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  1. I know SEN would be deader than Macquarie Sports Radio without website clickbait, but does this goofball honestly think we were going to trade Hogan for pick 6 then take it to the draft? Have some dignity Kane.
  2. Will also help with recruiting in the future as the data from U18 games is improved. To do my own Moneyball reference, wonder if these guys have lists of fringe players that they think clubs can get on the cheap and play a key role. Not as easy as in baseball where there are significantly less variables affecting the stats but we could do with plucking a few randoms from other clubs and seeing them star.
  3. That was just a fancy title for Michael Voss because he had more name value than a normal assistant. Would love to see what this position does. I believe in the concept (at least how I understand it) but would be interested in how deep they go into things and how it influences play - e.g. do they say X% of forward 50 entries to a certain spot aren't working (for us at the moment anywhere inside the 50) and it would work better to kick it somewhere else? Either way, expect Moneyball references.
  4. Nothing in my records or anybody called Cloke in the Unknown Players list. Can't rule it out because plenty of players would have gone through but I reckon he's a few years out on both this and when he was going to Melbourne.
  5. I'd never heard this but we were reported to have had a crack at him and KB (!) in 1980. Hard to see where we'd have had the money to get him, Templeton and Moore at the same time. Also, yes on Peter Cloke in MFC practice matches.
  6. Not to be cynical considering it's about a much wider story, but how much 1998 - 2007 content is there?
  7. Needs to play primarily as a forward in the VFL. If can't make it there then he's not going to make it anywhere and we can comfortably either chuck him or accept that he'll only ever play if Max is out.
  8. Has kicked 11.14 in 30 games. If he's a forward he's a small one in a scoring sense.
  9. I've got no interest in blowing any remaining cap space to sign this guy, but can't believe we'd go in the paper saying "we'll pick him if he wants to play for us". How about saying "we're keeping our options open and reserve our right to draft him if he's there at our pick" in the hope that he either comes around (preferably at a reasonable price) or it hopefully poisons the well by either influencing what the Blues do in the draft or even better convincing them to offer him more money that he's not worth.
  10. Somebody with a criminal record that we wouldn't ordinary touch with a 10 foot barge pole.
  11. Didn't they also 'misplace' a bunch of the records of who was jabbed with what? Thanks for the safe space to ask this innocent question without Essendon cult nuffies jumping in.
  12. Didn't hurt us too badly when McDonald did it in mid-2017. Not against parking a mature player on the rookie list but if Gawn/Preuss both go down we can get away with it.
  13. The Caldwell chat inspired me to learn more about him. First page of Google "Jye Caldwell's frustrating run with injuries has continued". Will fit in perfectly!
  14. I can accept Jetta being ranked poorly. At his best he's great but even when he played this year he was average. However, by that logic having Kolodjashnij above Petracca should ensure he's never allowed to submit an article again without taking a [censored] test first.
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