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  1. Was Gus working on his ball handling in preparation for tonight?
  2. I was expecting this to be about the alleged closed training session at Casey last week, and today we're back at Gosch's.
  3. I said at the start of last season the tif either Wagner, especially Corey, end up playing bulk amount of games, then we're in for a troubled year. Think it was @dazzledavey36 that shot me down for calling Corey "depth at best". I haven't changed my stance on this.
  4. I chose the hard card option this year for both my son (5 yo) and myself. Felt there was something special about a dad and his son getting all decked out in our Demons gear, membership card around our neck, scanning it as we walk in to the MCG. We do live in a digital world, but because I chose the sentimental option, we miss out on the couple of free tickets (which would've covered my non-Demon daughter and wife for the one or two trips to the 'G as a family. Fortunately I can cover their entry, but I'm sure some struggle.
  5. Ever thought that being around a footy club at the moment might be in his best interest instead of sitting at home on the couch in isolation?
  6. It could be argued that they (the MFC social media intern) are trying to introduce a "new" name or title for us, being Red & Blue, which would make the ampersand appropriate in this situation. Either way, I still think the use of the plus symbol still looks childish.
  7. It's amazing what bugs some people. Take me for example, the way the social media person at the MFC uses the "+" symbol instead of the "&" symbol in every-f-ing-thing makes me wonder if we've had a work experience kid in at the club at some stage, and we haven't been able to get rid of them. Are we red plus blue, or red and blue? FFS. PS. Welcome back Harley.
  8. Why/how it was orchestrated to see our two main games (ANZAC Eve and QBD) to be a rotation of all or nothing eery two years is a just terrible management on someone's behalf. We have two options; 1. Arrange it so we get it that we host one of the marquee games each year (which could mean splitting profits for the next couple of years to make it work) 2. Leave it as is, but look at our P&L over a 2-year period instead Option 2 is most likely easier, but will not stop the media (and MFCSS sufferers) from reporting the "away" year. Option 1 would please more people. Pretty easy fix for Mr Pert I would imagine, especially if they were caring too much about it.
  9. Will the "Burgess 2 week injury" become the new "4 to 6"?
  10. They might have these similar traits, but that's where the comparisons should stop. Bennell is a far better player than Pickett, he just needs to stay on the park to prove it.
  11. Flat track bully... (I'm kidding, but the pessimists won't be!).
  12. If this is what will keep you up at night, then I'd suggest we should delist AVB, Smith and KK and replace them all with Bennell. The bloke is a freak. If we can't afford to take the risk with him because we have enough others on the LTI, then quite simply, [censored] the other blokes off to make more room.
  13. Talent-wise, none of them are in the same league as Bennell. A 100% fit and firing Bennell is in the top 10 players in the league, make no mistake of that. We all know the risks, but is it a gamble that I'd be willing to take? Absa-freakin-loutely.
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