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  1. Ugh as much as I hate collingwood I want to see essenscum lose more. Maybe no sidebottom no collingwood.
  2. Ive noticed footy classified is on go at 7:30. Watch Ed get all defensive and I bet he gets angry when the others question him about this. Seriously what was Steele doing. This story is just so weird. I mean he gets an uber obviously gets stuck into the grog, is out all night, his phone goes flat he gets a lift home from the cops and is found half naked. Why was he partially naked? This is a 29 year old man and vice captain of the club. I'd expect this from DeGoey or Swan back in the days. I'm sure his pregnant wife is rapt with him. Why ddin't wells tell him to ease back on the grog.
  3. When I heard this I straightaway thought it was DeGoey. Just the obvious target. But seriously I thought Sidebottom was smarter and had more brains. Also again they are in an uber. Why? They both drive. Who knows who has been in that uber previously. And collingwood are in negotiations. Take your punishment and be done with it. Gill don't be swayed by Ed.
  4. Ugh those last 2 plays were shocking. Tomlinson was never going to kick that goal. At best he should have centered. Yes it may not have resulted in a goal but Gawn was down there pickett was circling. At least give thema chance. Salem then chose to go wide when 3 cats players were there. Again just get it to the square. In the 3rd quarter we went back to handballing and instead of someone owning it to kick at the goals they kept handballing it around. Viney and Oliver both had chances to kick but chose to handpass. Inaccurate kicking again.
  5. Ha it was sweet to see them lose by a point. Gee it's so frustrating when you watch melbourne gets all these high draft picks who don't really come along as they should and gc get rowell and watching him tonight he is just awesome and got the game. He kicks goals, is courageous goes in hard and has great disposal. Just give him the rising star now.
  6. Hope carlton can hang on. Sick of hearing essendon supporters saying we are undefeated. Just lose. Im watching GC V freo. Good game but fyfe off with t hammy is a massive loss.
  7. Gee west coast cannot wait to get back home. Also is watts still out with that leg injury from last year when he broke it?
  8. I hope carlton can beat essenscum tonight.
  9. Gee free kick collingwood. Gosh they got a few cheap ones. Tonight is the first time I thought how good a player Toby Greene is and secondly how much the umps seem to find ways to pay free kicks against him. Also a few times he should have got a free and the umps just said play on. Is it wrong when Howe went down with the knee I thought great. Those last few minutes I could just imagine Eddie sitting on his couch watching his pies lose another close one to the giants. Ha ha
  10. Davis doing his hammy is a massive loss for the giants. Greene passing off to Cameron was just stupid. I hope Cameron didn't call for the cheap one out the back to get an easy goal. Greeen should have just gone back and put it through.
  11. GWS players need to start calling for the ball and not having 2 -3 people go up in a marking contest and spoil each other. DeBoer doing a great job on sidebottom. Come on giants beat the filth.
  12. Any chance GWS could actually make a tackle stick?
  13. I hope the giants win tonight.
  14. Typical bloody essendon. Of course it would be on of there players that tested positive. They love to hijack a season.
  15. How the hell did Lynch miss that goal in the final term. He was literally right in front. As JB said it was harder to miss. I really admire Clarko. He shows that you don't need to be a superstar player in the day to be a great coach. He sat back and watched his club cop it all week, being called Dads Army and McEvoy shouldn't be down back while plotting on how to bring down richmond. Also loved his last remark in the presser last night when asked about dads army and said that why we pulled out poppy so we wouldn't reach that oldest list. It was so tongue in cheek with a smile and Tom Browne wasn't sure how to respond.
  16. Is it really going to affect collingwood if port wear it in the showdown games? I mean it isn't like they want to wear it against collingwood. Go Kochie.
  17. Wow just saw the scores. Adelaide are in a world of pain. That's just dominance by port and Im happy to see higher scores. Put that rubbish game on thursday night aside. GC up by 26 against west coast at 1/2 time. at this point not sure WC like this hub business.
  18. We got the 4 points Bennell got through the game Petracca looked good That's all But you know what annoyed me. The team singing the song and no one bothered to notice our captain who just had his first win as captain and was our best player was still doing his fox footy interview and he missed the song.
  19. I hope Harley gets through, I hope Maxy stands up and kicks a goal if required and I hope there are no injuries and we win.
  20. I switched to masterchef after the pies came out and kicked the first 4 goals. I thought how boring. Then watched the last few minutes. My god can't believe the final score. It was so low. But seeing the dejected looking on eddie's face after the game gave me a laugh.
  21. It will be interesting. I see geelong want to play there games down at there ground because crowds won't be an issue. I hope the AFL send collingwood and essendon down there. Give them a go at that ground.
  22. No how about we stick with the 1 coach for awhile. We don't need to go into this sacking mode all the time. Stability would be helpful. Goodwin will be ok.
  23. Adelaide crows and camps do not go well together.
  24. It is a shame that the mnd big freeze won't go ahead in front of a massive crowd. It has actually turned queens birthday into an enjoyable day. Collingwood would probably want it because they know next year it's there home game where I presume crowds will be back. But on the important side of things it's great to see Neale still around, his 6th mnd event he will be part of. Everyone can still support him and his foundation by purchasing a beanie.
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