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  1. It would suit the AFL and their telecast if Melbourne was to bid on Green (and I hope they do.) Jackson is no certainty at pick 3.
  2. Noah Anderson would be a very handy pick in that case.
  3. Jackson is raw but sure has mobility and talent. The great Jimmy Stynes started from scratch.
  4. You haven’t heard any mention of Stephens from the Club? Good. I hope Jason Taylor is playing a strategic game, keeping his cards close to his chest.
  5. Stephens will hit the ground running. I’d take him at 3.
  6. It’s well worthwhile listening to the whole interview with Jason Taylor. He won’t be giving anything away so you have to read between the lines. It was interesting that when Kemp was mentioned, it appeared to me that he was unconvinced about him..
  7. Melbourne would benefit most from the speed and polish of Dylan Stephens and secondly from Weightman who has the attributes of a Brent Harvey. Importantly, Stephens is senior football hardened and would shine from Round 1.
  8. Lockhart would be valuable near goal, for sure. I wonder if he could eventually replace Neville Jetta.
  9. The Board will be reluctant to sack Goodwin now because they would be admitting that they made a big blunder in extending his contract. Goodwin will be gone by the Queen’s Birthday. The only hope is that an Adelaide club comes to the rescue.
  10. Let’s assume Melbourne is a team loaded with potential and ready to ‘come into it’s own.’ Goodwin has to turn the team’s performance around otherwise he will be sacked and someone else will reap the benefit of all this enviable potential.
  11. The new coach Radford now has two wins under his belt. This is a great start. Whoever engineered the coaching changes mid season has done well.
  12. Oscar will be a big man and big men need time to mature. He will hits his straps in a year or two and will be a seriously formidable player. Patience my friends.
  13. Joe. Bull Smith - good to hear. Lockart - tiger with class.
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