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  1. Inaccurate small forward - pass
  2. After paying pick 27 or something for him? Dreaming.
  3. Frost is not a very good footballer. He is a decent athlete but as a footballer he's not much chop. Why are supporters treating him as if he were Matty Scarlett?
  4. What's the rush? He's not going to play for us til next March anyway
  5. A typical AFL rumour that should be skwoshed
  6. Possibly used as a rotating wing/forward like what we were doing with TMac/Hogan in 2018.
  7. How much is he asking per year?
  8. If he's cheap why not. We need help retaining the ball in our forward 50 he has speed and is above average for pressure acts and elite for tackles inside 50 over his career.
  9. Great minds ET 😉
  10. 3 is too much but if we split pick 3 I wouldn't think trading one of those out for Papley would be crazy. Depends what sort of coin he wants but he's exactly what our forward line lacks.
  11. Remember how we all laughed at Champion Data when they rated Collingwood's midfield as the best in the league after 2017?
  12. You're assuming consistency in AFL decision making and that's fraught with danger
  13. In a year where they made the GF. The above post is what I'm talking about in the Elliott thread
  14. Same people complaining we missed out would have been complaining had we signed him "overpaid" "injury prone" "Collingwood cast-off" etc etc It's the nature of the beast, some people just love to complain and this website is evidence of the adage misery loves company. Doesn't matter what happens, whatever happens is evidence of the failure/incompetence of the club
  15. So we should get Casboult as well to add to the circus? At least those guys offer run and carry and are in their early 20s. Casboult is 30 and offers nothing more than a good mark which Tomlinson will also provide
  16. Of course and that's why we finished 17th. Trying to move on one of these players who did all of the above while playing at his ceiling is a good move. Gawn, Oliver etc have shown they are better than what they produced in 2019. For Frost that was his best.
  17. God no. Yeah he can clunk it but then what happens? No more guys who can't kick please.
  18. Petty showed something in the games he played. I wouldn't mind seeing a TMac/Petty combo with Weid as backup unless he demands selection through performance.
  19. He looked like an undersized overweight defender. Not sure he is what we need although could be a long term replacement for Hibberd/Jetta potentially. From the very little I've seen/heard it seems Stephens, Young or Ash are the players we should be looking at.
  20. I have two concerns about him, number 1 is his hammies. Number 2 is he is not a traditional small forward, he plays more like a key forward in a small forwards body ie lead up and mark. We need a legit crumber which I'm not sure Elliott is although he is good at applying pressure and retaining the ball inside 50. Of course I still want him if he is gettable as he is a very good player. But he may not solve our small forward needs.
  21. Cheap speed AND he delivers?? Get me his number
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