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  1. I've got chuff all to swap but if you're keen on anything else off that list I can get those and do a trade.

    Yeah wouldn't mind most of the other stuff you're going to pick up - I've got a bunch of other stuff including a classic comeback at Windy Hill in 1990 and Jakovich kicking 7 at Vic Park in 1992 if you want to trade game for game. You can PM me if you want to sort out details.

    EDIT: Just had another quick look at my tapes and the 1997 R15 match v Carlton is only the replay not the full game - only goes for about half an hour so if you want the full game you should probably pick that one up from Name-A-Game.

  2. Before it gets lost in the usual bickering, I'd just like to say I'm extremely pleased to have it confirmed that Greg Healy will be back at the club in the formal capacity of Football Director. Great news for the club to convince him to come back especially considering his apparent success at Quicksilver.

  3. I love the payout on Tom. Makes me laugh. I'm not going to "get over it", nor do I want to. I'm going to nurture my bitter feelings toward our former player for at least his footy carreer. I'd advise if you are "over it" you'd best stay clear of threads like this one...

    Exactly, this is sport and it's based on emotion - there's no need to let logic and reason interfere.

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  4. Just send a chunky list to them asking whether these games are available in the sale. Will update when they get back to me in case anybody else is interested. Round 22 1990 vs Hawthorn Round 20 1991 vs North EF 1991 vs Essendon Round 22 1992 vs Sydney SF 1994 vs Carlton QF 1994 vs Footscray Round 11 1996 vs Fitzroy Round 1 1997 vs Kangaroos Round 15 1997 vs Carlton SF 1998 vs St Kilda Round 4 1999 vs Hawthorn Round 22 2000 vs West Coast Round 14 2003 vs Carlton Round 6 2004 vs Carlton Round 18 2004 vs Hawthorn Round 1 2005 vs Essendon Round 20 2005 vs Geelong Round 21 2005 vs Western Bulldogs Round 22 2005 vs Essendon Round 11 2007 vs Collingwood

    I've got the highlighted ones you've listed if you're interested in trading any games? Some are better quality than others but they're all watchable.

    '93 against Wet Coke when Allen Jakovich planted a kiss on his brother..i want to see that again...and the victory!!

    Pretty sure you can't get this game as it wasn't broadcast by channel 7 - although thinking about it now surely Channel 7 Perth would have shown it so maybe there is hope, thoguh it's definitely not on Name A Game's list.

  5. I'm not really expecting many (any?) free agency moves initially but after a couple of years it will start to be seen as the norm. I was also surprised by the players outside of the top 25% being unrestricted free agents as initially I thought it was only restricted free agency and was restricted to the top 25% of earners. Ultimately I can see this forcing more clubs into trade situations which is a good thing as clubs are too reluctant to engage in trades where both sides really win - it is usually only players for draft picks rather than player A for player B.

    The clubs will still need to work within the salary cap and this is where the AFL needs to strictly enforce this (including no 3rd party deals). The AFLPA and player managers can argue this is restricting their capacity to earn however the facts are there are already many industries/professions which preclude you from working/obtaining a wage or salary outisde of your contracted employment.

    At the end of the day I don't think it will have a massive effect on our game other than to make it easier for a Luke Ball to get to his club of choice without all the stuffing around - this also takes it out of St. Kilda's (in this situations) hands as they can't stop him from leaving and will still be compensated somewhat should he go. The reason I see it having minimal effect though is that most players will want to ensure that their original club is not dudded, such as in the Judd situation where he obviously had a preference to go to Carlton but wanted to ensure the Eagles weren't shafted. It just gives the player greater leverage in the negotiations.

    Suffice to say it will be very interesting to see how this all plays out and hopefully we don't see players only wanting to go to the big 6 or 7 clubs to the detriment of the clubs like us, North, Dogs, Saints etc.

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  6. I wouldn't mind the 94 final against Carlton. Still to this day my fav Dees game.

    Yeah thats on my list as well. I was thinking if there's a few of us who want similar games we could buy a couple each and trade the others to each other. I had my eyes on a couple of games around 1990-1992 but am going to go through their catalogue and see what else I may want (maybe a couple from 2000 also).

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  7. BRFE - What does the tennis have to do with an AFL club announcing a new sponsor? And, as I continually say, other than MFC members and suporters, who else cares? Are you talking maximum coverage/exposure? Well, the diehard AFL fans will read the AFL section of the papers regardless of what other events are on.

