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  1. I remember lying in bed excitedly listening to that game on my crystal radio set (true story), alligator clip attached to my cold metal hospital style bedhead as an aerial. The good old days. Never quite understood how those things worked. No batteries?
  2. Not sure how many here have have Gus as the 3rd best Demon, let alone AFL player. The best thing is we have quality players bobbing up in different situations all over as serious players/talent/contenders in different contexts. All the Scum have, really, is the hope that Joe the Goose will amount to something, Anything FWIW I reckon 4 may = more than 7, but more than happy we happy to have both.
  3. The idea of the exercise is clearly to see if it'll ping pre-season, rather than during... not a lot of upside. And FFS don't show that clip to Greg Champion. Don't need more Bulla jokes with bad tunes. p.s. I'm running with 'little own' henceforth. Happy to pay royalties I.T.
  4. Yet another loud, premature and totally judgemental call. There’s having ‘fun’ and having cancer. I know which I’d prefer.
  5. Good question, the left from memory. The strapped one. I'm no doctor, but from watching training I don't reckon he's got an overall weight problem. More a case of Buttoxia Grandiosa (or Hugh Jarse Syndrome).
  6. Tracc’s off with knee issues. Been favouring one knee all session now seems to have finished up after physio tests.
  7. Toby Bedford just brought Big Max down in a ripper tackle. A bit to like there.
  8. Billy’s looking sprightly and pretty sharp so far.
  9. Once In A Lifetime player. Will be burning down the house next year.
  10. Holidaying in Surfers' as a young fella (1981?) I was in a beer garden and there was this bloke had his feet up on the chair I wanted to sit on. I pulled the chair out from under his feet as I asked 'can I have this one mate?' and at the same second as I realised it was Mark Jacko Jackson on the end of year footy trip with other Demons. Shat myself but survived.
  11. My 2017/2018 assessment: Last year should have got Lever for a first round and future second round pick (IMO) which would have given us our first rounder this year (14?) to play with to work our way into a May deal and not have to enter into a Hogan fire-sale. Yeah, Mahony plays a straight bat and doesn't muck around, which is ok, but the effects compound down the line.
  12. Tagging is 'Melbourne'? [censored], so is coffee apparently. Tagging is universal, ego-driven and brainless. Go tag somewhere there's not something better already there.
  13. I only saw warm ups so not sure about Tyson and body work, he seemed to have a light guard on under his sleeve. Agree with you re 'done for the year', my comment was a throw-away based on the 'Casey' players who were training with with the main group, but almost certainly won't be lining up tomorrow - T Smith, Hunt I guess, and wondered why Garlett and Ped, particularly, weren't there with them. But, hey, maybe Vanders is out and T Smith is in as replacement bullock.
  14. Was there momentarily before my phone died and only saw warms ups, but... Both Smiths, Tyson, Hunt, Hannan all out with the big boys. Garlett, Pederson, Wagner and Bugg among those who trained with Casey group. (Done for the year?) Pretty sure Nev and Vanders weren't there and can't remember seeing Lewis, not sure about Harmes. And I'm a total idiot 'cos I forgot to even look for JV. Kent and Bernie still rehabbing.
  15. Heart says Nev. Head says Clarrie.
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