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  1. My thoughts as well mate. It sucks to lose again but I was expecting a belting tonight and the players did well early until the rain came. Goodwin is clearly changing things up too, we played a more possession based game and used the corridor more but this pretty much went out the window when it started pouring. Couldn't get a break from the umps either which cost at least 2 goals. Plus we had so many first string players out including May and TMac. Had we had a key forward target in the first half we may have kicked a couple more goals. Result sucks but it wasn't like it came out of nowhere. Richmond are likely to win their 2nd flag in 3 years and pretty unlucky not to be on a hat-trick. We're trying to get to the end of a horror season. But as usual the whingers on here will complain about any and everything they can.
  2. That's true, my comment was more addressing the allegation that he sacrificed 2 defenders for this tactic which was untrue. He sacrificed 2 forwards.
  3. He also played under Craig for a large chunk of his career under the "Crow-bots" so not just all out attacking philosophy through is whole career
  4. He never sacrificed two defensive players, those players were two extra defenders who played off the back of the centre square. We haven't been able to do it this year due to the 6/6/6 rule. If it was two defenders we would just keep doing it .
  5. Of course our depth is poor we had to rebuild the entire list from scratch starting in 2014. How long should it take to build a list that has enough depth that it can comfortably cover so many injuries particularly to key players and ensure we continue to win games and push for finals? Goodwin may oversee list management, I don't know but I would've thought that is mainly the role of the list manager. We've got holes in the gameplan that need to be worked on over summer but the injuries certainly haven't helped. It's not one or the other, it's both. Last year people like King were saying "match them on the inside and you can beat them on the outside". That still applies it's just that last year we were smashing teams on the inside and kicking scores going forward so it didn't matter. Some games we struggled to score or had the press too high and we got exposed. That was tweaked and we performed far better in the second half of the season. For me this year has just been a "what can go wrong will go wrong" year. I'm keeping my powder til next year to see how the team and coaches respond particularly with a (hopefully) healthy list. If we continue with an unaltered gameplan we will be doomed to fail but I don't think that will be the case. It has been evident over the past 6 or so weeks we have tried to change things a little we just haven't had the personnel to do so successfully.
  6. It also requires marking forward targets and crumbing small forwards both of which we have a dearth of
  7. So not the gameplan or the coach?
  8. If we're offering big money to Keath we might as well just pack up shop and be done with it
  9. So when the Hawks win it's because Al Clarkson has a plan and sticks to it but when the Demons lose its because Goodwin is too stubborn to change?
  10. Yet they somehow went on to make a Prelim the year after it was apparently an issue? Maybe it is but it would be weird considering they had the best year the club has had in over a decade following it Perhaps it's Occam's razor? We've had injuries and the coach is learning and needs to rejig his gameplan
  11. Nah mate didn't you know? Every poor coaching performance is now Neeld MkII. The supporters are scarred and project their suffering onto the players and coaches who weren't even born when they started their descent into footballing misery.
  12. Agreed, which is why blaming Goodwin is ridiculous. Maybe he will be a failed coach but we don't know based on this year given all of the above.
  13. ie if Carlton pony up enough money he'll go there for a couple of years
  14. We've been trying to do that more over recent weeks but when you're forward line is bereft of marking targets because they're all injured it makes things a bit difficult. Hence the turnovers.
  15. Did he get the warning from the ump?
  16. But they didn't kick straighter. You could use the same argument to say we would've beaten west coast the week before if we kicked straighter. But we didn't and neither did st.kilda. The fact is we were ahead with 10 minutes to go. That's not to say the team played well or to pat them on the back for getting close. But it is acknowledging that the game was up for grabs and not a 100 point demolition that most on here are treating it as. I don't really understand why, was that the game that blew your fuse? This weekend we will probably lose to the Tigers by minimum 40 points but it wouldn't surprise me to see that blowout even more. Are the same people going to jump on here after that game and regurgitate the same bile about the club ad nauseum? We get it, this year has sucked but are you expecting any different from the rest of the year at this point? I already made up my mind that this year was a dumpster fire when we first lost to the Saints at the G but definitely by the time we lost to Brisbane. What does another loss prove? I will judge the team and club on next year's performances now, the rest of this year is just a write off waiting for the preseason to start.
  17. Nah I'm just willing to acknowledge that while disappointing and frustrating it's not the 20 goal drubbing you would've thought had you only read this website and not actually watched the game.
  18. And for all that we lost by 3 goals after being ahead with about 10 minutes to go. Perspective.
  19. They were 3 goals better than us but let's not let facts get in the way of emotional hyperbole
  20. I'm not discounting what you're saying. If this continues into next year Goodwin will be on borrowed time. Someone earlier in the thread mentioned we had most (14 or 16) of our prelim side in last night plus Lever and Fritsch. However from that prelim side we were missing TMac, Weideman, Melksham & Vandenberg. Say what you will about those players individually or their seasons in 2019 but when you are missing basically all your forward/half forward marking targets is it any wonder you're constantly turning the ball over? That's not an excuse because even with most of those guys in earlier in the year we were terrible but I think we've changed things up since the bye being more patient moving forward rather than trying to blitzkrieg the opposition. It's just that that's coincided with most of our forward line being unavailable
  21. Platitudes. But for the Henny Pennys it's all just affirmation that the sky is falling
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