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  1. 50 minutes ago, Macca said:

    Very good point Gonzo ... doomed to making the same mistakes over and over again because of inherent thinking. 

    Not being able to adapt is one thing but refusing to adapt is another.

    What North did in the 70's with regards to recruiting is something that we could have easily done if we had the willpower and the forward thinking. 

    We get self satisfied with a taste of winning and then fall away.  That's the pattern through the years.  Happened again last season.

    Hopefully some of our players have been watching The Last Dance on Netflix to get an idea of the mentality required to succeed at the highest level.

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  2. 3 minutes ago, Satyriconhome said:

    Come on chap, you are trying to take their broken records away

    We both know it's only a game

    But @Sir Why You Little  has still not expunged the memory of Cam Schwab running over his cat

    If it were "only a game" you wouldn't dedicate hours upon hours on here or at training or at the club etc It's more than a game, it's part of the fabric and history of this city/state/country. It's tribal. Supporters are emotionally invested and for many the football club is like a part of their extended family, it is part of their identity.

    That's not to say there shouldn't be perspective, but trying to downplay its importance is equally silly.

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  3. 35 minutes ago, hemingway said:

    Not sure why supporters want to wallow in the mire by constantly revisiting the past. Very depressing. It is what it is. The past gets revisited all the time and despite folks best and worst efforts there is never any clarity and indeed there will never be an answer. 

    The reasons for our  lack of success has been rehashed hundreds of times. 

    It is just a game and for many during this pandemic it suddenly seems less important than life itself. 


    Because it is part of our clubs history and without addressing it and recognising the failure we won't be able to achieve success.

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  4. 2 hours ago, Macca said:

    You sure Gonzo?

    Your take on it puts a ribbon on the box but all the supposed conflict beforehand didn't stop the club from having a truckload of success.

    A bit of infighting and conflict never hurt anyone (as long as it doesn't get out of out) To get things done,  pats on the back never really works (IMO) Often people need to be challenged to extract the best results.

    Look at Barassi at Carlton & North ... went really hard at the best players and it worked.  Smith coached the same.  Didn't suffer fools so it stands to reason he'd be up against the Board.

    But the court case was the catalyst moment in my opinion. 

    Those who lived through it may disagree but attitudes towards umpires has never been healthy ever since the game had umpires.  It's that sort of sport.

    At a guess,  I reckon most would prefer to agree with Smith's assertion of the umpire in question. 

    And I don't. 

    I reckon he was out of line no matter what his inner thoughts were.  He should have never said what he said.

    It's just the feeling I got while watching an old Norm Smith doco from fox footy a couple of weeks back. It had an extended version of the interview of Smith on the Tony Charlton show after his sacking which led me to believe the bad blood between he and the board went beyond this incident and went to the heart of our fall from grace. He said in that interview in 1965 that he and others (like Barassi) could see the writing on the wall but the board were oblivious

    Interestingly another commentator (can't remember who it was) that was interviewed made the comment that yeah, what Norm Smith did was wrong and anyone else you could understand the board not backing them. But this guy WAS Melbourne, he played in 4 premierships, coached 6 more for a total involvement in 10 of the clubs 12 flags! He had just come off an unprecedented era of success. Guys like that you back to the hilt, even if they're wrong.

    It was an interesting half hour doco, I'll try and upload to YouTube and post here in the next couple of days.

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  5. 3 minutes ago, RalphiusMaximus said:

    If you look at the history of the club, right from the beginning we've been slow to adapt and embrace new realities.  The MFC has had a history of relying on the prestige of being THE MFC, the FIRST club and assuming that players will just want to come here.  Back when the league first agreed that players could be paid "travel expenses" for coming to games, guess which club refused to do it?  Player payments.  Recruiting zones.  Paying players to move into different cities so they could be recruited by your club...  Melbourne have always been the team that missed the boat.  Then when they finally did try to do something a little bit dodgy to gain an advantage, they stuffed it up, failed to capitalise on the advantage they had worked for and then got caught out and fined half a million dollars. 

