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  1. I would have thought that you have a better chance at getting a 200 game A grader with 2 picks inside the top 20 than 1 pick inside the top 10. Be interested to see any stats that prove/disprove this.
  2. Yes, impresses supporters. But if players are following their programs, has zero impact on anything else.
  3. FWIW, I'm also quite passionate about cycling, and one thing we've seen over the last decade is a move away from volume to intensity-based training (e.g. HIT training). It's what's key to training with power meters, and the recommendations that go with that.
  4. He refers to himself as what he is: High Performance Manager. At Arsenal he was Director of High Performance. Misson was Elite Performance Manager, a term that other clubs use as well. But heh, why bother with facts when you get in a little revisionism and hindsight bias.
  5. He did actually. Armstrong is famous for doing more training, and targeted training than most other pros of his era.
  6. "People think kicking is solely technical but there are so many other elements, so hopefully we can teach the players to make better decisions, or easier decisions, so that the technical side becomes easier.” At least someone gets it.
  7. I had a sniff around some of the Freo boards. Consensus seems to be that he's been more solid since becoming a family man, over the last 18 months or so. Also that they'll believe it when they see it in terms of him overcoming his injuries, at least enough to get back to AFL fitness levels.
  8. It's basic cardio training, and as often as not done indoors in a gym, e.g. circuit training. I wouldn't presume they haven't been doing it, just not perhaps as part of on-field training sessions.
  9. This is a joke, right? (Getting harder to tell on Demonland).
  10. "MELBOURNE has locked in a meeting with delisted Magpie Sam Murray next week as plans for its list transformation continue. The Demons have long been among the keenest parties in Murray since Collingwood informed him he wouldn't score a contract for 2020."
  11. Shows once again how little we on the outside know of what's really going on inside the club, and of what's behind decisions that are being made.
  12. Because medical diagnosis, even at the best of times, is a series of calculated guesses. As is treatment, where the best we have is "this usually works". Have you never had a doctor say "take these morning and night for a week and if it doesn't improve, come back and see me"?
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