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  1. Love the support for the Mighty Dees mate 👍😃
  2. Looks like we are getting ready for a big tilt at the flag. Recruiting Langdon , Tomlinson, Bennell and possibly Murray to take care of our outside needs and now Mitch Brown for some more forward depth. With picks 3 and 8 as well , and the players putting in a big effort over the pre season we look dead serious to achieve something next season.
  3. Always thought he had a good pair of hands and a pretty good kick. He could turn out to be an astute pick up
  4. The Age tomorrow is reporting that we are interested in picking up delisted Essendon forward Mitch Brown.
  5. The news crews from the various tv stations are there as well. A rumble is being organized to rival the big stoush from Anchorman
  6. Cornes just takes pot shots at all clubs to the point now that he has become irrelevant . No one takes him seriously and he is absolutely the archetypical ,boy who cried wolf.
  7. A Collingwood mate of mine who is a good footy coach in his own right reckons Murray would be a great pick up for us, and could eventually take over Jettas role but give us extra run and speed off half back. Definitely would be best 22 .
  8. We should get a farewell game out of him
  9. Very happy with this draw. Only play Cats, Eagles, Tigers and Lions once
  10. I just followed him on Instagram too and I have a 100% strike rate. For the record, I did not follow Jamie Elliot.
  11. It would be Young and Jackson if we could. We could go there and celebrate with a pint or two. Young at 3 and Jackson at 8 If he is still there, otherwise could be Kemp,Serong , Ash, or Weightman at 8
  12. Someone on the Dees podcast spotted him.
  13. Bennell just been spotted having dinner in Hawthorn with May.
  14. Well that might just rule out Sydney and Geelong
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