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  1. At least 3 years is a minimum requirement, hopefully 5 years
  2. You should change your name.....change it to goose or something * like it
  3. We’d is not playing ....hopefully back in 2020,
  4. Drop him and get rid of him at seasons end.
  5. we got our man..Jay Lockhart...good pick up. I believe.
  6. OMR....you retire the CHAMP....keep in contact....
  7. That’s likely to be me.....Die - But the loveliest way to go..hoping your family turn up this year.
  8. Agree / wimps they were scared of you.....you were the outstanding champion... all the best best in life ahead
  9. Best wishes for 19 - hope it is a great year for you....take care and all the best- JCB.
  10. O well that’s life....does not seem much interest....
  11. Hi All, Who is in and are you OMR managing it or whomever, please advise
  12. If we are going to improve, he is a key. Unlock and give plenty should be his motto.
  13. I will give it away now....let the 2019 year show the result. I hope I am wrong....over and out.
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