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  1. I can't see how we will win this at all. One of the St Kilda blokes said after the game that they could clearly seeing Melbourne with fitness, and they knew as a team that the Saints still had a lot in reserve. We're also wanting to look at a different setup, structure, etc. We played 4 days ago. The above two things wouldn't have improved in that time, and we got beaten by a team that won't make the finals. We're playing a team that even with a few of their best players out, still have some handy ones on the park. This will be 10 goals + in my view. It's not going to be pretty.
  2. If this is true, which I am not doubting you, then WTF could I see it from my couch and be screaming for a change, yet the blokes in the coaches box be totally oblivious to it? And even more so, WTF is Jones so unaware of what is happening in real time and call for a change? Seriously, a 200+ game, co-captain, standing about 50m on his own on a wing at a centre bounce, can't see what's happening? It's laughable.
  3. Speaking of that, congratulations to Emily McKay and her partner, Majak Daw, on the announcement that they are expecting their first child. Given what they have been through in recent months with Majak's situation, especially the event around December 18, this must be amazing news. That said, something about this has got me quite intrigued. General rule of thumb is that you announce a pregnancy after the 13 week mark. Looking at my calendar, 13 weeks ago from today is around January 9, which is approx 3 weeks after Majak "fell" off the bridge. For a bloke that suffered broken hips and a broken pelvis, I would imagine those types of injuries would take many weeks to recover from. With all that worked out, it would appear his pelvic region has made an amazing recovery in such a short amount of time. I would love to know the name of his doctor or physio that gave him the list of suggested therapies/activities to help with is recovery - my wife stubbed her toe this morning, so I want to take her to Majak's doctor to prescribe similar recovery activities that he clearly did for Majak...
  4. I reckon there were many times last week that Jones' opposition winger started way off him, but closer toward our goals. At a centre bounce, Jones was just standing on his own, no-one around him. He didn't come charging in to provide an extra number around the contest, didn't drift forward to man up, or didn't float back. He looked like he was lost. Problem with it was that because his opponent was playing off him, it meant the Bombers effectively had an extra defender (I acknowledge the 6-6-6 rule). When we won the clearance and bombed it in, it gave them an extra number to run the ball out of defence. I'd go so far to say that they targeted this play through Jones, mainly because they know his defending ability is quite poor, and that even if he was used as an outlet from the stoppage, his preferred F50 entry is a long bomb, where they would back themselves winning it given Jones' opponent was already well on his way to our 50. There were a number of times where I would ask "WTF"? It was embarrassing to watch this as I realised we had absolutely no plan to sort this out and was made even more embarrassing because it was our co-captain that had no idea/initiative to stop it. Nb. As I wasn't at the game, I couldn't see if they did that on the other wing too.
  5. We probably recruited him to play him when he is 100% fit, and ready to make a significant contribution to the team. Clearly the FD don't think that will happen at the moment.
  6. One of our biggest problems is that we are rewarding blokes that have a crack, but often are of limited ability. The Wagner's are a classic example of that - how can either be dropped after Friday night's game? They went when it was their turn, and that's what we are trying to build our team around. But when you are playing players of limited ability, you struggle to be competitive as a tam, and the results we are now seeing are showing that. I said something a week or two ago that Goodwin's biggest issue is that he favours his "project" players over guys that can actually play the game. If you want to reward blokes for effort, regardless of ability, then there is no way Petracca should've got a game after the Geelong game, and Stretch would be in the team. Instead, he leaves Trac in, and brings in both Wagners, while Stretch is running around at Casey. All the experts talk about how you need a strong bottom 6 every time a team plays. Ours are terrible at the moment, which is why we find ourselves where we do. The sooner the likes of AVB and Hannan get back from injury the better, as they do make our team stronger. That's why I still scratch my head at the likes of Tyson being moved on so easily. Would much prefer him running around at the moment than a Corey Wagner.
  7. No. That's my point - they couldn't GAF because they have the silverware. And my point is further supported by the amount of times in this thread alone that there is mention of these clubs doing it themselves, which helped lead to premierships. The amount of top end picks that we had should've seen us have a team of champions. Instead, we picked Watts, Scully and Trengove. FMD.
  8. Great way to ruin my day. Thanks.
  9. There clearly isn't any, not that was documented in some capacity. Without having evidence myself, I feel our biggest issue was that we were so open about it in some so-called inner sanctum happenings. If they (Schwab and CC) were openly talking about it in team meetings or at supporter functions, then it always had the potential of being leaked. Schwab and CC aren't total idiots (close, but not fully). There is no way known that they would leave any paper trail that would be used as evidence. The problem was that the more people they told of their plans, the greater chance there was of something getting out. If it were to be one man's word against another, then we would've been fine. The problem was that there was more than one man. I just wish we had've drafted better in those days and pinched a flag. Our club is quite hated by people, and realistically, we have nothing to use in our defence. A couple of tainted flags would've been bloody lovely to use as a comeback.
  10. Changes I'd make; Out; May, Petracca, ANB In; Keilty, Stretch, Spargo Changes I'm expecting; Out; May, Sparrow In; Keilty, Stretch
  11. And a further issue to this is that we got rid of Tyson and Kent. I was a big fan of Tyson early days, not so much Kent, but what these two would add is AFL quality depth. They could be brought in to an AFL side and we'd know they'd perform to a certain level that was definitely competitive at AFL level. We are no relying on the likes of Hore, C Wagner, Sparrow, et al to do that, and unfortunately they just aren't up to the standard (happy to cut Sparrow some slack given he's a kid).
  12. At the start of the week I called for a straight swap of May for Frost. Now the teams are out, I can see some logic in playing the 3 tall backs. Firstly, if either Hawkins or Ratugolea get a hold of their opponent, it gives us a chance to change things around. Secondly, I fast forward to the return of Lever, and reality is, when he's back, we will play him, May and one other tall. So with that in mind, I wonder if Oscar will play on Rohan, then zone off and be the intercept like what Lever will be. I had zero confidence last week. The closer that game time gets this week, the more confident I am getting.
  13. Thanks for the link. Only other name that would be considered a promising young key forward is McStay, but he's at Brisbane, not a Melbourne-Based club. Like you, it doesn't worry me. I can't see Weid going anywhere, and I can't see it costing us anywhere near that number to keep him.
  14. Mods, how can this thread remain open? There is no indication that this "whisper" is about Weideman, and is only going to cause unnecessary arguments what the player is worth. It's also showed that people will take personal potshots at the kid. This thread will get out of control even more than what it is presently.
  15. Parking can be tricky. Might be best to try and park in Fyans St somewhere (possibly around where The Good Guys is - there's a carpark there, as well as plenty of street parking), then walk to the ground from there. Any of the streets that run between Pakington Street and Latrobe Terrace will be hard to find a park. Pubs - don't go to the Barwon Club. My preference would be Lord of the Isles as it has a beer garden (I'd probably avoid that on a Geelong game day though), but also has a pokies area with a TAB machine. If you can put up with the pokies sounds (they don't faze me at all), there is a good little bar in there that would be fairly quiet. Other options would be Valley Inn (especially if you park in Fyans Street), or Sawyers Arms, which would be good if you parked in one of the streets that run between Pako and Latrobe Tce. You're welcome.
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