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  1. Missed easy goals again. Petty, lewis missed 2 each they should have kicked and max again missed a sitter. 4th quarter we just couldn't kick goals
  2. McGovern off. We need to take advantage of that
  3. Trac have a shot. That's what we pay you for
  4. Random question. Why in our home game did a west coast fan toss the coin? I must say lewis is holding McGovern to account
  5. Max over the pre season practice your goal kicking
  6. Seriously get a kicking coach. It is absolutely disgraceful today. Petty come on. You kicked those last week
  7. I have no idea what to expect. But I fear Hurn and McGovern are just going to mark everything that comes down our forward line as we didn't have much depth or experience down there. Hopefully Rawlings has come up with a good game plan. But having been to the ground it has the most beautiful background with the ranges there. Just have a go today melbourne
  8. Yes. I still believe him in. Have a good pre season get everyone back injury free, not hampered by off season surgery, May will be fit and ready to go. Maybe even make a few assistant coaching moves. However if we begin 2020 with losses all the media heat will come onto him. Im putting this season away and start afresh next year.
  9. I think the story is Brisbane are sitting 2nd on the ladder. Fagan has done a great job with this team. Gee how about the freo swans game. currently scores level at the 23 minute mark.
  10. So Ben Brown got a free courtesy of the Max Gawn "ruck craft" rule. Do we know if Melbourne actually sought clarification if that is allowed or not. I hope someone checked because commentators are saying you should be able to do that. Brisbane should have won anyway. They had plenty of more scoring shots and yes that free kick may hav been a bit soft to McInerney but I figured his free and Brown's free cancelled each other out, plus Brisbane got one after that anyway. My only disappointment was Brad Scott wasn't in the box so we could see his frustrations. But that kick by Daniel Rich 55m out out was a beauty.
  11. A shame we can't say the same thing about the bummers. But I hope Brisbane can win. I don't mind seeing them in 2nd spot.
  12. Collingwood will probably complain about travelling 2 weeks in a row.
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