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  1. On 4/28/2020 at 1:01 PM, Deestinga2 said:

    I dont think anyone was going to beat Collingwood that year. Have a look back at the Filths team that year and it was pretty impressive.


    Disagree, Starcevich at CHF and Manson at Full Forward. We had kicked them out if finals the last 2 years no reason we wouldn't have done it again if given the opportunity.

    They were a good side but far from unbeatable

  2. On 4/4/2020 at 10:47 AM, Fatmanblues883 said:

    Hi all,

    Thanks to COVID-19, there has been much clearing out of various cupboards at home.

    Included in the clearing out are NINE VHS of Melbourne games from 1998.

    I am guessing they are all winning games and include games against Nth Melb, St Kilda, Port Ade, Ade, Carlton, Hawthorn, Freo, Richmond and Brisbane

    So they are free to anyone who wishes to collect them - I am bayside Melbourne.

    First in First served

    Go Dees and Stay healthy

    You still got these? I'm keen if you haven't turfed them yet

  3. On 4/24/2020 at 5:57 PM, Tarax Club said:


    Appreciate the link Dr. G! British Pathe footage, with an authentic Aussie voiceover. Well before our time, but has that distinctive style of going to flicks (Saturday nights?) and watching the Australian Movietone News. Rupert was still learning his trade at the Melbourne Herald. 80 odd seconds of the stuff of legends! A viewing of the brief highlights show how truly magnificent the Redlegs team of that era must have been. Surprisingly reminiscent of the contested ball, once possession was gained, move the ball quickly with creative handball and clean kicking skills to an open forward line, where will of the wisp small forwards kick accurately for goal. (Considered to be desirable in today's era of the 'game plan'). Norm Smith received an award for 'most unselfish'. Evidence of his team orientated play was clearly on display twice at 00:30 with a well directed handball that cleared the pack, followed at 01:00 by a 'creative' handball to Alby Rodda front and square for a six pointer. Both involvements would be described as goal assists now. Never going to complain about the look away, backwards over 


    the head handball again!

    Another brief bit of footage of our 1940 premiership win over the Tigers


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  4. 14 hours ago, Demonland said:

    The 2021 season as a whole will be radically altered if games in 2020 go deep into November/December. I can’t imagine a 22 week season in 2021 after 2020 and that’s not even taking into account Covid still being around. 

    The AFL will not forego games in 2021 if they can help it especially considering the financial hit they're getting now. They will want a full season in 2021 even if it comes at the expense of a heavily reduced preseason.

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  5. 23 hours ago, Leoncelli_36 said:

    Presuming these are all on VHS? I’d love someone to upload all of 1988 H and A on YouTube.

    I watched the 1994 finals series today. We were on fire and had a lot of injuries. Schwartz getting knocked out in the final minutes against Footscray was a real shame. If we’d had a consistent side that series, I think we would have gone all the way. Going over West was a tough ask

    Yeah all from VHS - I do plan on uploading this stuff one day (I've built a bit of a collection) just have to get around to it - also not sure how to do it because YouTube seems to limit videos to 5 minutes or so (though I've seen complete games put up??)

  6. 14 minutes ago, Earl Hood said:

    My vague memory of the game also says Eishold took a Lunging chest mark in the goal square but he slide outside the square and was directed by the umpire to kick from an acute angle, which he missed. I thought at the time he took the mark within the square so should have kicked from dead in front. A goal would have won the game. I remember Ex umpire Harry Beitzel saying you take the kick from where the marker ends up, not where he took the mark! So if I take a lunging mark running into the goal line and slide through I then take my kick backwards from the fence? Never made sense but then there was all the confusion about Jim crossing the line but after the siren so does the rule still apply..... fact is we had numerous chances to sow it up but it also summed up our unique ability to fail and Hawthorn’s tin [censored] ability to scramble through for a win they never deserved but to their credit they just kept plugging away hoping and we’re rewarded. 

    Tony Campell and Graeme Years also missed relatively easy goals from about 35-40 out as well, I think Campbell had the option to pass to Flower in the goal square as well.

