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  1. That was a symptom not the cause - has happened for as long as I've been supporting the Demons even during the Northey years we had massive mid-season slumps that costs us the double chance. 2006 we would have finished top 4 but we lost to Carlton (who only won 3 games) twice. 2004 we were on top of the ladder after round 18 then lost to the Blues (again) at Princes Park in another year when they were rubbish. This getting ahead of ourselves and falling in a heap against rubbish and not-so-rubbish teams because we feel like we've done the hard yards is symptomatic of the culture that DL has discussed above. We need hard bastards from outside the club to show us that you don't relax until the siren goes and you've achieved nothing til you've got the premiership cup.
  2. Haha yeah gave me a laugh as well. WTF? Care to explain doctor? From one doctor to another you really shouldn't be encouraging that type of language, might offend the little kiddies!
  3. You're not wrong about most of what you have written, however what the supporters were happy with tonight was the effort of the team and not rolling over when challenged. We played out the game which is what we have been asking for all year. Now granted this shouldn't be something extraordinary to be applauded, it should be the norm - but baby steps.
  4. He'll come good, I'm not worried about him at all - as has been stated he must be carrying something, perhaps they need to rest him for a couple of weeks coming in to this horror stretch of games. Get him right for the second half of the season when we have a good chance to knock off a number of sides.
  5. I think they need to take the centring option when it is on - you can't have everyone down the line trying to create contests - if the ball is turned over the opposition will have the whole corridor and other side of the ground to split us open.
  6. Good post DL - I've raised this issue before when talking about our culture. In the history of our club we have been a "successful team" for one brief period - 1939-1964. This was under the leadership of Checker Hughes who as you said came from the Tigers and had to beat the Fuschias out of us to get us playing like Demons. This was carried on by Norm Smith who was tutored under Hughes and came from "the other side of the river" in Northcote. We sacked Smith for political reasons and immediately went back to our Fuschia ways. The only other period since we have had any semblance of "toughness" about us was during the Northey years, another import from Richmond who was tutored by Tommy Hafey. Other than this period (which saw us win 10 of our 12 flags) we have been quite rubbish. Compare that to most other teams except Footscray and St. Kilda (who by the way have only won one flag each) and you can see that our culture is seriously sick. Compare us to even teams like the Pies who have only won 2 flags since 1958. Even though they didn't achieve the ultimate success they did make many GF's during this period (hence the Colliwobbles) and won more than their fair share of H&A games. Do you think when Eddie says things publicly like "this isn't Melbourne where you can just walk in and take our players" it is just an off-the-cuff remark? Understanding how we are perceived by the wider football community is key to understanding how we might be able to fix our "culture". It's like addiction, the first step is admitting you have a problem. You can't choose your relatives or your football team. Like most of us we are born into this for better or worse. I will never regret barracking for the Demons but sometimes I just wish they didn't break my heart on such a consistent basis.
  7. The question then is why? Did we not think it worthwhile this season when every other club has launched ads/had membership drives on SEN?
  8. Where we are at the moment I would definitely not be looking at getting a 17yo this year. Last year was fair enough to have a crack but we need kids who can come in to the team ASAP and start getting some competitiveness out on the field. To get a 17yo this year we would basically have to give up pick 4 and who is to say there would be much difference between pick 4 this year and pick1/2 next year especially when a 17yo kid's value can change dramatically over the course of a year. Where was Watts rated in 2007? I can't really see any bidding for these this year unless they want to trade a decent player to GWS because most of the teams with the picks GWS would want will not see it as worth trading it away.
  9. Yeah I haven't seen or heard any ads or drives either like other clubs have had but maybe I missed it?
  10. If it's less than $50 I don't want to know about it.
  11. Is this serious? I can't believe we have committed to a teenager two years before draft day who has chronic OP issues and may never even play a game! This club is a joke, no wonder we are rubbish and havne't won anything for 40+ years!!! We might as well close up shop and relocate to New Zealand to put us all out of our misery. NB. This is a tongue in cheek post in complete bad taste. Please take a moment to breathe in deeply before the bile starts to rise and you unleash your fury on the interwebs.
  12. At the risk of grinding your gears on two separate threads today, this is why it wouldn't biother me at this stage if we happened to finish last this year considering what we theoretically have to gain. I'm not necessarily saying tank and I don't think we will finish last but if we did it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. We would then have pick 1, 2, 12(ish) & Viney. Won't happen but I'm not gonna slit my wrists if it does.
