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  1. I just think we have too much of the same type of player in contested ball getters like Oliver, Viney and Brayshaw who can’t all play in the middle together because only one can extract ball right? From then on you need to use it, and I believe we simply don’t have enough good runners and users. Trying to play contested ball players like Brayshaw on the wing doesn’t really work.
  2. Thought Jetta was terrible today, and yes, even a Wagner would have done better.
  3. Really worried about Brayshaw too, hasn’t looked remotely interested all year. Just doesn’t look happy.
  4. This coach continues to rush in underdone players , why?
  5. Salem was sensational, are you drunk?
  6. I’m prepared to write off this year due to a lot of things not going our way, but if we find ourselves having another poor season next year then the pressure wil be well and truly on for Goodwin.
  7. I shouted out ,”Ya hairy [censored]!”,yesterday a few times and didn’t get kicked out.
  8. Love this kid,a real keeper for mine and in our best 22 if he keeps up his workrate. Not scared to have a ping at the goals
  9. No way in the world would I trade Gus, the kid is a gun.
  10. Feels good to have a win. Goes to show that when players such as Viney and McDonald play to their potential we look a much better side. Forward line looked much better, with a bit more space and good movement.
  11. 6.Gawn 5. Viney 4. Lockhart 3.TMac 2. Oliver 1. Brayshaw
  12. Im afraid it would take 3 or 4 wins in a row for me to get interested again , been let down far too many times. Im going to the game of course, but not feeling exited. Really looking forward to a hot pie.
  13. Pretty uninspiring selections. My confidence in this team is the lowest it’s been for a couple of seasons.
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