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  1. He was pretty decent at one point. bit of a lumberer though
  2. I keep wondering about our ruck and tall defence depth. Someone like Litherland or Brown comes to mind to stock up the defence which is extremely thin if T.mac goes down.
  3. Dunny! what an interesting case. Was loved and hated over the years, and frequently got bashed on here, but then would reinvent himself in another position and get another contract. He must have played for us in every position but ruck.... or was he one of the 'Bailey experiments? anyway, Great years of service, its obviously more respectful to him to be playing than trekking to Cranbourne every week. Good on him.
  4. I was really hoping for some kind of freak trade-up of picks into the second round like the last couple of years. Oh well, can't get it every year.
  5. Haha not totally sure what you're going for there, but I like the enthusiasm. That nickname may be a bit of a mouthful. Do you mean no one had heard of Vandenberg either?
  6. can anyone honestly say they've thought of this guy in the last year? I reckon I'd win a hat in Hamish and Andy's 'name someone we havent thought of in a while' competition.
  7. Potentially the most non-derailed thread I've ever seen on Demonland.
  8. I got tagged in a facebook post staying this was a 99% complete deal. Had a look at who was making the noise about it and it was all from fans, and not one media person. That was probably the first hint.
  9. Fremantle will be laughing with that one. I can't be bothered with the maths, but I do wonder if that means GWS will need to bulk up later picks for points again. AKA, Dees have a look in for a pick upgrade.
  10. two seasons ago I was so keen to get Griffin or Clarke across, out from under sandilands. After this season... really nothing to note from either. Not sure what's happened.
  11. For what it's worth, apparently he had a poor relationship with McKenna. Then he lost confidence bad when he had surgery, not sure what happened this year. Maybe just needed a run at it. Surely we would take someone like him, or another ruck on a rookie list or something. surely.
  12. Pretty sure I saw that pick 94 mentioned in the category B rookie listing of Joel Smith. Which suggested to me at the time that the Mahoney knew we wanted another pick to get him on the list so worked out something with Hawthorn knowing they wanted Fitzy.
  13. I'm not going to take their word as gospel but trade radio yesterday, Barrett and Wallace were iffy on whether Weidermann would actually be picked that high after missing lots of games. They thought he'd slide a bit. I'll put some blind hope in that theory for a bit.
  14. I was disappointed to see him delisted. There's a lot of faith been put in O Macdonald and Max King to be the depth talls now.
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