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  1. Drop him and get rid of him at seasons end.
  2. we got our man..Jay Lockhart...good pick up. I believe.
  3. OMR....you retire the CHAMP....keep in contact....
  4. That’s likely to be me.....Die - But the loveliest way to go..hoping your family turn up this year.
  5. Agree / wimps they were scared of you.....you were the outstanding champion... all the best best in life ahead
  6. Best wishes for 19 - hope it is a great year for you....take care and all the best- JCB.
  7. O well that’s life....does not seem much interest....
  8. Hi All, Who is in and are you OMR managing it or whomever, please advise
  9. If we are going to improve, he is a key. Unlock and give plenty should be his motto.
  10. I will give it away now....let the 2019 year show the result. I hope I am wrong....over and out.
  11. Please note that is over the last 3 years not one game and Campbell was voted 2nd best for Bulldogs in that DeeSpenser report.
  12. Good to hear from you Tom, Campbell would have been a beauty for the Dees.Give my regards to John and Hugh for me....a missed opportunity which I am savage about.Keep on barracking for Fish Creek .
  13. Fair points you make, however, it was my understanding English played in that match and Tom played basically full forward which is not his rightful position.As Roughhead was interviewed by the Dees , I am told, Campbell would have been either a good backup to Max, a great development for Pruess whilst at least 9ne of these most probably playing at Casey developing Bratke. This did not happen so, we will await the season to see how these players have gone.
  14. No several others have joined me.....sooner have a ruckman more proven than Pruess on my books.Campbell has killed him in games previously.We will wait and see “What hapopens:” in 2019.but note, all I am crowing about is ....sooner have 3 possible ruckman than 2 .Could have picked up Campbell as a SSP rookie,Campbell is far more proven than Pruess.Campbell had 72 hit outs followed by 60 in the next game ,was an emergency on 3 occasions yet did not get on with Beveridge ,similar to Roughead, Dahlhaus etc..I have trained with the Bulldogs at Victoria College for years .Campbell was interviewed and tested by Essendon, Adelaide and North and had enquiries ,I believe from Suns, Brisbane and Swans.....therefore genuine interest for many.As stated, I believe he was a classic case for us to bring on Pruess as well as a backstop for Gawn.Also, he played many games last year at Full forward .Therefore, a ruckman/ forward type..Anyhow, we will see whom WINS out, and if indeed I was the only one picking Campbell was, so be it..Drysdale demon...lovely little place Drysdale By the way DD have a look at the Herald sun and AFL .com to see the reports they have had in the last week on him... y the way, he could have gone to Brisbane last year.but stayed and honoured his contract.
  15. We will have to wait and see - whom gets the chocolates
  16. Tom Campbell as stated has signed with North and had first training run today...a missed opportunity in my opinion .He has belted Pruess before hand and Scott believes he can play senior footie next season.
  17. At least they have testicles , just ask Gary Lyon on this point, as well as C.C.
  18. Can see that Keilty could play forward but need to do something next draft to cover weakness on list.
  19. Fair point....will be interesting to see how all play out.
  20. I would love to be able to recruit your dad now.
  21. Refer to AFL.com.au for the announcement of Tom being recruited by North as I stated earlier.
  22. Not jumping at shadows at all, rjay.Just looking at our list and draft picks and equating things like that .If Daisycutter is right and we still have a vacancy on the list as well as a further rookie pick,we, then, may be as smart as Richmond are doing re Stack training with them...we may pick up a player like McLean to develop and try out as a list member. whilst I support you raise, I believe, we should pick up another tall at least on our list as we have only 3 tall forwards as such and 2 developed ruckman and Bratke. We may even see Gawn play a pivotal role in the forward line and Pruess ruck..but I still feel we need more talls now.
  23. I will and hope Casey pick up a ruckman and a tall forward.
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