early picks (some clubs have still stuffed this up!)but his legacy will be the astute selections later on in the draft and in particular some cracking rookie selections. As the club moves towards its 13th premiership and players such as Bail, Howe, Fitzpatrick, Jurrah, Nicholson, Tom Mcdonald, Evans, Davis, Gawn, Taggert, Tynan and Sheehan come to the fore, Barry's name will resurface and people will want to shake his hand!
  7. I agree with a lot of what Sylvinator has said. However, I think Neeld will be keen to play Clark Sellar and one of Magner and Couch in the first game I also think that a number of players who are either in rehab or simply aren't fit will not be considered as Neeld will not feel that they have enough "work" in them. Therefore I have not included McKenzie, Tapscott, Jurrah, Strauss, Petterd, or Davey. I haven't considered Sylvia Now that Gawn is gone, we can upgrade two rookies Jetta Frawley Garland Grimes Sellar Nicholson Jones Moloney Bail Howe Watts Green(Sylvia) Bennell Clark Bate Jamar Trengove Gysberts Martin Magner/Couch Blease Bartram (sub)
  8. My Top 10 1972 - Now 1 Robbie Flower - He would be unbelievable in any era. 2 Gary Hardiman - The best CHB we've had by the length of the straight 3 David Schwartz - 3 Recos, could have been a star for a much longer time 4 Travis Johnson - amazing talent - should have worked harder and been better for longer 5 Brett Lovett - a genious without the athleticism of others 6 Jimmy Stynes - gave us his heart as he has continued to do 7 Steven Tingay - another whose career was cut down 8 Gary Lyon - a fantasic leader whose body let him down in the end 9 Jeffrey Farmer - his good stuff was mercurial 10 David Neitz - a little overrated as a player but the first onfield leader you would pick Col Sylvia should be there and with a couple of great seasons may well earn his place Jack Trengove WILL be there and somewhere near the top.
  9. Bartram (runs hard and is tough) Frawley (tough and hard at the ball) Garland (hard at the ball and contests all the time) MacDonald (tough and hard at the ball) Sellar (big body and hopefully will contest hard) Tapscott (strong and hard at the ball) Grimes (brave as hell and attacks the ball) Moloney (big body and attacks the ball) Bail ( runs hard and attacks the ball) Sylvia (tough and hard when fit) Clark (big strong and aggressive) Trengove (fearless and attacks the ball) Howe (getting fitter, stronger and attacks the ball) Martin (big and strong and jumps and runs hard) Jetta (works hard and attacks the ball) Jamar (big body and jumps hard) McKenzie (tackles hard and attacks the ball) Jones (strong and relentless at the ball) Bate ( stronger and fitter and attacks the ball) T Mcdonald (real big and strong and attacks everything) Nicholson (runs hard and getting stronger) Taggert (will be strong and will attack the ball) Its all about strong bodies and work rate
  10. Big questions on his decision making and kicking. Thats why so many clubs let an all Aust CHB slip through so far
  11. I agree with the fact that Prendergast would have been following Bayleys instructions and they may now be different under Neeld. Neeld took over the list knowing what was there and surley made some undertaking to the Board that he could take that list deep into September, so the pressure is on him and his new coaches to deliver on that. It will be Prendergasts job to introduce new players that fill what Neeld believes are the gaps. No way can Neeld say that Prenergast is retrospectively responsible for recruiting players that HE doesn't like! What makes it tougher is that this is a weak draft and we don't enter it until pick 36. This will require some really creative drafting.
  12. What many don't know is that one of his greatest attributes is deadly accuracy for goal. In his first year for S.A. he was a very successful forward pocket goalsneak and in his second year he kicked some wonderful long goals from the boundary line as a hard working half forward in the Paul Chapman mould.
  13. Surely thats why we drafted COOK! He's the bloke who should be FF/CHF moving forward, not some B grader trying his luck at a third club.
  14. The next BIG thing will be a GWS player named Jonathon Patten, all six foot six of him. Remember the name!
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