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  1. The new coach Radford now has two wins under his belt. This is a great start. Whoever engineered the coaching changes mid season has done well.
  2. Good practice for September
  3. Oscar will be a big man and big men need time to mature. He will hits his straps in a year or two and will be a seriously formidable player. Patience my friends.
  4. Joe. Bull Smith - good to hear. Lockart - tiger with class.
  5. Well put. During the game I thought he needs to watch the raw power of Gary Ablett senior. Take the game by the throat. Kick goals.
  6. Big Max goes from strength to strength. He has authority and leadership. He would make an excellent captain.
  7. The backline would not want to be judged by the same standards as applied to Oscar McDonald.
  8. The indigenous guernsey is a winning design.
  9. Too many players kick the ball with no purpose. They don’t run through; it’s often just a few steps and lollipop lobbed in the general direction. Amateurish and pathetic.
  10. We should give Bull Smith a run at centre half forward.
  11. I have complete faith in Oscar McDonald. Big men take longer to reach their potential. He’s only just turned 23. Repeat, 23. Fair go. In a couple of years he will be indispensable. Mark my words.
  12. Thanks for this amusing anecdote Saty. Toby is lucky to be learning from a master. From his first game, it was obvious that if you got tackled by Nev, you stayed tackled .. and it may well hurt.
  13. tiers. ‘As weagles showed this year, two ruckmen are better than one if used intelligently. Highlights of Preuss show a big, strong, mobile, marking ruckman who can score goals. Imagine Maxie patrolling the backline and Preuss frightening the opposition in the forward line. If this can be pulled off it could be the master stroke of the decade.’ Reminds me of those glory days when Strawbs O’Dwyer and the great Jimmy Stynes owned the MCG.
  14. The Wizard. Sometimes he stood on the shoulders of giants.
  15. Call their bluff. If you don’t have single digit picks, then we’ll take Cerra and Brayshaw ... and maybe we’ll throw in a second round bone.
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