    There's a bit of truth in that - but it also reeks of excuse making. Collingwood in Jock McHales day had a policy of paying every player the same. It cost them Ron Todd but they still got on and made finals, GF and won premierships. Our problem is we are co atantly questioning our direction, like we have some ongoing existential crisis about what we stand for. Is it because we grew from a stadium and not a suburb? If we were the East Melbourne Football Club would we be better off?

    Complacency was definitely a problem after the 50s and 60s and being the club of the establishment probably doesn't help either. We need to just learn how to be a football club instead of constantly worrying about our identity. Being a football club is simple, look after your people (including supporters) and win games of footy. Nothing else matters.

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  6. 19 minutes ago, Macca said:

    And if Smith didn't call Don Blew a cheat the conversation we're having right now may not exist.

    Smith almost certainly wouldn't have been sacked and who knows,  he might have been able to sort out how to produce talent out of our zones.

    A sliding doors moment all revolving around one word - Cheat.

    From my reading that was just the straw that broke the camels back. It seems there was a relationship breakdown between Smith and the board that would've blown up anyway.

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  7. On 5/15/2020 at 9:57 AM, poita said:

    Because teams such as Melbourne request home games against Richmond (and Collingwood) to boost gate receipts.

    The only way to have Richmond playing away from the MCG is for Melbourne to be happy to host the likes of Gold Coast and Fremantle.

    We have to request to host them otherwise we never get scheduled home games against them

  8. 47 minutes ago, tiers said:

    How good was White before they denied him his run and leap at the centre bounce. Clean and direct knock out to team mates. An outstanding feature of our great game.

    What a curse the AFL rules committee is.

    And how good were our fleet of left foot runners - Yze, Woewodin, A McDonald and Powell. Add Rigoni, Leoncelli and Johnstone and we had a weapon. How come we could never take full advantage?

    Watching White in full flight was phenomenal. I remember seeing him with the massive run up at an opening bounce and literally jump straight over the head of his opponent and that's no exaggeration.

  9. I was on the lookout for these books a few years back but couldn't find them anywhere. Our school library used to have them in primary school.

    I might be able to help with old games, PM your email address and I'll send you my list of games.


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  10. 4 hours ago, Pates said:

    I actually don't blame him for that, we were a rabble at the time, we brought him to tour AAMI Park before it was built. We really didn't have anything positive to offer him, still sickens me he chose the Blues though. VISY ambassador my [censored]. 

    We were a rabble in 2007? And the Blues weren't? C'mon, it was always about the $$$

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  11. 11 hours ago, spirit of norm smith said:

    Interesting rule. Possible strategy. You could draft an older brother  as a late draft pick to get a younger talented sibling.  

    Like Collingwood did with the Clokes?

  12. 3 hours ago, pineapple dee said:

    I went to this game with my brother, a strong Collingwood fan. We stood on the terrace in front of the Collingwood social club amidst all the magpie fans who had poured out of the social club, 4 sheets to the wind, every one. The only game I ever went to without a Melbourne scarf around my neck. I stood impassive and utterly unable to open my mouth as  much as I desperately wanted to all through the second half. Never enjoyed a win more than that one. Jackson flopping on the ground and mimicking a a prostrate Billy Picken after one of his goals was absolute gold though the Collingwood social club folk weren't that keen on it. 

    I went to Vic Park once as a 10 year old in 1992 and stood in the outer with my dad and uncle (both Melbourne) another uncle (Collingwood) and his friend (Melbourne) when another Jako (Jakovich) kicked 7 goals after being dragged early and we ran over the Pies in the last quarter. I was too young or stupid to care about the Pies supporters and was cheering the Demons home and singing the song on the walk back to Hoddle Street.

    Don't remember getting any dirty looks or worse, but my dad was keen to get out of there in a hurry. Shame to see grounds like that lost to history, one of the best hamburgers I've ever had was there too on the grill just inside the entry gate. Collingwood supporters have the reputation but the team who I have had the most issues with at the footy is Saints supporters.

