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  1. Agree. Viney does a bit, the others don't seem to. For some reason we've trained or allowed Oliver to give hot potato handballs rather than drawing a man and dishing off. Gawn's not jumping as much because he knows follow up is so important so he stays down, hits it backwards and then we've got the ball but not the momentum. Last year we put 1 or 2 off the back of the square so we could be more aggressive with the hit outs and mids running forward. For some reason we can't execute one of the most basic centre square plays: Gawn taps forward to a strong bodied midfielder facing away from goal who then dishes a handball to a runner dashing through.
  2. Kent had a nice penetrating long kick when he got the ball in space he could clear a line or kick to space, but he wasn't a good kick in tight confines. Averages 1 goal assist a game, let's not pretend he's Jake Melksham. I think we've replaced Kent adequately with Hunt going forward. Hunt's a little shakier with his kicking but offers more in the air and defensively. Kent's also out for the season. 3 year deals for Kent or Vanders were both mistakes but we went with the guy who had got healthy and played very well in the run in to finals and is the better overall player. Hogan - 0.3 goal assists a game and 62.7% disposal efficiency, he's not a good kick at all. Rarely turns and plays on to create space and doesn't trust himself to hit long targets. Watts used to get the ball on 50 and hit up Hogan. Hogan used to get the ball on 50 and pause afraid to give Watts the same service. We're missing Melksham. We're missing Spargo's best footy last year which was very good. We're missing ANB just being a baseline competent ball user. And we're missing the ability to upgrade the wings. Fritsch and KK were looking great in summer but Bayley's barely had the chance to settle on the wing and KK's out all year.
  3. Misson's injury update looked a lot more like Weid would miss the game against the Eagles and Tim Smith would play.
  4. That's true, and a lot of them are just adding corporate mumbo jumbo on top of saying we need to stick to the game plan, fight the year out, encourage the good aspects of play etc etc which is spot on. I'm saying there's more he could elaborate with but there's little incentive to do so when it's only going to be negative. As boring as it is there's a good case for sticking on message.
  5. I dislike it too but the reality is you have to spin some kind of BS at a post match press conference. Roos was very slick but occasionally he ran out of smart answers and we got the 'veil of negativity' or him blaming players. Honest answers at a press conference right now would involve criticising a lot of players for basic errors, reinforcing just how bad the injury run has been and how little there is at Casey, highlighting the ways they have moved players around to try to get a team going - which then lays out their plans to the opposition as well as focuses in on the players who are out of position or under performing. I think the real Goody gets along very well with his players, but we have to see more wins to get the real version at press conferences.
  6. I can't find clearance differentials online but last year we were 3rd in the league with 39 clearances a game, this year we are 6th with 40 clearances a game average and 0.8 behind the 3rd place team. I'm not sure we've fallen all that badly in clearances. Last year we used 1 or 2 off the back of the square to help our lack of speed in centre clearances, we can't do that this year which I think is a big reason Brayshaw has fallen out of the centre square group. I still have confidence that Gawn, Oliver, Viney (who's looked better post bye), and Harmes (who has been shifted to the wing, I think to protect his body) make a very good clearance unit, but we're doing all sorts of different things to find the right midfield balance. Lewis as a tagger is the latest. Jones and Melksham as mids was tried. So many things have gone wrong this year that isolating individual problems gets away from the bigger picture which is that we are robbing peter to pay paul with so many decisions. It's summed up by our best wingman in Fritsch having to move positions during games as an intercept marking defender one week after Hore's injury and then as a full forward the next after Tommy Mc's absence.
  7. No, on everything he's done so far in his career he looks like a key defender and one decent game up forward where he was in the right place at the right time doesn't convince me he's a forward. Nice that he made 3 regulation shots on goal, probably helped that he wasn't being relied on as a regular forward so didn't feel the pressure the rest of our forward line probably feels week to week.
  8. I agree. From stoppages it's more on the coaches and forwards to create a structure that sees a bombed or hacked kick contested. One of the worst errors we make at the moment is we pass up simple short kicks on slow plays that would get an easy 15-20m of field position AND worst of all we go long down the line not to talls advantage. Whether it's boundary side or more corridor if we're going long to Gawn or Preuss (or other tall) they have to be in position for that kick. Nothing annoys me more than the bomb that lands 15m from Gawn for no good reason and Viney is one who does it a lot.
  9. Firstly, if you've got a theory without a lot of evidence you should at least get the guys name right. It's Justin Plapp. Secondly, he's the midfield coach but Ben Matthews is the stoppage coach. He'd have far more say in what occurs at the stoppages where as Plapp's role would be based on how the midfielders move and use the ball in transition. Gawn has been excellent and the midfield has taken advantage in a number of games particularly in wins - v Syd, v Haw, v Freo. Max doesn't have Nic Nat's ability to leap over and hit it 360's though, so he's not a cheat code in the ruck. There's hitouts to advantage and there's hitouts that go clearly in to space and result in a beautiful clearance and Max can only get so many of them in a game. As for Gawn's clearance numbers they come about because after the hit out he's got some space to work, where as the other 3 mids have opponents on them. That we can't find little link up handballs to create clearer clearances is a bad mark on our coaches but in several games we have created a decent quality of clearance. Oliver turns the chance at a decent kick forward 50m in to a handball to Gawn who then hacks it 30m. For most of the Dogs game we did very well around the ground at stoppages and throw ins. But we also lack burst speed and dual sided ball use, we need a quicker/smarter ball user in the mix and we need a summer of the mids training together. They spent the first 2 months of the season trying to get fit and cover defensively.
