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  1. They might have these similar traits, but that's where the comparisons should stop. Bennell is a far better player than Pickett, he just needs to stay on the park to prove it.
  2. Flat track bully... (I'm kidding, but the pessimists won't be!).
  3. If this is what will keep you up at night, then I'd suggest we should delist AVB, Smith and KK and replace them all with Bennell. The bloke is a freak. If we can't afford to take the risk with him because we have enough others on the LTI, then quite simply, [censored] the other blokes off to make more room.
  4. Talent-wise, none of them are in the same league as Bennell. A 100% fit and firing Bennell is in the top 10 players in the league, make no mistake of that. We all know the risks, but is it a gamble that I'd be willing to take? Absa-freakin-loutely.
  5. Wherever Casey feel he is most of use to their premiership chances.
  6. We will see. I didn't think either of the Wagner's should/would get game time in 2019...
  7. Scully could barely kick over a jam tin, let alone hit targets at 50m.
  8. Hopefully when we add a couple of extra solid, two-way runners (in Langdon and Tomlinson), it will mean ANB isn't working his [censored] off anywhere near as much. Then when he gets his opportunity in front of goal, he wouldn't have just run himself in to the ground, will gather composure quicker, and kick more accurately. Part of the reason that it appears players like ANB have deteriorated in the goal kicking area is because they are physically exhausted when taking their set shot. Numerous players and coaches have explained this, but the sad reality is that the result of a game is judged by the scoreboard.
  9. The amount of froth flying around here when Misson was first employed by the MFC would suggest that most people (both internally and on this forum) thought the club made the right decision. Given he (Misson) started when we were in a total hole as a club, I'm sure there wouldn't have been too many arguments against significant changes being made. If that upset a few ex-employees, then tough.
  10. That's what Scott is doing- trying to save his job. The difference between he and Goodwin is that Geelong has a core group of quality players that can still drag their team over the line. Not to mention a significant home ground advantage where they generally draw weaker teams that they easily beat up on. And given the state of play, Geelong will continue to make the finals for the next 2-3 years, but the locals are sick of "just making finals", the want a flag because they know that in the next year or two, that core group of players that have constantly won games for them are going to be gone. If you take a look at their playing list, the pool is very shallow at the 24-and-under end. I rate that young Clark kid, I'll reserve my judgement about Miers until the end of next year, but other than that, they don't have much else coming through. And due to his refusal to move on the likes of Ablett and Taylor, as well as bringing in quick fixes like Rohan and Jenkins, it's pushing players like Buzza out.
  11. Don't read too much in to that Trav - Chris Scott would see the Buzza vs Jenkins debate very one-sided. He (Scott) is like a teenage druggy looking for his next quick fix. He knows he needs a premiership in 2020, otherwise the locals will start during the place down to get rid of him. And because of this, Buzza wouldn't get a look in because Scott knows what Jenkins can offer and is willing to play safe than take a risk with a big, developing kid.
  12. No thanks. Other than the fact that deal, points wise (which I don't really GAF about TBH), is heavily in our favour, I'd prefer us to take the 8th best kid in the draft instead of the 14th and 17th. Not only that, I'd hate Wells to get his grubby little hands on a pick that high, which will only make them stronger. Try again.
  13. I've only gone backwards from my younger days...
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