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  1. Lets just all enjoy the next 10 2020 pre season practice matches without the pressure of making 2019 finals. I'm looking forward to May, Lever & Frost gelling. Tom McDonald remembering how good he is. Sam Weideman living up to his preseason promise of helping us forget about Jesse Hogan. Deciding what part of my body I'm getting my 2020 premiership tattoo.
  2. Please. Please. Please. Drop. Tom. [censored]. McDonald.
  3. Yes...I did mean so far. I am extremely confident of a win today (and next week). No one on DL has been more negative than me this year, but we are turning it around. I think we may be in for the ride of our lives in 2nd half of the year. And that ride will start today.
  4. We will win today. T.McDonald to find form with 5 goals. Oliver BOG with 38 disposals. Petracca to play best game of his career. Dees by 19.
  5. Preuss has only played 2 games, so admittedly it's a small sample size to look at...but he is averaging more goals per game than any other Dee this year @ 2 per game. Next best Melksham 1.3 & Hunt 1.2 I would say that's a string to his bow and worthy of selection. No one else seems capable of kicking goals at the moment.
  6. No changes, unless injuries force them.
  7. Petracca & ANB played solid games. Agree with everything else.
  8. I wish you did as well, Lyndell. I'm sure pick 15 in 2004 could have been put to much better use.
  9. We will win this one. Surprisingly confident. Dees by 29
  10. Point taken. But I was responding to the idea of trading out Petracca for pick 10-20. Which I believe is unnecessary risk.
  11. I do like your bold thinking, and it could work. But unfortunately risk doesn't always = reward. Expecially not for MFC.
  12. I have reached a point in my life where I am willing to sell my soul to the Devil for this post to come true.
  13. I would have zero faith in our recruiters drafting a player better than Petracca with picks 10-20. Not that I rate Petracca terribly highly, just no faith and too risky. Better the devil you know.
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