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  1. Oh what a perfect afternoon to be at the G watching our boys play there first home game. The suns out, a 1:45 game. Oh well
  2. Oh no wasn't jonsey going to get to 300 this year? Bugger. Whoever started this virus has a lot to answer. At least I won't have to hear about Essendon or Collingwood for awhile. But it's going to be odd , will fox footy shut down, I'm guessing no footy shows. It's strange times at the moment
  3. Yeah but what if a key player goes down with a serious injury. Yes it can happen anyway but I'd be devastated if a player went down with a serious injury. Seriously the person started this virus has a lot to answer for
  4. That was a great game to watch. Nice comeback by the girls. Lily was so composed to kick the sealer. Not a bad effort considering she hadn't kicked a goal before. Finished off with 2. Now to the prelim
  5. With what's going on at the moment, it would cheer us up if Freo beat essenscum today.
  6. Sweet. But gee they took there time making the decision. I assume we would already have had a flight booked in case it did go ahead. Well get there, bring the 4 points home and for goodness sake stay safe and healthy.
  7. I still want r1 to go ahead as a selfish pint of view because to play west coast without there fans there giving them the support & the umpires not being influenced gives us a greater chance. But now the golden boy from collingwood has flu like symptoms eddie will now make sure it's cancelled. Just play r1 and see what happens.
  8. Exactly. I mean places like crown casino would easily have 500 people going through each day. Where does it stop? Also when teams run out next week will they still play the song and will Richmond unveil there flag to an empty stadium
  9. first world problem here. Do I apply for a balcony pass in the mcc hoping we get to go to the G in 2 weeks to see us take on gws.
  10. Hey a positive if the games are supposed to be played in front of no one next week. The west coast fans won't be booing & can't influence the umpires decision.
  11. That was a really good win. It was nice having it to watch on tv. Always good to hear the song sung after a win and good do see no gatorade being thrown over the 1st time winners.
  12. I don't care that there are people out there rubbishing this game. I enjoyed watching tonight. Our pressure was great. Maybe because it's just great to see Melbourne win if it's the male or female team. Plus we have some awesome players & a great leader
  13. Good quarter. Our pressure has been great tonight.
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