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  1. The academies, father sons and priority picks are all a rort. Welcome to the AFL.
  2. Carlton were willing to pay him $1.8m over 2 years?! If so that is insane, no wonder he nominated them and noone else bothered talking to him. Wonder if that price stays on his head going to the draft
  3. They're two different things though. A club delisting a player means they no longer want him, have actively delisted him and he becomes a free agent. An uncontracted player means club and player were unable to come to terms and his contract lapsed following the trade period. He is not delisted at that stage just uncontracted. So he is not a free agent but he can go back into the national or preseason draft. Otherwise every uncontracted player would just let their contracts lapse and become delisted free agents.
  4. A future 2nd and a 6 pick downgrade? Silvagni was a great player but a rubbish list manager.
  5. His contract expires October 31 so he would be an uncontracted player as of November 1 and can go to the draft.
  6. They don't have to delist him do they? If they can't get him to sign a new contract he has to go to the PSD as an uncontracted player (not a delisted free agent) where Gold Coast can simply draft him again as they have first pick in the PSD.
  7. Same thing that happened with Heeney. We select him and then they have to match the pick with enough points from their remaining picks.
  8. Nah it would be so they DON'T have to take Green. They would select someone else with 3 then match a bid for Green later in the draft. Staying at 6 means missing out on the extra player as they would need to use 6 to match a bid for Green at 3, 4 or 5. So basically they'll get Green either way but this allows them to get someone else on top (eg Serong)
  9. True but they can deal with that next year by trading back in to those rounds as long as the AFL signs it off (which they certainly would)
  10. They can use future picks can't they (rollover to next year?)
  11. Only top 4? Where's your faith? Chuck a gremlin on us for the flag.
  12. I'd be happy for either the father son rule to be abolished (along with all academies) or for the father son rule to be retained and GWS/gold coast get to keep their academies until their clubs are old enough to qualify for father sons (let's say 20 years after inception)
  13. The AFL has butchered this completely. Instead of removing advantages some clubs had (northern academies) they expand these concepts across the board. Zoning failed last time and contributed to the near destruction of the competition. How can the draft be used as an equalisation measure when the majority of top 40 picks are going to be zoned to particular clubs? The rules as to who qualifies for the Next Gen Academy zones is also idiotic. I was born in Australia and grew up with a footy in my arms. My parents both grew up in Australia. But because my wife was born overseas (coming here as a teenager) my kids would qualify for Next Gen Academies. These are not kids who are new to the game etc my son started Auskick as a 5 year old.
  14. May 106 of a possible 132 games between 2013-2018 (including a 5 game suspension for his bump on Martin - not sure if any other suspensions?) Lever 67 of a possible 77 games since debut up until injuring his knee in 2018.
  15. Garlett too I guess they're banking on full seasons from Melksham and Hannan but I don't think we have that natural small forward. None of our forwards really have "goal sense" ie the ability to find the goals when snapping out of a pack or from a pocket. That's something we desperately lack.
  16. It's that dirty word BW - potential We'd be hoping Petracca, Brayshaw, Lever, Salem and probably Viney fulfill their potential as elite players in their respective positions They'd also be hoping Weideman comes on and be the key forward we need him to be. IF those players meet expectations we will have a great core with Gawn and Oliver. Time is on their side but 2020 is the year they need to collectively take that step.
  17. One of the guys is a Melbourne supporter which helps but I've listened to their other "list manager" podcast too and they have a great insight if every list (the other guy is a Collingwood supporter). Added to my must listen list.
  18. I was listening to a podcast the other day where they were talking about Collingwood's soft tissue injuries in 2018 and said one of the main reasons was a change in focus between long distance running to repeat burst running. I wonder if there was a similar difference between the way Gold Coast trained and the way we do. It's not that one is right and the other wrong just that different styles for different game plans
  19. A: Max Gawn, Clayton Oliver B+: Steven May B: Tom McDonald, Neville Jetta B-: Christian Petracca, Christian Salem, Angus Brayshaw, Michael Hibberd, Jake Melksham, Bayley Fritsch, Jake Lever, James Harmes, Jack Viney C+: Nathan Jones, Aaron Vandenberg, Jayden Hunt, Alex Neale-Bullen, Marty Hore C : Mitch Hannan, Oscar McDonald, Sam Frost C-: Jay Kennedy-Harris, Braydon Preuss, Kade Kolodjashnij, Billy Stretch, Corey Wagner, Joel Smith, Josh Wagner Developing*: Sam Weideman Developing: Charlie Spargo, Oskar Baker, Harrison Petty, James Jordan, Tom Sparrow, Toby Bedford, Aaron Nietschke, Austin Bradtke, Kade Chandler
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