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  13. 12 hours ago, Moonshadow said:

    So if they are not getting paid, are you ok for them to do no training or any other work with the club?  And accept they'll be completely underdone when games resume? I too find their position annoying, but I do not believe they should hand back all their contract, I'd think 50-70% would be more likely. This may well be the case if the players opt out or the season is cancelled altogether. The AFLPA have talked about further contract cuts if delays continue beyond the date agreed upon (whenever that is)

    Depends what the impact on revenue is. They should get a percentage of revenue, if revenue drops by 80% because the networks won't pay for no games then players salaries should drop around that mark as well. Maybe cap it at $150k so the bottom percentiles aren't impacted but those earning more than that should have their salaries slashed if they refuse to play

  14. 8 hours ago, Demonland said:

    My favourite NQR Finals stat is Fitzroy simultaneously winning the wooden spoon and the flag in the same season.

    How about Essendon having equal most premierships but they sit 3rd on the Grand Finals won ladder. 1897 and 1924 they won the premiership after a round robin finals series with no Grand Final played.

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  15. 6 hours ago, TeamPlayedFine39 said:

    You'd be hard pressed to find any children begging for less time with their fathers.

    AFL is so far from an essential activity; it is a luxury for society.  If it is safe to play, then that's fantastic.  Playing is isolation hubs where players are essentially under draconian lockdown however is absurd.  This is a global pandemic the likes of which hasn't been seen in 100 years.  Literally pulling families apart for a luxury spectator event is absurd.

    I agree, and I'm sure the players do to and will have no qualms with foregoing their salaries for this season.

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  16. 9 hours ago, Swooper1987 said:

    At Waverley:

    87 - lost to Hawks after the siren

    88 - beat WCE by 2, 

    89 - beat Collingwood

    90 - lost to WCE by 5 goals

    91 - lost to WCE again, but beat Essendon the week before (all finals at Waverley that year)

    At the G we got hammered in the 88 GF, and the 89 semi v Geelong.  Our record at Waverley was no worse than at the G, and we did win the 87 and 89 Night flags at the old VFL Park!!

    We also won the 88 prelim vs Carlton there.

    I don't think it had anything to do with waverley, it was the games we dropped mid-late season costing us the double chance through the Northey era that cost us.

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  17. 1 hour ago, loges said:

    Exactly, it's extraordinary times, requires extraordinary compromises, a lot of people are out of work relying on government payments. Make it work or forgo your years contract.

    Or fork out yourself to put your wife and kids up with you in the hotel. Why should that be on the AFLs dollar? I'm sure Tim Kelly can afford it

  18. 4 hours ago, Collar-Jazz-Knee said:

    I was only 7 so don't really remember 1994. Just looked it up and see we lost to the Eagles in the prelim....

    So both times we've lost to West Coast in prelim they've won the flag....

    Gee I hope we can get them back sometime.

    FYI I'm originally a Perth boy so it cuts even deeper.

    They also knocked us out in the semis in 90 and 91 😭

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  19. On 4/28/2020 at 2:48 PM, Demonland said:

    I seem to recall that through the late 80s and early 90s we would always have a mid season slump before coming home strong. Probably cost us a flag.

    1989 we were 2nd after beating the Cats in round 16 then lost 5 of the last 6 games. We still finished 4th I think but again the double chance was gone. Garry Lyon didn't play after that Cats game but I'm not sure what his injury was? The beginning of his back problems? He also missed one of the semis against the Eagles (90 or 91?) which hurt us.

  20. 8 hours ago, Bring-Back-Powell said:

    Very disappointing that Geelong blew that lead against West Coast in rd 22 as we would've got the double chance.

    But as others have mentioned, we only had ourselves to blame as we lost to a bunch of ordinary (Geelong, St Kilda,) or downright horrible (Sydney) sides that year.

    We also only beat woeful sides by 2-3 goals at home against Brisbane and Fitzroy when we would've gone in as raging favorites.

    Sounds like we had a problem with complacency that year which was summed up perfectly by blowing it all against West Coast in the semi final in front of our fans.

    We were leading Brisbane by about 8 goals at half time at Waverley and won by 2. Stkilda seemed to be our bogey side through that era we lost to them in 88, 89, 90 and 91 (round 3) before finally getting over them later in 91 by 1 point at Moorabbin thanks to some Jakovich magic

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