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  1. 2 minutes ago, Dee Zephyr said:

    Tuned in at a good time. It seems players did everything better back then. Picking the ball up cleanly in greasy conditions, none of this fumble fest we see these days. Players using both feet really well. A much better spectacle than today. 

    The whole game is a mile above what we have to put up with now. It's almost a different sport. So much more enjoyable to watch the old stuff and you get to see the skills and individual brilliance that made me fall in love with the game as a kid. You still get to see some of it these days but it's few and far between compared to what we used to get back then.

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  2. On 4/8/2020 at 9:34 AM, Jumping Jack Clennett said:

    Those players on the MFC site weren't very obscure.

    I thought of one....Hayden Robbins. Remember him? Tough half back flanker from ?Gippsland somewhere.

    I remember he looked like a very old school footballer. Short back and sides, socks always pulled up, just had that manner about him. Wore number 15 from memory, possibly trading down from 42?

  3. I've been rewatching all the replays I have from season 1988. Just finished the home and away season last night, our two wins over the Pies in home and away were great particularly the one at the G late in the season, we steamrolled them. We then got belted by the Hawks at Waverley and lost another 4 in a row after that (to the Eagles in Perth, Richmond!, Footscray at the G and the Bombers at Windy Hill) before cementing a finals spot in the last round beating Carlton in a game that went down to the last 10 minutes or so. We're top 2 or 3 for a lot of the season and threw it away with that run of losses. We also got belted by the Swans at the G in round 15 a week after beating Geelong in Geelong. 2 or 3 losses there that should've been wins and cost us a double chance during the finals.

    Now to get on and watch the 3 finals wins - do I dare watch the Grand Final? I've only seen it once since watching live as a 6 year old and I reckon I didn't even watch the 2nd half that day. I think I'll have to for completeness sake but it will be a bitter watch.

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  4. On 4/8/2020 at 3:25 PM, dieter said:

    That anyone would  leave Alan Johnson out of the top 20 List is beyond my comprehension.

    Ditto anyone who doesn't rate Brett Lovett. Now there were two very great players.

    Brian Wilson pretty stiff too

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  5. 10 hours ago, Accepting Mediocrity said:

    Yeah nah, that article is cherry picking at it's finest. Opinion is one thing, facts are another. Can we please stop comparing it to the flu? 

    We don't know the case/ fatality rate, but no-one is pretending that we do. What we do know with absolute certainty is that allowing the virus to spread unchecked will result in a lot of preventable deaths.

    Yes the mortality rate is low for young, healthy people. But if you're talking about millions of potential infections, a low mortality rate is still a disturbingly high number of deaths. That's not hysteria, that's just maths. 

    Right now, we've really got 2 choices. Option 1: stay in lockdown and hope for the best. Option 2: relax restrictions, watch the number of cases increase exponentially, then say "Oh [censored], we shouldn't have done that!", and then go back to lockdown, now with overflowing hospitals and morgues.  

    If we get to choose between the New York and South Korea options, why on earth would you choose New York?


    Didn't even have to read it, saw it was a Murdoch rag and new what the gist would be - " all this government spending is unsustainable, we have to think about the economy!! So what if a few old people die, they're almost dead anyway and will help the issue of funding the aged pension"

    Something like that

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  6. I watched the start of the 1993 round 11 game vs Collingwood last night. We towelled them up, Jakovich put on a show kicking 8 or 9 goals including a soccer style celebration pulling his jumper over his head and we smashed the Pies from the first bounce kicking the first 6 or so goals.

    And amongst all that an obscure Demon Scott Simister was making his debut

  7. 2 minutes ago, tiers said:

    As I recall, Stinga came on for the first time in the last quarter (interchange but no rotation in those days) and kicked the winning goal with his first kick.


    Checking AFLtables.com Lamprill also had one kick for one goal that day. I can't remember if he actually kicked the winning goal but I do remember the goal it was a snap from the boundary line about 40 out. Great goal.

    I always thought I remembered Tingays game winning goal as a snap from the boundary about 40 out in the members side pocket at the Punt Road end but watching a copy of the replay a couple of years ago it was a slight snap directly in front about 35 out at the City End! Maybe I was getting it confused with the Lamprill goal all this time? (I was only 7 in 1989)

  8. On 4/2/2020 at 8:47 PM, Lampers said:

    My namesake Andrew Lamprill.

