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  1. He looked like an undersized overweight defender. Not sure he is what we need although could be a long term replacement for Hibberd/Jetta potentially. From the very little I've seen/heard it seems Stephens, Young or Ash are the players we should be looking at.
  2. I have two concerns about him, number 1 is his hammies. Number 2 is he is not a traditional small forward, he plays more like a key forward in a small forwards body ie lead up and mark. We need a legit crumber which I'm not sure Elliott is although he is good at applying pressure and retaining the ball inside 50. Of course I still want him if he is gettable as he is a very good player. But he may not solve our small forward needs.
  3. Cheap speed AND he delivers?? Get me his number
  4. Correct his erratic play looks great when he has the ball but it ruins our structures and catches our players out if position particularly when a) he misses a target and b) causes a turnover leaving our defenders out of position (as they are in "attack" mode) leading to an easy opposition score Frost has great closing speed and is good one on one but his negatives mean it would be stupid of the club to contemplate paying above market value for a player of his type.
  5. Not sure why Brisbane are interested, they have Cameron and Christensen so doesn't seem like a good fit there. Of course you always make room for quality but it just seems a bit odd.
  6. I don't understand they're line of reasoning when discussing our need for a key forward. They said "they lost Jesse Hogan last year, they traded out pick 6, Ben king a key forward, for a key defender in May, they traded out two first round picks for another defender in Lever" Yeah that's because our key defensive stocks were rubbish. If we have used those draft picks on forwards they would be saying how abominable our key defensive stocks are. Can't have your cake and eat it. Just seems really shallow analysis with a lot of points that don't even make sense, not to those of us who follow the team closely anyway. For the average Joe blow they'll probably agree A podcast I've found just yesterday which offers far greater analysis is the Lystics AFL Podcast, great listen even if just to listen to their take on other teams. Very thorough and they've done a 45 minute lisr analysis of each team.
  7. If Roos couldn't get the best out of Howe that's on Howe, not the club. He's overrated anyway takes some decent intercept marks, does the odd thing that sets up the play but still turns it over more than he should
  8. Further up the creek than 17th? Once you're that far downstream does it even matter?
  9. Dude they're not pinching Oliver from us, it's Frost FFS
  10. I'm betting you wish you could be as "fat" as May, I know I do
  11. Every club does exit interviews with every player. The players know where the club stands in regards to them
  12. Thirdly he's injury prone and would be 30 by the time the contracts up.
  13. Meh, pretty average clip though it looks like it's taken from 1 game. Nothing that entices there though. Now this kid looks kid, only concern would be size but he would look great on a wing. The obvious caveat being this is the only tape I've seen of either of these kids.
  14. oMac is contracted Frost is not. That's about the only difference in the club's position on the 2.
  15. Hore May Jetta Salem Lever Hibberd Where does Frost fit in?
  16. Of course you don't let them off the hook but you can't get rid of 25 players in one hit Frost just happens to be unfortunate enough to play a position we have a few options in. If he was a small forward his turnovers wouldn't be so much of an issue and he'd probably have a contract. Alas as a key defender he's always going to be on borrowed time when we have May Lever OMac (regardless what you might think if him) and Petty in a development role
  17. Jesus wept Nah what makes him standout is the amount of times his turnovers go flying back over our defenders heads for an opposition score
  18. This was what Yze was originally brought in to do at the Hawks
  19. One of our biggest issues in 2019 was scores from turnovers. One of our biggest culprits was Frost. It's not rocket science to say " see ya later" if he's asking for more than we're willing to pay.
  20. If they're all out injured throughout the year we're not gonna be playing finals anyway.
  21. I think you've got this back to front
  22. He wasn't "best 22" he got games due to our diabolical injury list
  23. Because he's not that good, doesnt hold his position and is the biggest culprit for turning the ball over and being scored against.
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