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  1. Last year they were lining up to kick goals. This year WTF? We really need Hannan and Melksham in that forward line. Key ingredients together if you ask me.
  2. The only thing I see wrong with Trac is his current kicking for goal yips, played another great game otherwise.
  3. All is not lost. All this is making us stronger and we are finding out and learning a lot, getting games into young players and finding some beauties in Hore and Lockhart. We have ten first choice players out. Just watch us go in the second half of the year, whether we make finals or not, one step back ward and five steps forward. We will be ok.
  4. Preuss kicked goals that game and played well, so a worthy inclusion any way you look at it.
  5. One goal from key forwards. Theres the story right there. Petracca and Garlett did their jobs with 5 goals between them yes I am in the camp that with Preuss we win, as Maxy rests forward and could kick goals as well.
  6. Weed is fine and will play next week for Casey, does not need an operation according to Ryan Larkin SEN
  7. Tim Smith was the only player that even looked like taking a contested mark against Richmond
  8. We need a bit of zip in our backline this week , so I would move Hunt and Lockhart to replace Hibberd injured and Lewis rested. I would then bring in Preuss and Smith for marking power in the forward line and give Petty a go for Kielty in case we need to rejig Hunt up forward and Petty back.
  9. 6.Oliver 5. Salem 4. Jones 3. Frost 2.Hore 1.Melksham
  10. I shouted KICK THE F—-ING BALL so damn loud in the final seconds the dogs got scared and ran out.
  11. Season over even a draw is no good
  12. Even Harmes has been terrible, and I’m sorry but Viney is not captain material, no skills whatsoever
  13. What the hell is wrong with Brayshaw?
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