  13. That last paragraph was clearly tongue-in-cheek (hence the smiley demon) - sorry if it offended anyone but I thought it was pretty obvious.
  14. It's not a matter of wanting to join - it's a matter of what's best for the MFC. Handing over $600 per year to the MCC with a token $60 to MFC when you could buy a Premium MFC Membership with that $600 is robbing our club of potential revenue which could be invested into our team/club to ensure it's off field survival and on-field competitiveness. I know there are a number of MCC who buy MFC memberships also but not nearly enough. You can't claim you are an MFC SUPPORTER if you do not buy an MFC Membership to SUPPORT the club. This goes for AFL Members with club support also although at least the club gets about $150 out of that but it still is nowhere near the same as getting $500+ for a Premium Membership (which is what the AFL Membership costs). Yes the MCC has agreed to hand over some extra cash but it is still not the same as if all our MCC based followers joined up and supported the MFC. It is also discretionary and ould change depending on the whim of the MCC. So come on all you toffs. If you want to claim to be an MFC SUPPORTER then hand over your (not very) hard-earned cash that you got from playing the stock and derivatives markets and buy an MFC Premium Membership. It won't cost you much more than the cost of filling up your Range Rovers for a month.
  15. If Viney is not worth a pick 3 and GWS/GC bid pick 1 or 2 let them take him. Then he can come back home after his first two years contract is up. If the club does take him with pick 3 and he is only rated top10-20 then I think I would absolutely lose it. The club needs to be smart and ruthless about this and can't afford to stuff up another draft.
  16. Mate alcohol is the only thing that gets me through Melbourne games these days. I understand your concern but this is the footy not a Wiggles concert. If you don't like who you sit near sit somewhere else (top deck is usually pretty empty at MFC games). And if your kids ask you next time why someone is bagging Macdonald the whole game just tell them it is because he is rubbish.
  17. Now that we have secured our jumper sponsors this is the biggest issue off field at the moment. This is yet another draft where we will have prime position and we cannot afford to screw it up this time. Is Todd Viney really the best person for the job? As far as I can tell he is just a fill in between Prendergast and when we get our next guy (the Collingwood recruiting manager?) - we need to make sure we have the best guys in place in our recruiting area so that we don't stuff up again on draft day and can secure a couple of hard, gun midfielders. We can't afford another draft we recruit "project" players (i.e. players with "potential") we need ready made kids who can step in and go from round 1 2013.
  18. A lot of clubs play home games at the MCG but how many have their Home there?
  19. You can't help bone injuries, only soft-tissue injuries can be "attributed" to the fitness guys (see Essendon).
  20. I could not give a stuff about lacrosse, golf, squash, tennis or any of those other poncey sports. Not sure what you're getting at here? My point is if those with MCC/AFL memberships (who can't afford an MFC membership as well) bought an MFC Premium membership instead it would go a very long way to helping our club not only have more members but having more cash to invest in our club and team. The other issue is with regards to the "exclusivity" of the MCC which as pointed out is where a lot of our history is however this excludes many members/supporters and would-be members/supporters from being a part of the MFC.
  21. That's the problem - the MFC supporters/members who aren't MCC don't have access to anything like this - there are MFC members areas and the other "rooms" (Hassett etc) for members but it's not the same. It is very exclusive and is an impediment to the MFC expanding it's supporter base as we are not able to open the doors to all comers due to a large part of our history existing behind the closed doors of the MCC.
  22. I thought last year we should get rid of one of Jamar or Martin while they have currency. We would then still have on of them, Gawn (wasn't injured at that stage), Spencer, Fitzpatrick and Clark/Sellar as back-up. We can afford to get rid of one.
  23. We have the same problem with creating space in our forward line. Too many times everyone goes to the same spot or leads to the same spot. Nobody makes dummy/decoy leads to open it up and drag their opponent away. Rarely do we have someone sitting back in the square keeping there opponent away. At one state in the third we had a free kick on the HFF Southern Stand side/Punt Road End. There were about 3 players (all with opponents) about 10 metres in front of the player with the ball all leading in a straight line towards goals. Combined with this we had about 3 players (all with opponents) deep in the forward line all leading in direct lines to the player with the footy. The result was a giant clusterf*** where everyone ran from opposing directions to the same spot crowding each others space and making it the simplest job in the world for the Dogs players to kill the contest. It's just dumb football.
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