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  1. Jeffy just needs to show some consistency, so another good Casey game and he should hopefully be in. Oscar seemed devoid of confidence so needs to go back and learn to be aggressive. Jetta and Lewis are generals and leaders and will shore up our backline even further. Stretch is a trifle unlucky again , but when he gets his opportunity he must take it with more intensity in his game. Spargo showed some real good signs in the second half linking up and hitting the packs with pace.
  2. Leave it till the end of year. Balls in his court. If he has a really good year kicking 2-3 goals a game then I’d pay him $600k If he has an average year at maybe 1 goal average per game then no more than 500, as long as he has shown genuine improvement on stats from last year. 700 plus is reserved for superstars, he would need to rack up some super impressive numbers to get that sort of cash
  3. With some like Pruess up forward, you’ll find that TMac will take more marks , and when Lever and May get back even more strong mark takers. Dare I also add Vanders and Joel Smith both strong in the air.
  4. I fear he may miss a couple of games with that shoulder though
  5. All the commentators last night were shocking. They just don’t seem to give us any credit. Its like ,we just turned 22 point deficit into a 4 goal lead and were dominating all the stoppages and they come out with “Melbourne are just hanging on” I just don’t like the negativity of modern commentators like Ling and Russell as well. When watching footy I want to hear a description of what is actually happening, and maybe try and make it sound exciting. Not, he should’ve done this or he should’ve done that, or pointing out possible disastrous scenarios or doom and gloom. Listen to the old guys like Williamson, Whitten, Morphet, Lane, Beitzel, Roberts etc, they are descriptive, positive and excited about the play.
  6. Melksham- Very valuable assists, or Got us going, or Never wastes possession . Get the drift?
  7. Preuss straightens us up and allows TMac and Weed to roam. Loving Hunt up forward too, I think we are more likely to kick a winning score and make the most of our inside 50s as they are both hard match ups.
  8. Trac was great last night, keep the faith.
  9. Jones should play as a crumbing forward to extend his career . With stints in the ball he would be very damaging as he seems to know where the goals are.
  10. Vandenberg and Jetta will take their spots when fit
  11. 6.Jones 5.Gawn 4. Oliver 3.Hunt 2. Hore 1. Harmes
  12. Come on boys ! Frost actually playing wel
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