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  1. All time great name - Harry Crapper For good reasons - Brent Heaver and Chris Lamb For novelty value - Cameron Hunter For being crap - Tom Gillies and Isaac Weetra
  2. And we could have had his cousin brother who was the real star of the family. (Source) Plenty of SANFL stars didn't translate to the VFL but tell me this wouldn't have come in handy...
  3. Does the emergency fund still exist if they have to pay back the broadcasters for not showing games? (And do they have to pay them back? Surely if they're not providing the product as agreed...) If senior players don't want to play then get the ringers in. Jay Lockhart for the Brownlow.
  4. Elephant in the room is how clubs that scrape by financially now are going to go with a massive revenue stream yanked out from under them? Gate receipts gone, corporate hospitality out, membership sales dry up to zero/people stop paying their monthly installments. Can't even get together to rattle the tin! In the worst case scenario of the whole season being bounced I hope the AFL has funds in reserve or there could be a few clubs in massive trouble by the time it's right to play again.
  5. Not having a crack here, but can you tell us what the rule differences were in the 60s that made things better, because scoring wasn't any higher* then than it is now. Every year of the 60s except '69 had a lower average score than last year - and the change that spiked scoring that year was paying out on the full, which is already in now. * Not that scoring should = good footy, but that's what many people are looking for. At least until it starts being 140-130 every week and they complain the defending's not good enough.
  6. Now ask him about players who take screamers then kick it straight to the opposition.
  7. Hated St Kilda from sitting next to their feral cheersquad in the '98 finals until I felt bad for them losing that Grand Final in heartbreaking circumstances (even though they cost me the quarter quad), so in their place I can't go past Essendon. Always disliked Sheedy, and when they went into full 9/11 conspiracy mode after the drug stuff that sealed the deal. Second place Geelong. Collingwood is like Cold Chisel, a perfectly fine organisation with lots of hits on the board but dragged down by being associated with nuffies. Too young for that to be my fight, I appreciate them for giving us the decade of free revenue from Queen's Birthday. See also Hawthorn, who have a lot of nuff fans but they saved us from ourselves in '96 so it's hard to hold a grudge. You are welcome to despise them.
  8. At which point the reporters will say "no worries", turn left to Collingwood training and take a video that gets 10x the views.
  9. He probably changed his mind and didn't want to be involved after seeing how we played.
  10. Interested to see how they go from a three, potentially four man leadership group back to two. Maybe the only votes they got were for Gawn and Viney? Good move, anyone who needs a title to be a leader shouldn't be one.
  11. North's forward structure was dreadful, not going to get gifts like that every week. Not much good that came out of this other than a win and no injuries, but good to get a game into everyone. Brayshaw's first half was ordinary but he was instantly better for the run after half time. Loved Forward Fritsch too.
  12. For an SEN website story there's not nearly enough wacky predictions. You're supposed to say Gold Coast will finish fifth and Collingwood 14th to make sure everyone furiously clicks through and Hutchy gets the ad revenue. Back to Clickbait College for Kane.
  13. Hopefully it goes through the Herald Sun offices and clickbait is cancelled.
  14. Watching that you can understand how footy players go off the rails when their career ends and they're suddenly not part of a group anymore.
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