    In my work fantasy footy leagues my teams were named “Ghost of [insert obscure or mediocre Demon here]” and I changed the player each year.

    Ghost of Weetra

    Ghost of Pesch 

    Ghost of Hopgood

    And of course Ghost of Lamprill.

    A Richmond supporter I worked with says “Ghost of Lamprill, what’s that about?” and I went on to explain how he was a pretty ordinary player for Melbourne in the early 90s without being that complimentary about Lamprill’s ability, and he goes “Oh yeah, I know Andrew well. He’s a family friend, we used to go camping together.”. It was a touch awkward.

    In honour of Goodwin, my footy tipping name this year is “Hit out - Clearance - ???? - Success”.

    Lamprill kicked the winning goal on debut vs Geelong in round 2 1992 in the game that opened the Great Southern Stand from memory.

    Another player who kicked a winning goal on debut was Stephen Tingay in round 1 1989 vs Fitzroy.

  9. 4 hours ago, Diamond_Jim said:

    The WA Premier mentioned a period of up to six months before they open their borders again.

    Makes a 2020 season seem very unlikely. I also noticed talk about co-locating say 6-8 teams in one place such as the NT to play spectator free matches but would the appetite be there for months of isolation from family not to mention hotel living for such a long time.

    Isolation is going be with us all for the rest of 2020 to some degree. Where I am there are far few cases than in Australia but businesses other than the five or six areas listed as essential have now been closed for three weeks, going out for exercise will see you arrested and there's not much sign of it ending on the next review date of April 14.

    The only way out that I see in the next few months is mass testing and the indicators are that this is at least two months if not more away and of course the golden vaccine sometime in 2021.

    What was a novel experience a few weeks ago is starting to become a global norm.

    Keep safe and happy if you can.

    Go Dees

    I don't see a way that the AFL is able to complete a 2020 season. First time in the competitions history the season will be suspended and no premier awarded.

  10. I just watched a Saturday night replay of the round 7 1988 game Melbourne vs Hawthorn. Albeit a condensed version that game would crap on anything from the last 10 years. There were hardly any ballups around the ground and the skills on display were quite good. No chipping the ball around, no flooding, no scrums, great marks, great tackles, great goals, one on one play around the ground and players on their last legs in the last quarter.

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  11. 1 hour ago, Demon Disciple said:

    If the AFL is back up and running before QB, i reckon we should still host ANZAC eve next year , that way we are able to have one big game each year (as it should have been in the first place).

    If the competition hasn't kicked in by QB, then we should host both games next year, followed by hosting one of the 2 games each year.

    Even if it comes back by Queen's Birthday (which is extremely unlikely) there won't be any supporters allowed in negating the benefits of hosting it.

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  12. 20 hours ago, Leoncelli_36 said:

    I agree. Also, if you paid your money at the time, you had the money for a membership. By not attending games, you are now potentially also saving money. No expensive food, beers and the cost of travel. I understand people are now in need of money, but for those that are requesting a refund, it’s kind of like buying an item and then realising you want the money for something else and asking for it back. It’s not the club’s fault that they can’t offer you a game. Stick with them. The money was gone long before this hit. If you are on a monthly payment, I can understand if you asked for a 3 month suspension of the deduction, that is reasonable. 

    People might also find themselves in the dole queue now when 6 months ago they wouldn't have ever foreseen that. To not be understanding that circumstances have changed considerably for everyone, not just the AFL and clubs, is extremely ignorant.

    I haven't been impacted (yet) and hopefully I won't be - but I'm not going to guilt trip others who may be experiencing extremely tough times at the moment.

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  13. On 4/2/2020 at 11:47 AM, Diamond_Jim said:

    All he had to say is that it was something that needed to be addressed as we learn more about whether a reasonably full season will be possible.

    It will need to be addressed however. Donations if they are to be made should be decided by the donor not the recipient.

    Club members are one thing but how about companies who paid for entertainment packages, super boxes etc not to mention MCC and AFL members.The list goes on.

