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  1. The tournament draw is now complete - forum exclusive voting commences Sunday evening. Don't vote on anything yet, the first few days will feature a combination of Prelim and R1 matches. Preliminary Round Austin Bradtke vs Adam Tomlinson Trent Rivers vs Ed Langdon Toby Bedford vs Aaron Nietschke Mitch Brown vs Kysaiah Pickett James Jordon vs Luke Jackson Round 1 Braydon Preuss vs Trent Rivers/Ed Langdon Toby Bedford/Aaron Nietschke vs Joel Smith Corey Wagner vs Oskar Baker Mitch Brown/Kysaiah Pickett vs Marty Hore Harrison Petty vs Kyle Dunkley Kade Kolodjashnij vs Tom Sparrow Jay Lockhart vs Charlie Spargo Jake Lever vs Austin Bradtke/Adam Tomlinson James Jordon/Luke Jackson vs Sam Weideman Kade Chandler vs Steven May Round 2 4. James Harmes vs Alex Neal-Bullen Neville Jetta vs Aaron vandenBerg Toby Bedford/Aaron Nietschke/Joel Smith vs Nathan Jones Oscar McDonald vs 8. Angus Brayshaw 6. Bayley Fritsch vs Jayden Hunt James Jordon/Luke Jackson/Sam Weideman vs Michael Hibberd Mitch Brown/Kysaiah Pickett/Marty Hore vs Harrison Petty/Kyle Dunkley Tom McDonald vs Mitch Hannan Jake Lever/Austin Bradtke/Adam Tomlinson vs Kade Kolodjashnij/Tom Sparrow 7. Christian Salem vs Corey Wagner/Oskar Baker Jake Melksham vs Kade Chandler/Steven May Jay Lockhart/Charlie Spargo vs Josh Wagner Braydon Preuss/Trent Rivers/Ed Langdon vs 5. Christian Petracca Round 3 1. Clayton Oliver vs Toby Bedford/Aaron Nietschke/Joel Smith/Nathan Jones Neville Jetta/Aaron vandenBerg vs 8. Angus Brayshaw/Oscar McDonald 6. Bayley Fritsch/Jayden Hunt vs Jake Lever/Austin Bradtke/Adam Tomlinson/Kade Kolodjashnij/Tom Sparrow Jake Melksham/Kade Chandler/Steven May vs 4. James Harmes/Alex Neal-Bullen 3. Jack Viney vs James Jordon/Luke Jackson/Sam Weideman/Michael Hibberd Tom McDonald/Mitch Hannan vs 5. Christian Petracca/Braydon Preuss/Trent Rivers/Ed Langdon 7. Christian Salem/Corey Wagner/Oskar Baker vs Jay Lockhart/Charlie Spargo/Josh Wagner Mitch Brown/Kysaiah Pickett/Marty Hore/Harrison Petty/Kyle Dunkley vs 2. Max Gawn Quarter Final Oliver/Bedford/Nietschke/Smith/Jones vs Jetta/vandenBerg/Brayshaw/O.McDonald Fritsch/Hunt/Lever/Bradtke/Tomlinson/Kolodjasnij/Sparrow vs Melksham/Chandler/May/Harmes/Neal-Bullen Viney/Jordon/Jackson/Weideman/Hibberd vs T. McDonald/Hannan/Petracca/Preuss/Rivers/Langdon Salem/C. Wagner/Baker/Lockhart/Spargo/J. Wagner vs Brown/Pickett/Hore/Petty/Dunkley/Gawn
  2. Friends, it's time for the only democratic institution you can still have faith in. Where we ask you to make an arbitrary decision on a matchup between two or more Melbourne players, and eventually uncover a people's champion. The draw will go live on Friday night, in advance of forum exclusive early voting beginning Sunday night. Thanks to Demonland for again hosting one of the voting booths for the tournament. Tournament schedule Friday 24 January - Live draw from 18:00 AEDST on @demonblog Monday 27 January - Preliminary Round/Round 1, part 1 Tuesday 28 January - Preliminary Round/Round 1, part 2 Wednesday 29 January - Round 1, part 3 Thursday 30 January - Round 2, part 1 Friday 31 January - Round 2, part 2 Monday 3 February - Round 2, part 3 Tuesday 4 February - Round 2, part 4 Wednesday 5 February - Round 3, part 1 Thursday 6 February - Round 3, part 2 Friday 7 February - Quarter Final day Monday 10 February - Semi Final day Tuesday 11 February - Grand Final day Honour Roll 2012 - James Frawley d. Nathan Jones 2013 - Tom McDonald d. Mitch