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  1. Give him a taste and get that potentially horror debut out of the way and isolated from next season. Petty had probably the worst debut in history in R15 last year, possibly premature, he went away to work on things and has come back looking the goods.
  2. I don't have one Bingo, just reporting what I heard. I've not pushed a point on it either way.
  3. Well of course you did it doesn't fit with your narrative.
  4. Whatever you reckon Macho. Go as far as you want. No axes to grind here.
  5. I don't know him at all, but I was talking to someone last week who does. Regards him as a 'good mate' and has reasonable shared footy history. Totally unprompted by me he volunteered that Goody's a 'control freak' who 'won't listen to anybody'. There was more that suggests he won't seek or listen to a new mentor figure. Could be why Jennings ideas weren't heard.
  6. Out of interest, what does a senior coach's contract say? Is he employed to be 'Senior Coach', or just employed by the club to 'coach' (for a larger whack than the assistants)? Let's just go employ a Senior Senior Coach, have a FD restructure and Goody can be shifted to being a vastly over-paid assistant rather than be paid out. He won't like it of course and may negotiate a way out, rather than a pay out. Who that Senior Coach might be is a total mystery of course. Clarko in 2021?
  7. I remember lying in bed excitedly listening to that game on my crystal radio set (true story), alligator clip attached to my cold metal hospital style bedhead as an aerial. The good old days. Never quite understood how those things worked. No batteries?
  8. Not sure how many here have have Gus as the 3rd best Demon, let alone AFL player. The best thing is we have quality players bobbing up in different situations all over as serious players/talent/contenders in different contexts. All the Scum have, really, is the hope that Joe the Goose will amount to something, Anything FWIW I reckon 4 may = more than 7, but more than happy we happy to have both.
  9. The idea of the exercise is clearly to see if it'll ping pre-season, rather than during... not a lot of upside. And FFS don't show that clip to Greg Champion. Don't need more Bulla jokes with bad tunes. p.s. I'm running with 'little own' henceforth. Happy to pay royalties I.T.
  10. Yet another loud, premature and totally judgemental call. There’s having ‘fun’ and having cancer. I know which I’d prefer.
  11. Good question, the left from memory. The strapped one. I'm no doctor, but from watching training I don't reckon he's got an overall weight problem. More a case of Buttoxia Grandiosa (or Hugh Jarse Syndrome).
  12. Tracc’s off with knee issues. Been favouring one knee all session now seems to have finished up after physio tests.
  13. Toby Bedford just brought Big Max down in a ripper tackle. A bit to like there.
  14. Billy’s looking sprightly and pretty sharp so far.
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