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  1. Fritsch, TMac , Weideman, Melksham, Jones, Brown, Pickett etc.. are all capable of kicking goals if we get it in their hands.
  2. One thing. We have to fix the disconnect between our midfield and our forward line.
  3. Teams keep getting us on the outside. We now have wingers but they can’t kick. We get our hands on the ball a lot but turn it over with blind handballs. We hardly ever kick it to a leading forward and mostly bomb it in , giving the opposition the best chance to defend. Until we fix this up We won’t improve. Never seen a team work so hard to get the ball and then just waste it time and time again.
  4. Pencilled that in as a loss anyway. Always next week.........wait
  5. Forward of centre we are deplorable , continue to bomb it on. Pathetic pressure and tackling too. Very disappointing.
  6. I watched both preseason games closely and our skills looked really good. Maybe it’s just the pressure of playing front if the parochial west coast crowd. Oh wait.......
  7. What is that terrible elevator music they are playing between goals and ball ups?
  8. Viney has been fantastic, Gawn not his usual self. Does the captaincy weigh that heavily?
  9. Still no forward system at all and Tom McDonald is still very ordinary
  10. All this just coz a guy ate a bat in China
  11. What a top bloke! Taking a swipe at a team he has good mates at, and the only team that took a chance on him and gave him a shot at AFL when he was just a scrubber down in Tassie.
  12. No way is Bont the number one player in the league. For mine it’s 1.Martin, 2.Fyfe, 3.Cripps Then there’s a bunch including Danger, Buddy, Josh Kelly, Neale, Grundy , Gawn , J. Cameron, Yeo ,and Bont in that group.
  13. Hats off the the club. It really is a brilliant insight, totally engrossing.
  14. He was very prolific against North too. Maybe he is fitter, and has a more defined role with us and loving it.
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