  7. 9 hours ago, Demonland said:


    Surely there will be no international cricket this summer so what would keep them off? Big bash and Sheffield shield? How many days would that impact over the summer?

    I still think it's narrow-minded of the AFL to want to push ahead at all costs but I get why they're doing it. I wonder what the impact will be on 2021 if games are played until Nov/Dec - 2021 preseason will be drastically altered


  8. I did end up watching the 88 GF and I tell you what boy we shot ourselves in the foot. The Hawks ran over us from midway through the 2nd quarter but we had plenty of chances early to be a few goals up and just [censored] the bed. I mean Garry Lyon missed a set shot 35-40m out almost directly in front! Few others went begging too.

    I reckon we tried to outsmart ourselves early too, with O'Dwyer out we had Stynes as our solo ruck. But he started at full forward with Danny Hughes in the ruck and Stretch at full back on Dunstall. Yeah Dunstall was probably too quick for Hughes but Hughes was our full back and could at least match Dunstall for strength. Brereton gave Duursma a bath as well. We were focused on playing the man but did it unsuccessfully (unlike the Cats a year later) where it had little impact except to cost us free kicks and 50s.

    I was flicking through YouTube last night and had the 64 Grand Final going in the background (newsreel footage but highlights from all 4 quarters). Don't know what I'll watch next I might follow 88 up with 89 as I have most of the replays front hat year (I think there's only 2 games I'm missing). The finals series will also be worth watching for Ablett alone, I watched the complete 88 finals series (Hawks/blues semi was surprisingly close) so might do the same with 89.

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  9. There was another Sydney game at the G in 1994 I reckon, when Dermie kicked the sealer on the siren.

    Looking at AFL tables it could've been the week after the Footscray game mentioned above? Darcy didn't play but Ilija Grhic kicked 6 goals that day and we lost by 3 points.

    There was another game I remember being at as a kid at Windy Hill, we led early then the Bombers cane back - bombers led by a goal when the siren went but Steven Clark (ex-Bomber) had a kick from about 50 out to try and draw. The crowd had already flooded on to the ground and Clarks kick was touched right on the goal line for no score.

    I'm sure I'll remember more - this thread is giving me PTSD.


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  10. On 4/17/2020 at 8:56 PM, Mazer Rackham said:

    There was a game at the G when we were giving Essendon a hiding, and then they kicked something like 9 goals to nothing in the last to scrape home. And there I was sitting wedged between two EFC mates who were strangely silent for the first 3 quarters, but kindly proceeded to inform me of MFC's every last fault and failing during the 4th. Good times.

    ANZAC Day 1992. 41 points up at 3/4 time, Demons kicked the first goal of the last quarter. Bombers kicked 8 straight to nothing to win by a point.

    Collingwood in round 2 2010, petterd dropped a chest mark in the goal square with seconds remaining and we lost by 2 points.

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  11. On 4/19/2020 at 2:15 PM, Jumping Jack Clennett said:

    I nearly choked when the commentator ? Ian Robertson accused Melbourne of trying to rough Carlton up.

    RhysJones was running around hitting guys behind play, and Da Rui was trying to make up for his lack of skill by punching guys. Kernahan had a swing or two, too.

    Gary Lyon did a good hip and shoulder on Silvagni, and none of our guys were distracted by Carlton's tactics.

    Strawbs lost it when DaRui thumped (?Lovell from memory,it wasn't on the replay).

