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  1. No changes, unless injuries force them.
  2. Petracca & ANB played solid games. Agree with everything else.
  3. I wish you did as well, Lyndell. I'm sure pick 15 in 2004 could have been put to much better use.
  4. We will win this one. Surprisingly confident. Dees by 29
  5. Point taken. But I was responding to the idea of trading out Petracca for pick 10-20. Which I believe is unnecessary risk.
  6. I do like your bold thinking, and it could work. But unfortunately risk doesn't always = reward. Expecially not for MFC.
  7. I have reached a point in my life where I am willing to sell my soul to the Devil for this post to come true.
  8. I would have zero faith in our recruiters drafting a player better than Petracca with picks 10-20. Not that I rate Petracca terribly highly, just no faith and too risky. Better the devil you know.
  9. Great in theory, but way too risky. Last thing we need is another big name recruit who can't get on the park. We would have the strongest injury list spine in the AFL with May, Lever & Patton.
  10. Short answer - no But not unreasonable to suggest and explore. Would need to be proven player or pick 1-10.
  11. Out - Everyone who won't be on our list in 2020 In - Just play the kids
  12. Ideally Jones should come to his own conclusion he is cooked and retire immediately. That's not going to happen. Play him deep forward pocket. Might be able to muster a goal or two a game. Nearly every time he touched the ball last night it was turned over (I only saw 1st quarter). I would rather he turn the ball over in our forward line rather than across the middle or half back. Doesn't really matter anyway. Season & MFC in general are fast becoming irrelevant.
  13. Hey Hawthorn, old pal, old buddy. Let's talk.
  14. I'm in over my head. I can't do this. I quit. Effective immediately.
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