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  1. Does anyone know when/where this years AGM will take place? Haven't heard anything about it but from memory it is usually around early December each year. I've never attended one before but am intrerested in going this year, so if anyone has any details it would be appreciated.
  2. Yeah agree with that - the reason Sheahan seems to get so much love is because of the shocking quality of the rest of them. I mean next to Mark Robinson, Jon Ralph, Robert Walls etc the guy looks like a pro.
  3. I is for "I am Melbourne" EDIT: Damn too slow J is for Jakovich, the most mercurial yet frustrating player I've ever seen.
  4. Just started read The Red Fox last night, it's been sitting on my shelf all year. There's also a website (theredfox.com.au) where you can view his (and his brother Len's) iconic coaching booklet "Lectures on Football" amongst other things. I only read the first chapter so far but what really interested me was the Forward written by his son in which he states that the thing that upset Norm the most in his time in football wasn't the sacking in 1965, but the members failing to vote him onto the board 2 years later in 1967. Apparently that really got to him and basically ended his 35 year tenure with the club. Considering our incompetence in administration since the golden age I wondered how different things might have been had we had a giant like Smith on the board.
  5. Yeah I hate the loud music as well, it doesn't help that it is generally rubbish music as well. Its the football not the big day out.
  6. The 12500 members was for 2011 - their website says 456 for 2012.
  7. His articles were generally well-written, but he would be classed as a Reporter rather than a Journalist. The only Journalist in the AFL really is Caroline Wilson.
  8. Didn't they cost $50 and it meant you got $50 off a 2012 membership? Also I think half of them were from Canberra.
  9. Hey Deevoted, I sent you a PM let me know if you have trouble opening it.
  10. The more the merrier I say - anyone who goes should pen their observations, perceptions can differ and some may pick up things that others don't see. All information is good for those of us who can't make it down and all the reports are appreciated.
  11. This comment by Demetriou once again gets to the heart of the problem of GWS and to a lesser extent Gold Coast. The ADMINISTRATOR of the competition is so compromised in their aim to ensure success for these two teams that they are openly willing to disadvantage the existing clubs in order to achieve their goal. They know that the Vic, WA & SA fans are so loyal to their clubs and the game that there is no risk in disenfranchising the heartland supporters for a decade or so in their reach for new markets and money. GWS & GC are not mere football clubs or franchises, they are new PRODUCTS created by the AFL to break into a market they previously could not penetrate.
  12. Yep, we should be in their ears now.
  13. Would be great for MFC to have two and wouldn't knock that back - but the Pies to be sitting outright leaders on 17 would make me spew.
  14. No doubt - and look I'm not gonna go on a "woe is Melbourne" rant - fact is we are the 4th most successful club since 1897. It's just I'd rather see us consistently thereabouts and winning one every so often rather than have a great history that I can only read about. Also I appreciate what you're saying about Saints/Dogs but to be frank I couldn't give a rats about them - we should be comparing ourselves to the best and not the worst. On the flipside imagine being a Blue or Bomber and having seen multiple flags or if not at least being able to watch them on DVD.
  15. It's not only from season to season this happens (chocolates to boiled lollies) but within seasons as well and potentially games. We have never been a consistent side as long as I have been watching the Demons. In the Northey years we would regularly drop gimme games (and not just one or two but multiple games in a row) which would cost us a top 3 berth and double chance. Not to mention the Daniher years like 2004 & 2006 when we lost to Carlton twice costing us a top 4 spot. It's part of the "toughness" we have to develop within the club that will see us gain consistency not just year in, year out but game in, game out. To extend your argument about the 50's-60's - we won 10 of our 12 premierships within 25 years (1939-1964). Outside of those 25 years (90 seasons minus the WW1 years) it has been pretty lean times for the MFC.
  16. Rivers is not a KPD. McDonald seems to be slated for a FWD role and Davis is an unknown qunatity. I'd also argue Garland isn't really a KPD either though he can play as one. I think we do need a KPD. Having said that I was surprised with our pick-ups this draft. I would have liked to go after 3 midfielders with the hope one of them will make it but I guess we have Viney next year plus our two comp picks. But I think we really need to start bulking up our midfield depth as the only potential A-grader we have at the moment is Trengove.
  17. I would have thought the fact we are spending an additional $15M and still turning a profit is a positive thing? Sure we still have work to do but why dump on the club when they are moving in the right direction? Rome wasn't built in a day as they say and the Demons task of taking over the modern day Colisseum is a gradual process that is moving in the right direction.
  18. Nah don't have any but looking at buying all the MFC premiers posters - had a look on the net and there's reprints availabel fro about $25 each don't know how you'd go with originals though.
  19. What would happen is you take the MCG capacity (100K) minus MCC reserve (22K?) minus AFL members reserve (22K?) and the Pies can be left with the rest as ticketed members for their home games. There is no obligation to leave seats open for opposition/away fans and they will make more money off fully ticketed memberships (like Freo/WCE). Essendon are limited in their memberships due to playing at Docklands which has a capacity of 50K. As mentioned some of those 70K members are 3 game members (and pet members?) The best way to look at it then in terms of who benefits most from their memberships is revenue from memberships. And I'd say Collingwood are still a long way in front. The Pies made $3.8 million profit this year. The Hawks have made ~$15 million profit since about 2007. The Pies had a turnover of $75 million this year (compared to our $40 million.) This is what we are up against and why we need to continue to improve and implement strategies to increase our revenue through memberships, sponsorships, merchandise, functions etc and whatever other means we can (winning some prizemoney wouldn't hurt either).
  20. How much are they? Are you after originals or reprints?
  21. Yeah I remember during the 90's the big thing was to get 20K members. That then went on to 30K, 40K and now the base everyone is aiming for is 45-50K. Pretty crazy when you think about it. Costs have also gone up from about $100 which would just get you in to home games and the members area to now $500+ which gets you into all Vic games and gets you a reserved seat.
  22. Yeah this is a great resource - have just flicked through some random ones and there is some great stuff surrounding the expansion to the national comp amongst other things. Have a number of these from the late 80's still in a box in the shed somewhere so could remember some of the ones from 1989 especially which used to collect and read through as a kid.
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