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  1. Ugly game of footy, but a win's a win. Oliver = freak. Marty Hore - take a bow son. What a find he's been for us given our depleted backline. TMac finding some form, but F me, I wish he could hold a mark like he used to. Made a meal of it in the dying seconds but thankfully the footy gods were on our side for once.
  2. The Footy Show died with Gary Lyon's departure in my opinion. All down hill since then.
  3. i will.... believe that miracles CAN happen.
  4. Yeah, I'll take these changes and happy to see Garlett get another crack. Although I don't have a lot of confidence in the inclusion of Tim Smith, but what's the alternative?... OMac? shudder Hopefully a 'competitive' Melbourne outfit turn up tomorrow night........ Feels like I've gone back in time 5 years.
  5. Grand Final Guarantee Want A Refund
  6. Pretty sure Goodwin said a number of times in interviews that the costume was left up to the supporters to chose, so we are basically mocking ourselves. Even if we had gone on an Essendon 2000 run and lost in the last round, someone would still come out and say our season's over.
  7. Disappointing clearly, but not the end of the world. I'm sure everyone would have taken an 8-4 record going into the bye round with a percentage of 130. Just frustrating that we couldn't capitalise on a good opportunity on a big stage to take second spot and set up some breathing space between us and the bottom half of the 8. Let's hope that the players burn for the next 2 weeks and come out firing against Port. I really believe we can knock them off. The game itself - clearly smashed in the middle. I thought our mids would have competed a lot better with Gawn winning the ruck dual, but their run and spread completely dismantled us. Umpiring was shocking at times, some of the worst I've seen for a while, and I thought it killed our momentum during some crucial periods of the game, however it wasn't a factor in the end. Clearly second best all game. Tommy Mac can hold his head up high - a great game from him and shows how important he is for us up forward, so we really need to get the Lever replacement down back spot on. Thought Smith competed well and did OK for his first attempt - did some good things, maybe a bit nervous at times, but he should get another crack against Port. We know what we are capable of and we've played an amazing month or so of footy so I see no reason why we can't back up the second half of the season just as strongly.
  8. MAGNIFICENT NEWS! Just about our most important player right now. 6 games played for 6 wins this season tells the story.
  9. Absolutely. When he's in full flight he's a joy to watch and he was unbelievable yesterday. Some of the things he does for a bloke his size are unreal. We are blessed to have him running around in the red and blue.
  10. 6. Jetta 5. Oliver 4. Hogan 3. Tom McDonald 2. Brayshaw 1. Gawn
  11. How much better are we with T Mac in the side? Just about one of our most important players right now. His move to the forward line has been a masterstroke by Goodwin.
  12. A few quick thoughts... What a player Melksham has become for us especially after some early criticism from our supporters. I always thought he would be a serviceable player for us but he has far exceeded my expectations. Jack Lever - best game for the club and will really give him a lot of confidence coming up against his old side. Fritsch - what a find. Silky smooth mover and good decision maker. Good to finally belt a side especially those 'bruise free' Blue flogs. Also really enjoyed watching the Dee's faithful celebrating the 25th goal just as hard as all the other goals too. It's been a while since we've been able to enjoy a big win like that on the 'G.
  13. 1. Oliver going from strength to strength becoming an elite player of the comp (Parish who?) 2. Hogan has had a great start to the season and may it continue 3. Garlett back to his best after a quiet game against the Cats
  14. 6. Hogan 5. Garlett 4. Oliver 3. Jones 2. Petracca 1. Tyson
  15. Even though I fully expected Brayshaw to get a gig this week, I'm pleased enough with the changes. Tyson a no brainer - should have played last week. Like the inclusion of Bugg. I like Hannan, but just didn't do enough to hold his place in the side for mine.
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