    Airlines are playing games and pushing travel credits now instead of cash refunds. Kayo is expecting full payment although there is no live sport. Tough times ahead.

    Kayo was the first thing that got cancelled

  14. On 4/2/2020 at 11:00 AM, whelan45 said:

    Eddie is 100% correct. If all members want a refund because they are not getting access to games, then find a new sport to follow, because the AFL won't be anything like it was when you're done

    Sure - and maybe the players can take a bigger whack as well to share some of the burden.

    I'm not talking those on minimum wage - those who are earning $300k plus a year should be foregoing everything above that in the interests of ensuring the ongoing financial viability of the competition. 

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  15. On 4/2/2020 at 10:50 AM, america de cali said:

    Everyone  loses something in this pandemic. There is no escape for the economic consequences. In the big picture cost of membership is no big deal. A refund won’t go very far. I’ll still pay mine, games or no games. I see it as an investment for the future return of the game. 

    I won't be seeking a refund either - at this stage. But if someone has lost their jobs or stood down without pay and pay for memberships for husband, wife and kids I can understand why $1000-$2000 might be seen as more important spent on groceries and bills instead of season tickets for games that won't happen.

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  16. On 4/2/2020 at 7:16 AM, dice said:

    Clearly not if you are a Collingwood member:

    That interview had two purposes. 1) Eddie wanted to let people know there would no automatic refunds of everyone's membership fees and 2) tune in to Footy Classified! They would've set it up before hand, classic face/heel promo work.

  17. A lot of those up there is highly recommend especially The Coach, Football Ltd and Time and Space

    Id add Urge To Merge by Ian Ridley

    The Grand Old Flag by Lynda Carroll

    Grand Finals Vol 1, 2 and 3 (2 is the best ;) )

    The Phoenix Rises by Ross Oakley (hire it from the library or get it at a 2nd hand shop tho)

    A Game of Our Own by Geoffrey Blainey

    The Last Quarter by Martin Flanagan - includes his book about the 1970 GF, Souther Sky, Western Oval and The Game in Time of War

    Also Every Game Ever Played, I have the 1992 edition that covers up to the 1991 season (probably no longer in print but was the bible for me as a kid)


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  18. 6 hours ago, Demonland said:

     Footy broadcaster Andy Maher has suggested mid-June is the window the AFL are aiming for to continue the season.

    Maher floated the idea on his radio show this afternoon.

    “I'm told Bob, by reliable sources, they've got a date in mind,” he said on SEN Drive alongside co-host Bob Murphy.

    “It's second week of June-ish. Full bottle toward it. 11 June is a little date that I've been... let's just see where that goes. We'll just keep an eye on it, I didn't want to chase it too hard because how would you know. But I'm told in high offices around the place, people who have a lot riding on this, that 11 June is a date that may have been scheduled in. Whether that's official, I'm not sure."

    So they're looking to recommence the season around about the time the virus is expected to peak? Rocket surgeons running this competition (assuming Maher is actually on the money of course)

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  19. 8 hours ago, Ohio USA - David said:

    With respect I disagree with your views. The Clubs outside of Victoria have it made and I am confident that Gold Coast Suns are on the right trajectory. The market is crowded in Victoria and the discussion of a merger has been on the tables for years and will continue to be until it is resolved.

    With the now Corona virus cutting income and creating debt for Clubs the next move will be player and Coach contracts that will take a move backwards as far as growth goes. No longer $$$ contracts, reality has to settle in and Clubs will be forced to look at ways of pushing that boundary given the unknown factors of the VFL and its immediate pathway. Financially the AFL and clubs need to start looking outside the square. This is the beginning of that move outwards... watch this space.  

    You need to explain how relocating/merging or killing off any clubs is going to lead to a better bottom line. In the 80s/90s I could see the argument. But these days with the size of the tv rights contracts that rely just as much on volume of games as quality and with each Victorian club having a minimum of 35k paying members (most at least 40k) the financial argument to get rid of Vic clubs does not make sense.

    Ifyou merge 2 Vic clubs with 40k members each you're not going to all of a sudden have a club with 80k - a lot of those supporters will be lost to footy.


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