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  1. TDF starts late June, the bulk of it is in July. Just saying. Apart from the points you made, one of the main issues now is who would actually participate - many riders can't even train properly, let alone get racing miles in the legs.
  2. Not to mention longer-term side-effects either from the disease or the treatments. Even intubation carries some serious risks.
  3. Could have looked quite different, at least in terms of I50 counts, if Jones and Salem had been out there.
  4. Only matched by the gullibility.
  5. Or the players aren't good enough, at least in terms of decision-making and disposal under pressure. Half of our I50's came from just 3 players: Langdon, Hibberd, Viney. Great disposers of the ball? I think not. Compared to WC, where their leading I50 disposer was Kelly, as sublime a kick as there is.
  6. I've read a few reports where it's been acknowledged that in the West, actual cases, including asymptomatic, are probably x10 or x20 than what's being reported. Perhaps Germany excepted, as they have a pretty agressive "test anything that moves" approach, but for the rest of us, just add a zero.
  7. Also, complain to the AFL, even if it's just on social media. One of the reasons they keep kuffing it up is because as a monopoly they can. Make them accountable.
  8. Yes, because they spend all summer practising turning the ball over coming inside 50. That's when they're not training hard on not kicking goals.
  9. One interesting stat tells the tale for me. On Metres Gained, top Eagle was Shuey with 500. We had two players who did better than that, and by a lot: Langdon: 797 Hibberd: 676 In fact, those two lead Metres Gained across the whole league, and once again by quite a bit. So, great stuff. Except that ... they're also the two players with the most turnovers, 8 and 7 respectively. We're doing a lot right - but are being let down by disposal and turnovers. People are right here to criticise players for not chasing and for Eagles players getting out the back. But without all those turnovers, the opposition wouldn't be getting out the back in the first place. (At least not to the extent that they are).
  10. BEST Melbourne: Viney, May, Pickett, O.McDonald, Petracca, Langdon
  11. Perhaps. But won't make a difference the way the ball's coming in. Tom Mac, Fritsch, Melksham, Petracca when he's there ... they're all good forwards that would walk into any team in the league.
  12. One thing there needs fixing: kicking into the forward line. Langdon (who played a great game otherwise) was the main offender, but just so many of them coming through the middle were unable to do anything much more than bomb it in. On that score, felt like we really missed Jones and Salem.
  13. That's not the game plan, that's the work rate. Or lack of.
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