Clark 2014 - Nathan Jones d. Jack Watts 2015 - Nathan Jones [2] d. Dom Tyson 2016 - Jack Viney d. Nathan Jones 2017 - Max Gawn d. Jack Viney 2018 - Neville Jetta d. Clayton Oliver 2019 - Clayton Oliver d. Neville Jetta Rules (TLDR version) Pick who you like better from the given matchup. Rules The voting criteria for each match-up is your personal business. It need not have anything to do with football if you don't want it to, but if does then the best of British luck to you. We won't ask questions, and nor should anyone else. Vote shamers will be denounced. Voting will be conducted between 0700 and 1900 AEDST unless otherwise noted You must cast a valid vote for every match that day or none of your votes on that day's matches will count. You must pick a winner in every match up. No half votes, no "I can't split them". Yes you can, and you must. Non-MFC fans are welcome to vote as long as you follow all other rules In the event of a tie both players will advance to the next round, except in the case of the Grand Final where a replay will be held the following day. If a match features three or more players and two or more tie for the most votes they will advance with all other players eliminated. We reserve the right to refuse an excessive number of multiple votes from the same person using multiple accounts Voting will be conducted in an open format via Twitter, BigFooty, Demonland and Facebook. If you're intensely private, hate social media, or just want to join the list of email voters email demonblogger AT gmail.com. Harley Bennell is not eligible (unless he's signed by 18:00 Friday night) as he not currently an MFC listed player. The decision of the Demonbracket Organising Committee is final. The Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lucerne Seeded to Round 3 1. Clayton Oliver (reigning champion/best and fairest winner) 2. Max Gawn (best and fairest winner) 3. Jack Viney (next higher best and fairest finisher) Seeded to Round 2 (next five highest best and fairest finishers) 4. James Harmes 5. Christian Petracca 6. Bayley Fritsch 7. Christian Salem 8. Angus Brayshaw Enter at Round 2 (next 11 most total MFC games) 9. Nathan Jones 10. Tom McDonald 11. Neville Jetta 12. Oscar McDonald 13. Alex Neal-Bullen 14. Jayden Hunt 15. Michael Hibberd 16. Jake Melksham 17. Mitch Hannan 18. Josh Wagner 19. Aaron vandenBerg Enter at Round 1 (remainder of MFC senior players) 20. Sam Weideman 21. Charlie Spargo 22. Jake Lever 23. Marty Hore 24. Jay Lockhart 25. Corey Wagner 26. Joel Smith 27. Harrison Petty 28. Oskar Baker 29. Steven May 30. Braydon Preuss 31. Kyle Dunkley 32. Tom Sparrow 33. Kade Kolodjashnij 34. Kade Chandler Preliminary Round (new draftees, trades, and next lowest games total) 35. Ed Langdon 36. Adam Tomlinson 37. James Jordon 38. Toby Bedford 39. Austin Bradtke 40. Aaron Nietschke 41. Luke Jackson 42. Kysaiah Pickett 43. Trent Rivers 44. Mitch Brown 45. Harley Bennell (if signed by 18:00 Friday January 24)
  3. More importantly, what Pies players other than De Goey can we have a crack at pinching?
  4. Lumumba played an unreal quarter against North in that ridiculously scoring Hobart game in early 2016. Otherwise serviceable but given that we only paid for with a 'retired' Mitch Clark he did enough. Certainly didn't have the negative influence that some expected. If you'd gone by the forums when he was recruited he was going to have the rookie list in a circle reading Marx and launching a revolution to overthrow the President.