  10. We did use our first pick on an inside midfielder with Sparrow as well as adding Corey Wagner for some mature depth and KK was set to come in and play on the wing/mid. I'm sure the plan was for Vanders to be fit and for Corey Maynard to be a depth option as well. Plus JKH who missed the first 10 weeks. And Stretch. The drop off between our first choice mids and our depth is too great but it's not like we don't have options. Unfortunately: Injured: Sparrow, Stretch, Vanders, KK and even young Nietschke Returning from injury within the last month: JKH, Maynard And by the way, also injured: Dom Tyson (calf TBC)
  11. We were killed for pace by Essendon early in the season and by Neale and Zorko against Brisbane. Oliver, Harmes and Viney aren't slow but they need to get even sharper in two way efforts from stoppages as well as across the ground. As good as Gawn is he's also a bit of a liability at centre bounces compared with some rucks who can chase down opposition mids and can also be used as effective clearance players. So often a Clarry handball goes to a stationary Gawn who then struggles to get a kick away. Then there's Brayshaw who's too slow entirely to be in the centre clearances if he can't pick up his defensive transition and Petracca who's lazy in swapping to defensive work and lazy around the ground. At stoppages teams hold Oliver and rove to Gawn. Our best clearances have all come with Viney who actually has the pace and smarts to read a tap and get moving forward with the ball. Unfortunately it then means he has to kick it. Outside mid has been spoken about in depth. I still have a decent amount of faith in Fritsch and I like Baker as a developmental player who needs a huge summer. Otherwise the cupboard is bare.
  12. Small forwards 1. Dan Butler - Out of contract Pros: quick, kicked 30 goals in flag season, good pressure Cons: small/light frame and lots of recent injuries, 1 hit wonder? 2. Anthony McDonald-Tippa - OOC Pros: Great pressure, accurate kick Cons: Likely to cost a lot in a trade and contract, likely keen to stay 3.Jamie Elliott - FA Pros: gun goal kicker at his best, free agent Cons: expensive contract with lots of risk given injuries, has he missed too much footy? 4. James Rose - OOC Pros: kicks a lot of neafl goals but can't stick a regular spot Cons: probably not very good! 5. Lewis Taylor - OOC Pros: knows how to get the ball and has some creativity Cons: is Lewis Taylor
  13. Outside Runners 1. Ed Langdon - out of contract Pros: Excellent runner and ball winner Cons: Ball use, likely to cost a 2nd round pick 2. Brad Hill - IN contract Pros: elite runner, solid enough ball user/winner Cons: Likely to cost a big contract and a big trade package (pick 10-15) 3. Brandon Ellis - RFA Pros: Excellent runner and penetrating kick Cons: Shaky at the contest and ball use can be unpredictable 4. Harry Cunningham - FA Pros: Good speed and endurance, could be cheap Cons: Shaky ball users and winner 5. Tom Cutler - out of contract Pros: Good size, long kick Cons: Best suited at half back, ball winner but maybe not the smartest player 6. Karl Amon - out of contract Pros: Good runner, neat kick Cons: Small, inconsistent 7. Stephen Hill - FA Pros: Classy user Cons: Ageing, expensive contract, recent injuries 8. Adam Tomlinson - out of contract Pros: Good runner, big body who can play 2nd ruck Cons: Not the most natural ball user or creative player 9. Jack Newnes - FA Pros: Good runner, long kick Cons: Average decision making and inconsistent at the contest, seems to have peaked a while ago
  14. It might not be ideal value for a top pick but if you get a really good player I wouldn't worry about that. Worst case scenario we have 2 good really good back flankers, but best case is Salem finally goes in to the midfield and gives us the gun ball user we need in there. Every summer Salem trains with the mids before being put to half back because we just don't have good options. Unless we draft or trade for a ready made classy mid I think this is the summer to just leave Salem with the mids in to the season and hope we fix the backline in other ways.
  15. PuT hIM baCK In hIs PrefeRred poSiTIOn Ignores the reality that he was absolutely butchering the ball AND was a defensive liability. He played a mix of wing, forward and on ball against the Dockers and did mostly pretty well. The foss Lewis is tagging. Harmes is on the wing saving his legs and shoulders for next year. Viney is on ball. Oliver is on ball and forward. Fritsch is on the wing or forward if we have no forward options, Hunt vice versa. Petracca is forward and on ball. That leaves Gus playing a mix of forward, on ball and wing. He’s perfectly capable of doing all of that. He did it as a 19 year old in year 1. Put his game on the weekend down to copping a corky. Otherwise he just has to play better.
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