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  1. Suits me. I'll leave this topic alone for now and revisit it throughout the offseason to see how much you got right. You've made some interesting claims that we will find out how accurate they are in due course. Cheers to you.
  2. So, according to your OP, you have made claims about the following current Assistants; McCartney - With all the rumours flying about McCartney, there's definitely a feel he may not be around next year. Rawlings - No source, but just a feeling Rawlings could be annoyed Rooke - you could also add Rooke to the list who may not be around next year Plapp - Would think Plapp could be in danger of not being renewed Jennings - Jennings will look to move on end of season Goal kicking coach - New position You are making all these judgements on what exactly? I'm making men about Jones based on the fact that he's as slow as a wet week, and being asked to play in a role where he has continually been isolated by his direct opponent (I think it was @Lucifer's Hero that was told by an opposition team about this exact point). Not even half way through school holidays yet. Sigh.
  3. Which is a classic "Paul Roos Assistant Coaching Model 2.0". Put experienced people with proven coaching/development ability in key roles, blood newbies coming through to work under said key people.
  4. Jury is out. Let's see how Hodge goes when he has some fleet-footed half forward flankers next to him. Hodgey is smart, he zones off and fills holes. I'd go far as to saying that Fagan has incorporated the role that Hodge plays in to his game plan. He's worth his weight in gold on the field and Fagan knows it. I acknowledged the injuries in paragraph that follows. Kind of you not to include that. I will give you Jones' consistency. But are we at a stage where we want a consistent plodder that's toward the end of his career? How about you set your standards a bit higher. This "magical best 22" is quite clear. Match committee meeting in the week leading up to Round 1, 2020. We have a full list to pick from and only 22 spots to fill. Does Jones' name get picked? He doesn't for mine. Calling Jones "depth" is like calling Lewis "depth" this year. Perhaps I have a different definition of depth, but a player with only weeks left in his career is not depth. That's what Lewis in in 2019, and Jones will be in 2020. I have no doubt that Jones will go around again in 2020. Will I be disappointed if he breaks the games record? Yes. It ill mean that he's playing bulk games in the seniors (in 2020) when quite frankly, I think other players should be going past him. It will say more about the state of our depth and development rather than Jones' ability.
  5. You've had a crack at me about the "what ifs and hypotheticals" regarding our 2020 injury situation on the Jones thread, yet you start an entire thread about Assistant Coaches, which is mostly all about "what ifs and hypotheticals". Oh the irony.
  6. SWYL, this is the exact thing that has been lost over time. I agree (from an outsider looking in) that the moving on of Junior was appalling. The reality is though, his contribution in his final year had gone backwards, and added to that was his body letting him down. Even though there are different people in charge now, I personally believe the club has a great opportunity to prove they have learnt from that mistake by the way they could handle the Jones situation. Tap him on the shoulder, do it respectfully, and he'll end a brilliant MFC career at the end of this season. He aint going to get any faster next year, yet the position he will be playing will require him to.
  7. Don't think I've actually called Jones selfish. I did say that it could be a selfish record, mainly because I don't think he should break it (based on where we and he is at). And I totally agree about a culture revamp among our supporters. We have many on here preferring to put an individual ahead of team success. That's the type of culture that was around when Yze, Robertson, Bruce, et al were running around, and look how that helped for the decade after that. Not sure about you, but I'm still waiting on my first premiership, and I've seen over half my life pass me by without one to date. I will be very disappointed if Goodwin hasn't spoken to Jones in a way that would indicate that if he plays on next year, that he will be treated equally to all, and with our game plan retiring more pace, that he may start and end the year off at Casey. Hodge has won 4 premierships and is playing an onfield coaching role in a backline full of kids. I would much rather him in that role than Jones. Also, let's not forget that the Lions played us on the weekend - hardly any Usain Bolts that he's likely to match up on. And they have plenty of speed in that side that having one slower player isn't going to hurt them too much. For Jones to lock in a spot as a half back flank, we need to look at how we structure our backline. We will generally play, when all fit, 3 talls (May, Lever and Frost), a small (Jetta), and rebounding half backs in Hibberd, Salem and Hore. We also have Fritsch that can play through there. If we can secure Ed Langdon from Freo, then we can add him, KK (if he can get his head right) and Baker (who I think has shown a bit) to the list that are capable of playing wing/half back. Finally we are looking at a list of decent ball users with pace playing in those two positions. While I acknowledge that injuries are a great concern for many of the names I have listed about, I am thinking about 2020 and hoping that injuries aren't a factor. With that in mind, my question is, what extra does Jones add to these positions that the other guys don't? I will potential vomit if someone answers with "loyalty". Now that I've posted the above, I am starting to ponder what our team would look like right now if we didn't have any injuries. How many would have Jones in their 22? I wouldn't.
  8. I'm amazed that people are suggesting that Jones should be played off the half back flank. The game has changed - the days of hiding a slow veteran on a back flank are long gone. I wouldn't be surprised that the same ones calling for this are the same ones that dont want Lewis picked for the rest of the year because he is a liability now in most parts of the field, and the same people that are complaining that we are a slow team.
  9. I totally agree. But what's your answer?
  10. He has stuck with us when most didn't, has multiple B&Fs to his name and will go down as one of the great clubman of the Melbourne Football Club. But is he prepared to put the club first for one last time by retiring at the end of the season? I don't think he will, but I also think that 2019 should be his last. Why? He has become a liability. When he's on the wing, clubs know if they get on his outside that he's got no chance of running anyone down. If he plays half back flank, the smart half forwards push right up the ground then burn him off when they run the other way. He's not quick enough to do the half forward role I just talked about. It's a delicate position that Goody will find himself in. Jones could break the MFC games record if he goes around again next year, which is quite remarkable when you think about the history of this club. But is it a selfish achievement given we should be about setting the club up to win premierships rather than personal milestones? I know I'll most likely be in the minority, but personally, I'm hoping Goody makes the tough call and tells him his time is up.
  11. So you should agree that Hibberd came back too early. And OP for Smith? I'm not even going to ask for your source because 9 out of 10 times your 'source' feeds you [censored].
  12. You're concerned about it? I'm concerned that you're pinning some of our hopes on four players that I really aren't anywhere near our best 22 when fit. And if they are, our list is a lot more shallow than I thought. I think the drafting/reliance of these types of players is part of the reason that we are going terrible this year. They just aren't good enough, even when fit. I feel that we have gone all-in on trading out top picks for the likes of Lever and May, then tried to get some ready-made state level/mature-age recruits in to have an immediate impact as depth. Mark my word, this will bite us on the [censored] in 5-10 years if we're not very astute with our recruiting in the next 2-3 years. We need quality kids coming through in the next couple of years, not mature age RTGs from the state leagues or project players coming through the Cat B rookie pathways that have a very low ceiling.
  13. Some insightful posts here.
  14. Like Joel Smith? Like Hibberd clearly coming back a week early? From memory I think Melksham might have played out the game against the Gold Coast too? And that's just this year. I wouldn't put anything past our incompetent medical staff.
  15. No problems. A new CEO comes in and declares his big ticket item is to build a training and admin base in the one location. The fact it's on Pert's agenda is a step in the right direction (PJ had bigger fish to fry in his tenure at the club), as these types of CEOs are judged on their results. If he fails to deliver this promise, quite simply, he will have committed career suicide.
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