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  1. Weideman would be the other choice. Was very good in his one VFL match before getting injured. Just saying.
  2. Coaches' votes tell a tale: Hurn and Yeo both 9, Gawn 6, but no serious votes for anyone else from Melbourne. OK, could speak of a team-wide effort which is obviously a plus, but we need a few more of our players to have a bit more impact/be more damaging.
  3. Actually, for the last 3 seasons, Kent has been playing fairly regularly, though a lot of that time was spent bouncing between AFL and VFL. He managed 20 AFL games in 2016, the only recent year where he didn't have his season ended prematurely through a serious shoulder injury - not to mention "a club suspension for breaching club rules on alcohol protocols". He also managed 13 and 15 AFL matches in 2013 and 2014, alongside matches in the VFL. But heh, Misson.
  4. You don't know that. We played plenty of games with Hogan and still lost, and it's not as if he's exactly winning games off his own boot for Freo.
  5. If someone breaks or dislocates a shoulder that's Misson's fault? FFS
  6. I'd take ANB over Maynard every day. Maynard will be delisted at year end, too one-trick and slow. Brayshaw rotates through mids and does plenty of clearances, but will eventually return to full-time mid duties. Put it this way, it's either Brayshaw or Jones on a wing at the moment, and Brayshaw is less of a problem there than Jones. Finally, Fritsch should be further up the ground, sure but a) we have no-one else to cover for most of the backline being out injured and b) his defensive side needs work, so what better way of developing it. Presumably when Hibberd, Lever, May come back, Fritsch will find himself in a more "natural" position.
  7. Jetta given 1 match for the tackle on Smith - for which Smith was penalised for holding the ball. Something not quite right there.
  8. You don't manage game time because of injury, you manage game time because of fitness. Given he hasn't done a full pre-season for 2 years now, understandable.
  9. Depends on who's fit. They've got 9 days, so presumably enough to deal with concussions (ANB, Salem, Smith), so hopefully no forced outs, at least. Can't see many changes, as much as anything because there's no-one really to change with. Lewis in if fit presumably, would at least allow Fritsch to move further up the field.
  10. Undone by the injuries. Swap Baker for Melksham and Petty for Hibberd and we win that. It's not just that the bottom 6 or so underperform, it's that they turn the ball over, which then becomes a springboard for the opposition.
  11. Which applies even moreso to Tim Smith. Which is perhaps why Smith is included and Preuss isn't. (just a wild guess ...)
  12. You mean there are other possible scenarios here apart from the one that says that Goodwin doesn't know what he's doing? Radical.
  13. Let's just see how many disposals, marks and 1%ers Petty gets vs OMac - not to mention, how many marks & goals their opponents get.
  14. The logical conclusion of this ridiculous assertion is that a capable, experienced coach could take Koo Wee Rup seconds to an AFL premiership. You can only work with what you have.
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