  5. This is the list I have (links came with copy and paste, I didn't manually add them all!). If there are any others let me know. Bill Adams (Captain/Coach) Robin Andrew Mick Anthony Bill Atkinson Bert Avery Maurie Bartlett Art Beaumont Stephen Bickford Stuart Cameron Vin Catoggio Bert Chadwick Doug Chapman Kelvin Clarke Jim Conquest John Dellamarta Brian Dixon Rob Dowsing Jim Durnan Ken Emselle Arthur Ferguson John Forster Alf George Michael George Glenn Giles Peter Giles Lew Gough Shane Grambeau Archie Grigg Peter Hamilton Peter Hannan Ray Harvey Jack House Greg Hutchison (Captain/Coach) Dennis Jones (Coach) Ken Jungwirth Bryan Kenneally John Lord 1921-1923 (Captain/Coach) Greg Lourey Bob Love Percy Love Ian McGuinness Bob McKenzie Geoff McNaughton Shane McSpeerin Andrew Moir Vern Moore Bill Morrow David Murray Len Norman Frank O'Connor Ivan Porter Rod Payne Mike Power Billy Quinn Michael Reynolds Russell Richards Frank Richardson Howard Richardson Archie Roberts Kerry Ryan Lou Salvana Peter Sinclair Frank Smith Kim Smith Bob Spargo Robert Stewart Brian Stynes Jim Stynes Peter Thorne John Townsend Percy Tulloh Bill Tymms Barrie Vagg Peter Weekes Robin White Don Williams Gary Wynd Graeme Yeats Also worth checking out the site VFA Project, it's very rough but there's some good team lists on there.
  6. Dwayne's goal should be to shut up for five seconds.
  7. Thanks, appreciate the clarification. Glad to see there's a loophole to beat people like me. Daniel Bell sued us for his concussions so no doubt we/our insurance company would be on the hook here.
  8. This is terrible, but other than them laying claim to the entire history and organisation of the game since day 1 how do you sue the AFL when you've played in half a dozen other competitions? They've got deep pockets so I hope he gets a ripper payout that eases some of the issues he's having but can't see how the lawyers could pin this 100% on the AFL. Having said that, it will be different for today's players, now that every game is recorded and they'll be able to identify every incident a player has ever been involved with at senior level. In the 80s and 90s no chance.
  9. I know SEN would be deader than Macquarie Sports Radio without website clickbait, but does this goofball honestly think we were going to trade Hogan for pick 6 then take it to the draft? Have some dignity Kane.
  10. Will also help with recruiting in the future as the data from U18 games is improved. To do my own Moneyball reference, wonder if these guys have lists of fringe players that they think clubs can get on the cheap and play a key role. Not as easy as in baseball where there are significantly less variables affecting the stats but we could do with plucking a few randoms from other clubs and seeing them star.
  11. That was just a fancy title for Michael Voss because he had more name value than a normal assistant. Would love to see what this position does. I believe in the concept (at least how I understand it) but would be interested in how deep they go into things and how it influences play - e.g. do they say X% of forward 50 entries to a certain spot aren't working (for us at the moment anywhere inside the 50) and it would work better to kick it somewhere else? Either way, expect Moneyball references.
  12. Nothing in my records or anybody called Cloke in the Unknown Players list. Can't rule it out because plenty of players would have gone through but I reckon he's a few years out on both this and when he was going to Melbourne.
  13. I'd never heard this but we were reported to have had a crack at him and KB (!) in 1980. Hard to see where we'd have had the money to get him, Templeton and Moore at the same time. Also, yes on Peter Cloke in MFC practice matches.
  14. Not to be cynical considering it's about a much wider story, but how much 1998 - 2007 content is there?
  15. Needs to play primarily as a forward in the VFL. If can't make it there then he's not going to make it anywhere and we can comfortably either chuck him or accept that he'll only ever play if Max is out.
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