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  1. Why is Maxy back so early? I guess the only person I'm interested in seeing how they rock up to pre season is May.
  2. Not bad. Not sure why we have to get nth again in r23 in hobart but looks like that will be a game to go to, turn it into a few days of a holiday. See we have to play geelong again down there. In the middle of winter saturday twilight. Yuck. At least make it in autumn or spring. The only way to stop this is for melbourne to become consistent keep winning and the crowds come. Why can't we play geelong at our ground for once. Not a headline I wanted to see though that essesncum have been gifted a favourable draw to.
  3. I actually don't mind playing west coast r1. It gets that trip out of the way and Id rather do it early on then towards the end of the year. We have been petty lucky to play r1 at home the past few years. I expect the boys to be pumped and ready r1. If they aren't there is a problem.
  4. That's what I said. Imagine the irony if we were the away team for the darwin game. Pretty sure the AFL wouldn't do that. It will be probbaly be either perth team or adelaide teams. My fixture would want to see no geelong game down there, no r23 interstate game, play essenscum once and not a lot of interstate games. I'd be happy to play nth in tassie though if it's in autumn or spring. Then I'd go.
  5. I just saw the end of his story on weekend sunrise. Agree. Nothing against Archie Roach but how Neale has not been up for this gong just mystifies me. 5 years ago there was no funding to find a cure for mnd, he has now raised millions and millions so down the track people who get diagnosed in the future may have a cure while the man is going through this terrible disease himself. He is a remarkable man that after 5 years he is still is able to walk and has his speech even tough you can tell it's going on him. I guess behind the scenes we don't see the daily battles and it's sad he can't hold his grandchildren but then he finds another way to hold them. He is just amazing. I will buy his book and I think it's going to be very very popular. I reckon it's a book you will read and get a whole lot of inspiration from.
  6. So Turd and Sheeds have opened up about the scandal in a new book according to the herald sun. Um sheedy wasn't eat the club when this happened. Obviously Mick Warner want to still be heard after the footy season. But seriously I'm sick of hearing about how essendon were hard done by, hird should receive an apology and essenscum should sue. Im sorry but what they did to those players was just wrong. Also Dank never helped them either. He always said he had the proof they didn't do anything wrong. But he hasn't spoken. They stuffed up the afl season for years.
  7. Even though Joe is a restricted FA next year I hope he obviously holds off talks until the end of the year and leaves. The only downside to that is we will have a whole year of will he/won't he. I hope he goes up to sydney during the year and buys a house during the year then at the end says well I want to move clubs. Then hopefully essenscum just fall down.
  8. Ha I love the fact that Joe wants out of bomberland. Of course Id be devastated if Viney ever walked out on us being a father/son pick but Im not sure if Joe really dealt with the father son hype and being the key forward But essenscum fans are going nuts and yes he is a key forward but one who has been plagued by injuries so he is not worth a top 10 pick. It will be interesting to see how they get this deal done because they reckon essendon is the hardest club to deal with during trade week. Hopefully this sets them back years
  9. I feel a bit devastated about losing Frost. Why did we never offer a contract to him and why does he want to leave? I mean when Lever and May went down he was there. I thought he did a good job. Ok he may have turned the ball over a few times, but his pace was good and he was a long kick.
  10. Congrats to Max. I mean it was always going to be between him and Oliver. I thought Fritta would have been a bit higher. The fact viney came 3rd does surprised me. But he did come 3rd by a long way off top spot. Gee Petracca came 5th. If one day he actually puts together a consistent full season then he will win one. Well that has put a full stop on season 2019. Please lets not go through another season like that again please.
  11. The gws memes that have been going around on social media have been quite good. Here in the g now there is a good spread of orange. Way more than you see at a home and away game
  12. Well it will either be close or Richmond will blow gws out of the water. I know we have spoken of scully but I wonder how shiel feels today as well I just think how marlion feels today waking up. You think of the legends who never won a premiership. Lockett, ablett skilton and this guy could just waltz in win a flag in his 1st ever game and get life membership
  13. Well done to fyfe. A superstar player, a great captain and an all round nice guy. Happy to see him win.
  14. They left Col out of the memorium segment. Maxy just tweeted it out. That's an oversight.
  15. Gee hasn't brayshaw's brownlow count changed a lot in a year?
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