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  1. Straight from the bigfooty rumours forum. Unlikely.
  2. Good pick up and my apologies. I looked on footywire and it for some reason is missing pickett's 98 season.
  3. Byron Pickett and Stephen Tingay never played against one another.....
  4. Found this on the club website. Not much info though. Anyone else going?
  5. Thanks. Will try and get there. Looks great!
  6. Anyone going or aware of any functions going on around the game?
  7. Jonesy having some microphone issues in the stream pre game.
  8. I thought the umpiring was better than most afl games!
  9. Membership pack received yesterday, but no sign of membership card yet.
  10. I'm a lowly P3 yet a 15 year member. A couple of years living in Shanghai recently meant no need for a higher level of membership. I'd be happy to buy the extra ticket off you should I miss out and you get the extra.
  11. Turns out they posted my gf info pack to an old address, hence the no email.
  12. I reckon it might be the game showing at fed square
  13. Is it possible to pay to upgrade a membership at this late stage?
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