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  1. Has looked good so far. Pace, and great disposal (although it is only the first quarter). Fingers crossed he can become the gun winger we’ve been looking for
  2. Move Fritsch to the forward line
  3. Re-injury. Horrible bloody luck
  4. From what I briefly saw at training last week, I’m guessing a calf issue
  5. Age claiming a straight swap with Dom Tyson. Hmmm, not sure how I feel about this. Guess it helps better balance our list
  6. Tyson is a keeper. Can be damaging when he has a run at it. And one injury to our best contested ball winners (eg clarry, Viney) means he is really important for next year
  7. Interesting, watching and listening to Richard Marx is like watching a horror movie! 😜
  8. Great vision. Geez, how about the interview with Nev Jetta’s Mum ... violation of personal space! Thought he was up for some tonsil hockey
  9. What a brilliant photo. Certainly a perfect way to sum up the moment
  10. I did it. We got good tickets. In contrast, last week we waited 2 hours in the MCC queue and while the seats were great, it is an INSANE system. I do not understand why the MCC continues with this ‘dark ages’ approach!
  11. Yep, agreed. Been in the queue to MCC for the past two hours!
  12. Pumped for Tyson, super excited for Viney, and disappointed for JKH ... he’s done alot right, and should keep his chin up
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