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  1. Dam just got home and saw the bummers had won. What a crap weekend. Oh well at least nth lost again
  2. I have forgotten to mention how great was frost's tackle on Jack Petruccelle? Not sure how great a quality that jumper material was because he ripped it to shreds.
  3. We were 19 points up nearing 3/4 time. We then did what we always do and gave up goals. About Vardy, at least his coach had a word with him saying it wasn't a great look. https://7news.com.au/sport/afl/simpson-speaks-to-vardy-after-afl-incident-c-119514
  4. Agree. Even BT sensed what was going to happen as the ball was making its way down. Fritsch gave Ryan a massive head start and just trailed him. Now we have to put up with seeing and hearing this mark all season.
  5. Preuss has to come in because Gawn can't be expected to go all day against Mumford.
  6. Yes he got called for a block. It's not a block when Frost bumped him in the shoulder out of the way. Anyway I fell even more deflated. Went to my local school to vote and for the 1st time they didn't have a sausage sizzle going. Nothing. Second time ins as many hours I feel let down
  7. I have nothing against Jack the player, he always goes in hard for the ball never shirks a contest and will give you all his will but as a captain I just look at how Cripps and how he leads his team and plays. Cripps has established himself a star and no one talks about Jack in that way. I feel Jack just needs to use the ball better. Last night was just a lot of rushed kicks. Im more concerned about Brayshaw and where his form and skill have gone
  8. agree if Melksham was up forward we would have won. But when Smith was tackled I didn't even notice Jetta had pinned his arms and slung him to the ground until they showed the replay. So maybe the ump didn't notice. I was more angry at Smith for just stopping and standing there. But you wake up this morning and just feel so let down and disappointed. I do blame the woeful goal kicking. These players are experienced. They should be able to kick those. Im looking at you Christian. One day you will have a breakout out game. One day.
  9. Look he got caught a few times but I like how when Harmes was targeted at one point he went in to defend him. Give him another go next week.
  10. Well im still feeling angry and crappy after stuffing up that final quarter so if freo beat essendon who we should be above on the ladder id be a bit happier. Have no idea who will win nth and sydney. Id expect the pies to thrash stkilda
  11. I look at Patrick Cripps and the way he leads his team. Jack could learn a thing or 2. Jones I don't bag so much because he led us through some dark and trying times. Viney needs to step up and go to the next level.
  12. Ugh! I'd rather lose by 50 points. We dominated that game and should have won. We were the better team. We had 15 inside more 50's. That final term we kicked 1 goal and missed easy ones. They kicked 6. Our kicking is woeful. Seriously Petracca is just annoying me at the moment. Drops easy marks and misses goals he should get. He has been in the afl world long enough that he should be doing a lot more. Tommy started well but his goal kicking was woeful to. Last year he would have nailed those goals. The slipping over especially at crucial times just shouldn't happen. I have no idea what the hell is wrong with Brayshaw but gee he isn't firing as well this year. I hope the players are angry and don't come out and say they were happy with that. Yes it was better than the prelim but they should have won. We would have been 1 game out of the 8. Now nth or sydney will jump over us and we will be back near the bottom. Im just really disappointed.
  13. Oh my god that was a great 3rd quarter but bloody frustrating. Easy shots missed, Tommy what the hell was that attempt when you kicked it out on the full easy marks dropped yes Im looking at you Christian and lack of communication between Hunt and Jeffy. Oscar has been well beaten by Kennedy. We just need to play another 30 minutes of good footy. We deserve to win this. We have dominated and been in front all game.
  14. Ok we are still in front, they are potentially 2 down. We need to take advantage of that. I like our run and play on but sometimes I feel we are doing one to many handballs where we should just be getting it long. I like how Baker went in to stand up for harmes in that quarter. If we can get 2 or 3 goals from Trac and Tommy finds his 1st quarter form we can hold on. Maxy is rucking brilliantly. Come on dees we can do this.
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