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  1. I'm with you on this. And half the time they don't get in place for a return handball, just dispose of it and drop off the contest. It's terrible. When somebody does one it stands out because they're so infrequent.
  2. Yeah throw another kid in there, that'll help. Maybe they should buy them another NRL player. For a club that's basically owned by the AFL they could do with being taken over by the league.
  3. Can't be McGovern, we've heard of him. Will be some bloke who has played three games as a defender now kicks five.
  4. They've got to be taking Max out. If they were going to play him surely they'd pick a proper second ruck and limit his minutes on the ball. Smells like a hamfisted scheme to me.
  5. Even just a medium size forward who can rip a ball off the pack and kick a goal. Melksham is the closest we've got and he's not getting any younger.
  6. Enjoyed the spray. Frost will have been over it five minutes later and the only reason there's complaints about it going on for so long is that the cameras focused on. Lewis and Melksham had a ripper of an argument in quarter earlier in the year and nobody noticed. I don't know about captain considering his habit of getting suspended but 100% leadership group.
  7. Maynard has no chance of making it at AFL level but I'd love him to get another go before he's inevitably delisted just for the tackles.
  8. I'd rather wait and see if this happens again next year after another trade/draft period and hopefully a decent run with injuries in pre-season then hit the dump button and go for some mystical tilt at a flag years in the future. Not against necking one big name player to make a statement (and for me it would be Brayshaw) but it's a bit premature to blow the joint up. Is this what happens when you can't exact vengeance on the coach?
  9. Cheers, I had it right on the main page (http://demonwiki.org/2006+NAB+Cup+Round+1) but botched on it that list. Will change.
  10. Hi Supermerc

    Love your Podcasts! Thanks. I listen to them when I'm on the exercise bike, to keep it interesting!

    Re overseas games, I thought I vaguely remembered a pre -season practice match (?v. StK or Sydney?) in New Zealand.

    There's no mention of it in your list, so I guess I'm wrong. I thought it was about 10-15 yrs ago.

    Is your list exhaustive?


    "Jumping Jack Clennett"

  11. You're correct, we are: 2-0 in London and Vancouver 1-0 in Honolulu, Portland, San Francisco, Shanghai, Toronto and Wellington Good chance to plug my history of non-premiership games.
  12. I thought his 'collapse' looked far more convincing than some of the 'falls' Oliver has taken.
  13. Had a bet on his defender trailing five metres behind on the first lead of the game. Not sure why you'd bother at $1.10.
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