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  1. 3-6 months to get a whole lot of development in to our players and to sort out this mess FB: Jetta May Hibberd HB: Brayshaw Lever Tomlinson C; Baker Salem Langdon HF: Petracca Petty Jones FF: Melksham Fritsch Pickett Foll: Gawn Harmes Viney Int: Jackson Lockhart Bedford/Chandler Oliver Out: Brown, T McDonald, Oscar, Spargo, ANB In: Jackson, Petty, Baker, Jones, Salem We need some actual forwards in the forward line. No more Spargo and ANB because they can run. 1 high half forward and make it someone who will get 20 touches and could actually hurt the opposition in Jones. Melksham and Petracca can't interchange on ball, we need them forward so we have multiple dangerous options and can then get Fritsch up the ground as well instead of stationed at full forward defending 2. Time for Petty, he can't be any worse than Brown and McDonald. The midfield needs skill and guys who can run both ways. It's been crying out for years (since Jones and Vince left) for someone who can hit some targets and hurt the opposition. Harmes is messy but he can tuck and run the ball through the lines. Salem has the skills we need to get some decent inside 50's. Baker might not have the fitness for full games rotations can cover him and he has the ability to hurt the opposition with penetrating kicks. We have to start being less reliant on Gawn. Teams know not to kick it up to him these days. Time for him to have less minutes on ball and play forward more in the Cox role of halving contests. Give the crumbers someone to work off. Jackson will be up and down but on his good days the midfield will go to another level having another mobile player and he won't touch it much up forward but he'll at least offer some defensive effort and size that troubles defenders. The backline is a mess. Oscar played well but apart from a couple of nice mark/kicks in uncontested play he provides absolutely no drive and never intercepts. Whenever the ball is near him you just hope he halves the contest or gets the ball to someone in no worse a position. Tomlinson is 195cm of meh. He can do that at half back where hitting targets is easier. Brayshaw can't be a successful midfielder in a side with Oliver and Viney, he'd at least show off his smart reading of the play and get a chance to kick it far better than he does at half back. Might add some urgency to his game too. I still think Hibberd can be of value but it has to be in a more limited role deeper towards goal - make him defend a good forward. He can't be coming up the ground trying to lace inside 50's. Jetta left his man too many times to rush up as well, he has to get discipline in to his game because good teams are always going to open you up on big grounds and you have to let things play out as one on one and have the mids cover off.
  2. This has been about as bad as it gets, but the Eagles are about as bad as an opponent that we could face. Defensive structure hasn’t been dreadful. Forward entries I have to believe must improve
  3. I think those injuries/illness whatever it is opened the door for Bedford. The shorter quarters could mean Langdon and Tomlinson can play the full 100% game time on the wing. Maybe a quick chop out from Brayshaw or Harmes from half back. Otherwise we'll go small and fast and heavily rotate the small forwards and try to keep pressure up on the Eagles. If I had to guess at the team I think it's: FB: Jetta May Oscar HB: Harmes Lever Hibberd C; Tomlinson Petracca Langdon HF: Spargo T Mc Melksham FF: Fritsch Weid Kozzie Foll: Gawn Oliver Viney Int: Lockhart, Brayshaw, Bedford, ANB E: Brown, Jackson, Sparrow, Hore
  4. The multiple games within weeks sounds like a dud idea to me but I think the 16.5 minute quarters is also designed and approved by the sports science guys to stop players going in to exhaustion which then leaves them more susceptible to illness.
  5. Book a table in your own home.
  6. Unless the Tigers relocated to Sydney at some stage last September I think last years GF would've still been played at MCG. Otherwise I agree.
  7. They might try, but it's utter nonsense. If we stop after 1,2, 4 or 6 games and have a 8-16 week lay off what does it matter? Stop when it's safe to stop and if we have to play September to December then do that. If we can't get restarted at all then so be it.
  8. Goody repeatedly said he was one of his closest mates. A terrible Principal and a paedophilia isn't something to be glad about and the covid 19 sure isn't either. So I doubt he's smiling given there's a high chance he's out of a job now with the VAFA season on hold.
  9. The AFL have 120M dollar future fund and own Etihad stadium. They also have a broadcast deal that pays them 450M a year when the seasons get back to normal. Players share in about 12M for 40 people. My point is the AFL can guarantee the short to medium term survival of clubs. Lets have a debt demolishion campaign at the end of all this when we can survey the damage and the interest payments kick in. In the mean time spend your money on family, friends and support local businesses.
  10. I think Gill has indicated that he'll take a cut, he has to do. No issues with the players holding out at this stage. Why volunteer to get less? Agreeing to 20% less for 20% games on it's own is fair enough but when you could lose 50, 80 or 100% of the season it's a dangerous precedent to agree to.
  11. We won’t be smart enough or spend the money on the legal measures that China have implemented. And we sure won’t start introducing the very questionable methods they use in China. Plus the issues of what happens when China re opens for business. The other thing that really concerns me is China is warming up. Northern hemisphere countries have the chance to keep it under control when people are healthier in summer. Vitamin d, vitamin c, less colds and flu etc. Even with a lot less flu this year we will go the other way in May/June
  12. The test has a high false negative rate. No one knows how high just yet because there’s lots of tests and lots of labs scaling up without established standards. But it’s possible a swab of the mouth and nose is poorly conducted and doesn’t get any virus. To constantly test and retest all 800 AFL players when those tests are needed for other people would be a waste of resources. Until we go in to full lockdown I’d be fine with players training in small groups (say 5-10) with non contact and lots of precautions. The NRL bleaching balls because of a crowd was peak stupidity but they were kind of right.
  13. They can get the test back by tomorrow. It's still far more likely to be any other illness than covid-19, particularly when Pendles has similar symptoms.
  14. There's 3 priorities in all of this. Ranked from the most vital immediately to the important but less so in the short term. 1. Stop the spread of disease daylight more daylight 2. Look after each other - act as a community, in physical and mental well-being 3. Do what we can for the economy - money has to keep flowing wherever possible AFL Players playing are risking point 1. Both for the individual participants but also for that the community doesn't heed the message that we still need to social distance far more. Oh the footy is on - everything is normal, I don't have to listen to the experts. But games of footy would be such a great distraction and excitement. Just to escape from the overwhelming crush of the disease would mean so much. And footy is that thing for so many of us. And point 3 matters. Even if it's just a pizza and a 6 pack of beers delivered whilst you watch the footy on a Friday night that supports the local pizza shop. But it really comes back to point 1 and stopping the spread of the disease. If the players do play they are risking spread within their team and the opponents. But right now they've been isolated for a week, they are healthy, they are keen to play. So maybe the bigger issue is the community 'look' of having them play. And that's where the messaging has to come in that they aren't playing because they don't think this is serious. Government Health ads have to run during the games. Pubs have to make it clear that more than about 50 people and any kind of crowding is incredibly foolish. Players have to put out a message that they aren't playing because the risks are minimal, in fact it's the opposite. They are playing because it's real and they want to spread that message.
  15. I don't think our trade with North had a coronavirus get out clause.
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