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  1. I think his 2018 season is overrated on Demonland. His best game by far was his debut and he has been positively mediocre since with a couple of ok games thrown in every once in a while. No real evidence of second year blues for mine, 2019 is about par. Just a fair way off AFL standard at this stage.
  2. Lyon hasn’t made a finals series since 2015. Goodwin improved has had one down year from three amongst a bunch of mitigating circumstances. He may well be the wrong guy to lead our club but the situations are vastly different.
  3. I like Frost. I’ll take the brain fade (or two) each week for what he actually adds to the side. When we get some continuity from May and Lever, he adds enormous flexibility and some real rebound from our defense. Frost’s mistakes look so much worse because the team is performing so poorly collectively. Fritsch forward is a no-brainer now that we have half a backline again. Hopefully he stays up there with TMac and Weid.
  4. Didn’t they beet Geelong last week?
  5. Um, if you’d paused time after the semi last year, that describes us.
  6. We would’ve won this game an hour ago if we could even halve centre clearances. Our centre bounce work has been pathetic.
  7. Lockhart has shown more today than Spargo has shown all year. In fact I think this game is already better than any game Spargo has ever played IMO
  8. I fear a few sarcasm metres may have gone on the blink
  9. Surely by now we recognise that this type of thinking is fools gold. Much better to get our best side on the park and build some momentum and confidence going into next year.
  10. Nailed it part 1. Nailed it part 2.
  11. Frost could be a real asset with Lever and May back. He's the perfect guy to play on second talls or, where required, mediums like DeGoey, Dustin Martin etc. who are too strong/explosive for anyone else in our backline. Despite his occasional brain fades he adds a totally different dimension to our backline and we always look more exposed when he's out of the side.
  12. Salem would’ve been winning the bnf until injured
  13. Losing our most skilled player who is in ripping form for Spargo makes me want to puke. i hope the team puts in 100% effort for the full game today. Do that and we’ll always be a chance.
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