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  1. I fear a few sarcasm metres may have gone on the blink
  2. Surely by now we recognise that this type of thinking is fools gold. Much better to get our best side on the park and build some momentum and confidence going into next year.
  3. Nailed it part 1. Nailed it part 2.
  4. Frost could be a real asset with Lever and May back. He's the perfect guy to play on second talls or, where required, mediums like DeGoey, Dustin Martin etc. who are too strong/explosive for anyone else in our backline. Despite his occasional brain fades he adds a totally different dimension to our backline and we always look more exposed when he's out of the side.
  5. Salem would’ve been winning the bnf until injured
  6. Losing our most skilled player who is in ripping form for Spargo makes me want to puke. i hope the team puts in 100% effort for the full game today. Do that and we’ll always be a chance.
  7. This is all about skills. I actually think we’re moving to the right spots but genuinely think we have the worst skills in the comp right now.
  8. I know the cupboard is pretty bare in terms of depth so limited changes this week. However Fritsch and Lewis are both a mile off. Hore is slow and so we will struggle with both him and Lewis in the backline together.
  9. I am really starting to doubt my eyes cos I don’t think Tracc has been anywhere near as bad as this place is suggesting. I feel like he is someone who, from limited chances, has tried to take the game on. I’d like to see more of it but he’s far from a problem. Can someone also please explain to me the logic in trading Tracc for Patton? It feels like two sides of the same argument - one hasn’t delivered to expectation but has been injured and has potential, the other hasn’t delivered to hopes but...
  10. On the bright side, I tipped Richmond by 43... Seriously though, what a gutting year. Hard to imagine we would go backwards at this rate. We’ve always been disappointing at dealing with expectation in games... I just didn’t realise it applied to whole seasons.
  11. How many times are we going to spoil each other in the marking contest! [censored]!!!
  12. Can we just clone about 8 Salems? Only one that looks composed and clean
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