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  1. Actually, back in the day, all songs performed on TOP had to be re-recorded at the BBC studios. Musician's Union rules at the time. The vocals were then done live over this re-recorded backing. Sometimes, BBC engineers were known to slip off to the pub during these "re-recording" sessions, which would miraculously end-up sounding identical to the record/vinyl.
  2. Actually, it turns out that many of them haven't even been charged, but have been issued with warnings. But that's how the press works, especially in Australia. Police article here, if anyone's interested. "Police take legal action against more than 180 people so far during 2019/2020 bushfire season" https://www.police.nsw.gov.au/news/news_article?sq_content_src=%2BdXJsPWh0dHBzJTNBJTJGJTJGZWJpenByZC5wb2xpY2UubnN3Lmdvdi5hdSUyRm1lZGlhJTJGODIyNjQuaHRtbCZhbGw9MQ%3D%3D
  3. Exactly - all of which are more or less constant from one season to the next. The one variable that *has* changed is the climate with these extremes of heat and dryness, and that's what's acting as an accelerant here. Which of course is the main point: arson or whatever only impacts how fires *start*. What we're seeing isn't because more fires are being lit, it's because once lit, they're just taking off at intensities we've never experienced before. Due to ... (etc. etc.)
  4. Yes, almost 200 charged (not arrested, but heh, we know that you're playing fast and loose with the facts), but not charged with arson, charged with "fire offences". Only 24 have been charged with arson. Most are for infringements to total fire bans and "discarding a lighted match or cigarette". https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw-fires-legal-action-taken-against-183-people-this-bushfire-season-20200106-p53p97.html And to add, this from a Gippsland News reporter: "The Victorian Premier has told ABC Gippsland that none of the bushfires in Victoria have been confirmed to be deliberately lit. This fits with what police told me on Saturday - just one man has been charged with attempting to light a fire."
  5. If you add the current fires to that sequence, regardless of anything else, it shows that these extreme fire events are becoming more frequent.
  6. Really hard to see how referring to the science is "politicising" the discussion.
  7. Also some from power cables down.
  8. The examples you've cited are either irrelevant, speculation or incorrect. In keeping with the theme of this thread.
  9. I see your Van Gogh and raise you a Seurat.
  10. One of them being that he's not yet a Dees player, only "training with".
  11. Not only hyperbole, but if stats are anything to go by, irrelevant. e.g. In 2018 we were indeed the most clanger-prone team in the comp. Closely followed by ... the two grand finalists, Richmond and GWS - neither of whom are exactly shining lights when it comes to disposal efficiency either. FWIW, stats-wise, best kicking side (best DE, fewest clangers) are the Bulldogs.
  12. Imagine what he might have achieved with a full pre-season. Brownlow?
  13. That's fine Saty. But last year the *other* clubs didn't have shorter pre-seasons. Though even "shorter" is a misnomer, it was largely non-existent for many, and thus the team as a unit, which more than anywhere else is where we paid the price. Astonishing that someone who spends so much time watching training doesn't understand why they do it.
  14. Youthfulness and inexperience will limit how far we go, so no premiership. But we will at times put the fear of god into other teams.
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