    If we have more than one announcement, which will obviously happen with the captain to be named, I'd rather we make seperate announcements so that we are in the media for longer, rather than 1 day.

    Just in regard to the bolded I do agree to some extent - however thinking about it, what is the purpose of sponsoring an AFL club? It is to get exposure in the media. Now is that exposure better on the back page of the Herald-Sun? Or is it better hidden away in a small article, possibly with no photos, 5-6 pages from the back?

  8. Agree.

    It would have been best for Jim to do it in person rather than on the phone. Other than that, taking into consideration the magnitude of the loss and the KPI's from the season, and given Adelaide were already in the market, we had to move. It's a dog eat dog world out there. It wasn't a time to play Mr.Nice and think we would just land the best available letting Bailey finish his tenure, especially after that 186 disaster. So much has to be taken into consideration, including corporate dollars. We could have lost more with inaction, not just the best coach prospect.

    I agree - this has been discussed before but I'd just like to raise the issue about "firing by phone" again. In the best of all possible worlds, I agree sacking someone by phone should not be done and should be done face to face. However there may have been reasoning behind it other than just being under the pump from 186. The media being what it is and the leaks coming out of the club at the time would have been a consideration as you would not want Bailey finding out he was sacked by reading the Herald Sun the next morning. Hearing it over the phone is much more preferable. The other issue is calling Bailey to an early Monday meeting and not telling him why could be seen as just as bad as firing him by phone. He knows whats going on, you know whats going on, the media and supporters know whats going on so why go through the charade? Best to be up front about it & tell him whats going on.

    As someone else mentioned this wasn't just a knee-jerk decision following 186. The writing was on the wall after the WCE debacle. It got much much worse after the Carlton debacle and could have come to a head soon after - why do you think there was so much relief after the Essendon win?

    The past is done and maybe could have been done better but the actions of the club since that time and the personnel they have recruited to the club has me feeling confident again about the club. Only time will tell if that confidence is real or just more false hope.

  9. FMD so now we are the club that kicks our President (the bloke who put his hand up and did the hard yards to bring our club back from the brink when no-one else would) when he is down? Some people here are really suggesting we get rid of Stynes? On what basis? Look at the transformation of the club since he took over. Rome wasn't built in a day and there is still work to go but remember before he came on board we had some tennis wannabe with no clue galavanting around Wimbledon and the club was run by accountants and insurance nerds. Football is more than a business when will people start to realise this? You need the supporters, officials and players to be inspired with the club and its leadership not to merely be able to give the best budget presentation at the AGM. Some people really don't know what they've got til its gone.

  10. Maybe, just maybe if they sent out the forms that some asked for to change their membership when asked 4 times and started the AP incorrectly when I had already sent back the form to stop it, they might get more members.

    At this rate they won't be getting my money

    I understand the frustration but aren't the memberships all sold out of a central AFL office (I could be wrong). Don't punish the club for the incompetence of some office temps.

  11. There is still a lot of confusion on exactly what role Garry filled.

    He filled in the role that Jim Stynes was supposed to play as the Football Director. This role is for a board member who knows footy to have the ear of the entire club and report to the rest of the board any issues that need to be resolved or have been mitigated.

    Connolly was the head of the Football Department and reported to the CEO.

    Yeah sorry got confused, it was Leoncelli who was that role and then Stynes took it over when Leoncelli left. Got my wires crossed.

  12. Always thought he was the perfect consultant - cheap, loyal, passionate, knowledgeable, and a Demon.

    But I am a little bit bemused by the "Craig reporting directly to the board" aspect.

    Does this mean his position is dictated to by the board ie. he is at the same structural level as the CEO, or that he simply 'gives reports regularly' to the board?

    And while I think that Neil Craig is going to be fantastic as an honest conduit to the board, what happens when the FD head is the problem?

    I still prefer having a board member who: 1) Knows footy 2) Is a former passionate Demon 3) And has the time to get involved and have an ear for everyone that has the desire to talk to the board.

    Is that Healy? It's not if the only person he talks to is Craig.

    Isn't that basically what Connolly's job has been i.e. reporting to the board as a conduit between the FD and Front Office? He's gone quiet and they may have restructured this role somewhat but I'm not sure whether Connolly will be undertaking the same duties next year? From memory he was moved on (and maybe temporarily replaced by Lyon? My memory is a bit hazy now on all the comings and goings since 186.)

  13. If a reason for a captain is that "he gives time for X and Y to develop into a captain" you may aswell forget about it.

