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  1. What do you think Aus should be doing? There's now no stopping coronavirus spreading, and every expert knows it. What's left now is to attempt to slow the spread (eg. isolation/self-quarantine) so that the healthcare system isn't inundated with all the cases at once. This needs to be balanced against still having people going about their daily activities, so society doesn't fall apart (which includes health professionals rocking up to work, drivers delivering food and other products, emergency services available when called upon, etc).
  2. I'm not sure Weid or Jackson warrant a spot for round 1. If we think TMac can pinch-hit and our forward line will cope with smaller types, then I'd just go with a more mobile setup. Fritsch released to the forward line and Melksham fit and firing makes it a palatable option.
  3. This is why the AFLW is such a shrewd business idea. Getting more females interested in AFL, which the AFLW is undoubtedly doing, is the easiest market for AFL to expand into - much easier to get Aussie girls and women on board, rather than trying to woo Chinese followers. AFLW is probably the best marketing money the AFL's ever spent. (As an aside, I love that Aussie Rules is exploding in popularity amongst female friends of mine who are playing footy for the first time, and some of the stories are great. I also think that the competition has expanded too much too quickly).
  4. *IF* Frankie's story is true, and there's no other context bar that one line, I'm pretty unhappy. However, sounds like Frankie did not reveal the whole story.
  5. Laughable that seriously injured players are kept on because of 'rotations'. They're virtually useless on one leg - better to send someone to rest as the deepest forward.
  6. Ruckman often get to carve out relatively long careers with relatively little games, but a midfielder/flanker? Almost unprecedented.
  7. Just came on here to post this. So much for a 'new injury'. Hardly shocking given he was limping around!
  8. Hannan's better than half of that list and given our current woes with lack of speed and 'lack of connection in the forward half', he's more important than ever. However, last year I heard from a mate of Hannan's that his knee is totally stuffed, so who knows how much of a fix the recent surgery is. Would love to see him fit and firing.
  9. Not sure he has much goal nous at all, which is one of the major problems. In 2017 he averaged 0.8 goals per game and 0.7 goal assists per game. Fwiw, I thought Garlett was pretty horrible last year but he not only averaged double the goals (1.6) than Spargo, he also averaged more goal assists (just - 0.8).
  10. I agree. Definitely not as effective in the backline. Looking forward to seeing him play on the wing or up forward.
  11. Congrats, Jaded - I had a funny feeling about this when I saw you were the last person who'd posted! Really pleased to hear. All the best!
  12. I reckon we've just about written him off, and who's the next cab off the rank? Similar problem with lack of depth up the other end, I think - who replaces Jetta?
  13. I think Mitch is criminally underrated. However, I'm concerned his knee injury is one he'll constantly need to manage.
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