    He rushed in and swung an inaccurate haymaker, was reported, and missed the GF

    Ian Robertson was Carlton through and through, always saw things through his blues glasses

  12. 1 hour ago, Darkhorse72 said:

    I guess we are bored to bring the merger back up. I wa and in WA during those events so I didn't get the emotional feelings running around between supporters.  I love the Melbourne Footy Club dearly and what I remember and what has been stated here.  After the merger we were still going to be called the "Melbourne Football Club" but we'd change out nickname to the hawks. modify the jumper, but we have done that anyway a few times with plus the clash jumpers.  To be honest that was not much different to before our nickname was called before we changed to the demons under Checker.  It was a take over of Hawthorn, at the time we had all the money.  Ironic isn't it :) 

    The issue was the management of the time could see what was going to happen 10 yrs in the fire to the budget of the club and they could not sustain the increasing costs of running the club.  They had hindsight to see that and we can see the debt we accumulating till Jimmy took over.  The problem is they has no vision of how to fix it.  Post merger Hawthorn got people in who fixed their problems first off field and then infield, they had leaders who got all the supporters on board, we didn't, we went with the millionaire saviour approach.  Also the club could not have foreseen he saviour of the tv right that were to come.

    Unfortunately we are still waiting still for our "Don Scott" person to drive the club forward in the way Hawthorn and you could say people like Eddie have done for their clubs.  Be stable and innovative off field and relentless to win onfield is not part of our culture yet, hopefully it will be soon. 





    Could've been Jimmy but his illness didn't let that play out

  13. 12 hours ago, dpositive said:

    At Dallas Brooks Ridley was strident in his demand that there be a merger. Bill Guest and "the suits"

     had the numbers and were arrogant and dismissive in their confidence.

    Brian Dixon and Joe Gutnick had the passion and the simple response to Ridleys comment that the board had tried to get support from everyone. The simple line "you didn't ask me" and his presentation of a plan completely blind sided the board and the overflowing crowd were rapturous in their support. 

    Ridley had the numbers and won the night but lost the fight. This meeting established divisions that soured the club for years and created an impression that was often displayed on the field. Confusion and disconnect were traits that have been carried on to this date.

    We need to acknowledge this blight and spur the current generation to display the best attributes of a united cohesive club that will reap the success it deserves.

    They had the numbers due to proxy votes bought with corporate memberships (Bill Guest?) I doubt it would have stood up to a court challenge

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  14. Earlier in the game Dorotich gave Duursma (I think) a proper knee to the head as Duursma was on the ground and Dorotich just ran straight through.

    I have to agree Strawbs was a massive loss for us the following week, upset our structure and we lost one of our few enforcers which were needed against a Hawks team out to make amends for 87. We still wouldn't have won but we probably wouldn't have lost by a record margin (until 119 in 2007) either.

    We beat the Blues and the Pies 3 times each in 88 and that'll always put a smile on my face.

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  15. Cam Bruce stood up big for us in the last quarter of the QF as well

    "The rookie! The rookie!"

    I concur with the comments above, one of my favourite and most enjoyable days at the footy. We've beaten the Blues in some memorable games in my time, 88 PF, 94 QF and 2000 QF not to mention ruining their occasion in the last match at Princes Park

    I remember all the stunned Blues supporters around us that day as we rolled over them in the last quarter. When the siren went I was walking out up the aisle just yelling out "we're going to the Granny! We're going to the Granny!" which I knew we would after cementing the week off


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  16. 1 hour ago, jumbo returns said:

    Yep, the same big lump of a bloke who was five metres away from a coward punch on Brad Green

    Wallis just kept punching our blokes all day and he did nothing

    He was the only one who even tried to fly the flag. Gave Hird a bodyslam from memory though was all a bit late.

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  17. 22 hours ago, Supermercado said:

    You should preserve it appropriately, some Channel 7 goose probably threw the master tape in the bin.

    Will definitely upload to YouTube one day when I get around to converting it

    Would love to blame it on channel 7 but the ABC had the rights that year. I have a feeling the copy I have was recorded by someone from country/interstate where they broadcast the entire game as it was only the 2nd half shown in Melbourne

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  18. 9 hours ago, Supermercado said:

    If we're honest, it was very kind of them not to include 186 - the win in league history where footage is available.

    I take it they only put on games they have four quarters of, and that's why Round 22, 1987 doesn't make it and the whole thing is tilted massively towards the 2000s. It would be interesting to see a similar list with all games of the last 50 years regardless of whether there's four quarters of vision available.

    I have a full copy of round 22 1987 - granted it's not broadcast quality but still, it exists 😉

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