    Green may be captain again, but it will be because of a significant improvement of his leadership in the off-season (if the new FD can determine that) and hopefully a heart-to-heart with Neeld about what is expected of him.

    Besides, his redemption will come with consistent performances as a leader and he can do that without a title, and might be better off achieving this redemption (if it required for fans) without a title.

    Obviously there was a reason he was made captain in the first place and was the overwhelming choice of the supporters as well judging by the online forums. He had a crap year last year but has been a consistent performer through most of his career (bar maybe one season). He won't be appointed captain just to warm the seat but in a team that has a large majority of our players in the beginning of their careers that is obviously going to be one consideration to take into account.

    With the experience of a year under his belt as captain (and lets be honest it was a tough year for all the senior players on our list and the FD not just Green) there's no reason why he won't learn from that experience and be a better player, leader and captain in 2012. It's a better option than giving the captaincy to Moloney or Jones who could very well put out a season like Green's 2011 without the experience to fall back on. Giving the captaincy to one of the mid-late 20yo's on our list would prevent the club having to strip them of the captaincy in a couple of years when either Trengove or Grimes (or another young player like Watts) would be ready to take over.

  14. We all have different ideas on who would be the most suitable choice.

    He isn't my first choice, but unlike another mooted leader (Jamar) he has been in the Leadership Group in his career.

    And unlike another mooted leader (Moloney) the difference between his best games and his worst games isn't huge.

    And unlike another mooted leader (Grimes) he consistently stays on the park.

    And unlike another mooted leader (Green) his body language isn't pathetic when things are difficult.

    I am not saying I would give him the reigns because of these reasons, but he is in the mix for the captaincy and these arguments in favour of him.

    Again, I will say - stop putting crosses through names people, because you will be left with 6 vice-captains and no captains...

    We have no perfect candidate.

    Jones would be a Richie Vandenberg-like appointment.

  15. And he gets it from most of us.

    But calling him a disappointing captain is not turning on him, it is stating the truth that even you evidence by your belief that he won't return as captain.

    So give him a chance at redemption. He had one bad year but has been one of our best performers for the last 5 or so years. With the experience of a year of captain under his belt, a more mature team, a new coaching department he deserves another shot at it. It also gives JT & Grimes another year to develop and stay on the park.

  16. Wow what an insane game this morning great win to the 9ers thought they hadn't capitalised enough on the Saints early TO's but to come back with only a minute or so on the clock and score a touchdown when it looked certain that a FG would send it into OT was just crazy. Bit let down by the game afterwards but hopefully tomorrows games will have some more great action for us - just a pity the Jets aren't involved this year its not quite the same when you're watching from the sidelines.

  17. That's not an answer and it could be said for every player on the list - just let them play footy.

    We've seen he can play.

    I'm waiting for him to lead the club.

    You obviously don't get it Artie so whatever.

    After mulling over this a bit I actually think they would be best leaving it with Green for another season and having Trengove/Grimes as VC/DVC and then changing over the captaincy for 2013. Let Grimes focus on getting through a season uninterrupted and let JT focus on improving his game and developing into a leading midfield role. Lets face it the role of captain is more symbolic these days anyway, regardless of title natural leaders will still lead on the field and the track but giving it to a young and/or injury-plagued player will create additional external pressure through the media and fans which is not needed at this stage.

    Having said that whoever they give it to I'm sure will be the right choice. I have confidence in the coaches/FD to make the right choice and they know the playing group more intimately than we do. If they decide to go with a new captain as part of the new "Neeld" era then I'm all for it no matter who that may be.

  18. Fear-mongering and hyperbole at its finest.

    He's had chronic injuries since his junior days playing with Hurstbridge and was the reason he slipped in the draft.

    Look I don't think anyone here disputes he is a great leader but just think Trengove is a better fit long term. The way you're going on it sounds like you reckon the place has gone to the dogs if we appoint Trengove as captain.

  19. What is your data plan? And how quick is your dowload speed? And do you have wifi?

    If you answered - 300/500GB a month, 1MB a second, and yes then go ahead and get foxtel on your xbox.

    If you answered yes to 1MB/S you probably already have telstra bigpond anyway so it should be unmetered usage. For the record I just got bigpond set up with 80mbps, wifi and will probably be getting foxtel also - I could do without it (I just download everything these days) but the missus wants it for the entertainment & other channels so getting a 24 hour footy channel is an added bonus for me.

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