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  1. A year ago this weekend we were all on here all happy and talking about making finals because we beat west coast. What a difference 12 months make. All the talk on here is should the coach be sacked, do we need a new captain and players arguing on field.
  2. doggies all over gws. You really wouldn't want to play them in finals.
  3. Id not play Max. He said yesterday on radio he hurt his hammy and felt it tighten. No point putting him out there and him doing it off the bone or him hurting it in the first few minutes and not having a ruckman against goldy for the game. Put him away. Don't deflate the guy anymore. He has tried his butt off for us this year. He can hold his head up high.
  4. Happy to see the tigs win only because it puts the pies back to 5th spot. Still hope the dogs get up. Next week they play the crows which could decide 8th spot.
  5. Cracking games today. Richmond v WC will go either way, I hope the doggies can get up and knock the crows of 8th and it's Roughy's farewell game. A shame its at 4:40 at marvel against GC but you would hope the hawks fans will show up to farewell a great player of there club.
  6. Each year when I pay my mcc subs I always renew my mfc/mcc membership at the same time. This year I didn't. I will renew it but I thought stuff it they can wait a few months.
  7. One of the best send offs we have seen in awhile. Fair enough to. Who would really be able to carry big Sandilands off.
  8. Essendon losing stoppages 30-18, clearances 41-26 hitouts 54-15 and free kicks 23-7. These are stats from Jon Ralph's twitter. How are freo losing this? Also freo lead inside 50's 54-45. I know they are inaccurate tonight but come on. Gee it would be nice to skip the country for the next month and a bit. This finals series is not going to be enjoyable. Full of teams I cannot stand. Ugh
  9. So who will people be barracking for in the finals? Seriously if the dogs can get in I will be going for them but I'm not a fan of any melbourne teams in there. Personally I could handle a WC/Brisbane Gf. The interstate team can then fly home, we don't have to hear a lot about it and we can put this season behind us forever. anyway back to the cricket. It's a shame some of our leaders don't look to see how Steve Smith plays for his country. Yes I know what happened a year ago wasn't great leadership but the way he has stood up in these tests has been great to watch.
  10. What is going on? Nth kick 1 goal for the whole match last week, tonight they come across a team who has been in good form and can suddenly kick 22 goals and win by 86 points. Gee the 2 SA teams have had a shocker. Ugh so it looks like essenscum are going to play finals. My god this weekend has really turned to [censored]. I guess our best hope it they lose week 1 meaning they still haven't won a final for so ling. Seriously is Ross Lyon going to cop some heat to?
  11. Freo playing at home, sandilands and ballantyne's final games and they are losing to an injury depleted raveled bombers. Seriously freo get your act into gear.
  12. bummers off to a good start. Lets hope thats where it ends.
  13. Ok so Adelaide don't want finals, port have started terribly. Hopefully the dogs can get up tomorrow
  14. A years ago this round we beat west coast at there home ground to book our finals spot. What a difference a year makes.
  15. Im pretty sure it was more of him wanting to leave and get success somewhere else. He grew up a pies supporter and remember bucks promised to play him forward. The day he went to collingwood he went on and on how excited he was to play for the club he grew up barracking for and his family were rapt. Nothing would have kept him.
  16. Ok looks like the crows can't win. Obviously adelaide don't want to be in the 8. I know we are bad but 2 years ago this team made a gf and now may be on the verge of missing finals 2 years in a row. Hopefully port can beat nth and jump above essenscum presuming they lose.
  17. Wow lions on top of the ladder. Good for them and what a great job Fagan has done. It's also good to see footy in brisbane doing well and a sell out crowd helps things. Wow adelaide have started well. 5 behinds in the first quarter. That's not going to get you in the 8.
  18. Gee what a perfect afternoon to play footy at the G. Better than the rain and cold we had to put up with. These 2 teams managed to get over 50,000 today. Obviously the weather helped and Carlton starting to win and of course Teague getting the gig. It would be great to see the crows beat the pies. Wow the brisbane geelong game is a thriller.
  19. Freo cheer me up a bit this weekend and beat the bummers. Please. Actually thrash them
  20. Well Im going. Gee do you think 7 and the AFL are rapt that this game is on tonight? There are so many other great game son this weekend. Be prepared for next year to get the crappy spots back. Anyway it's our last game in melbourne and im going because I paid for my membership and it really there isn't much of care factor because the result doesn't mean much. However I just do not want to see any injuries to our important players. We do not need to have nay players on a shortened pre season or have surgery. For the 3rd week in a row this could really be a poor poor crowd.
  21. Frank Bluey Adams passed away this week to.
  22. So shaw has coached his 2nd game now officially and his team has scored the teams lowest score in history. Anyway back to the other game. Seriously I was hoping the dogs would win but would never have predicted that. Guess what the talk will be about the next 2 days. My day did get better
  23. Im sorry but even nth have been disgraceful. 1 goal for a whole game is terrible. Suddenly we don't look so bad.
  24. Im sorry but under a roof and you only kick 1 goal to 3/4 time is disgraceful, especially when you are in the top 8. Essenscum fans are going nuts on social media. It's great
  25. Ha loving what the dogs are doing. Knock off a lot of essendons percentage. This has cheered me up. Hopefully all the talk is how bad the bummers have been. Hopefully its around the 100 point deficit
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