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  1. Great moment when Jakovich randomly turned up to open the show in the late 90s. As a teenage Jakovich fanatic I was moved to jump over the back of my couch in celebration. Then off he went for another 20 years...
  2. I couldn't care less about the politics one way or the other, but the idea that anyone would give a fat rat's clacker if we wheeled Burnside out as a fan is comical.
  3. Do we get one pick (Nietschke) or two (Walker) in this mid-season draft? Seems NQR that you'd be allowed to pick a ready made player to replace a Category B rookie but with the AFL who knows. Wonder if there's any electric forwards in the mix? Helps take a chance on somebody unusual when you can chuck them 12 weeks later.
  4. This is what I want to know. I don't want him in the side, but need to know who we'd fill his spot with or what we'd do with a non like-for-like player. Very willing to discuss alternatives. The idea of on-field leadership is great (if it's actually happening), but we're hardly original recipe GWS having to field Power, Cornes, Brogan and Junior to help the kids.
  5. Smart bloke, would have won a flag. Like when Green could have gone to the Pies, stayed and spent the next three years as a scapegoat.
  6. Good to know Caro got one last story out of the people who spent all of 2011-2013 leaking to her.
  7. Didn't the Crows also get some mentalists to kidnap their players?
  8. Should at least get a game when we only have 22 fit players left by Round 10
  9. I wanted him to get a game mid-season last year before he was injured but the #1 rule in life is never get seduced by the highlights tape.
  10. Should have threatened them with a brutal camp again
  11. The rest of the side is suffering intermittent fisting
  12. The season is rooted anyway, there is nothing to be gained from making the club look like a 2012/13 style circus.
  13. He can guide them in giving away petulant free kicks behind play.
  14. Four weeks of being told how much we needed Lewis' leadership, then he unnecessarily decks a bloke inside 50 and concedes a free. The season is dead, give him a token assistant coach position until the end of the year and work on the future.
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