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  1. It's a glass half empty/full scenario really. At the end of the day the major factor in all this will be our performance. Play like 2019 and it won't matter who we play and when we will lose out. Play like 2018 and the sky's the limit.
  2. We're hosting Anzac Eve and Queens Birthday plus a home game against Carlton. Plus the bank from our NT home game vs Adelaide. Pretty good from a financial standpoint.
  3. We play Adelaide in Alice Springs May 17th I think - hope its a similar result to our last game against them there
  4. We haven't played interstate in round 1 for over 20 years, can't say we aren't due
  5. Can we get the Richmond doctor to check him out?
  6. Yeah the 320 games are tough - get home around 7 and kids have school etc the next day
  7. Considering Australia is seen as the pioneers and world leaders in sports medicine/sports science it says a lot
  8. Daff left because he wasn't happy with the arrangement when Misson was brought in from memory. It was more to do with Misson sitting above Daff in the structure I think giving the "sports scientist" final say over the doctor. In light of what happened at Essendon you can't blame him.
  9. The only thing I really want to see is no game in Geelong. We go there almost every year, time to rotate it a bit more fairly. Minimal Sunday twilight games would be good too, it's too hard with young kids and generally poor atmosphere. I won't hold my breath though.
  10. And "home" in China? That's a pretty rough schedule
  11. For anyone interested in the data analytics/off field side of the game give the podcast "Trends with Mark McGowan" a listen. I just found it a couple of weeks ago and smashed the whole series in a couple of weeks. Some great stuff in there particularly the episodes with Ben Darwin (ep 16) Seth Partnow (ep 21) and Cody Royle (ep 23)
  12. We won't get home games against Essendon or Carlton because we are hosting Collingwood and Richmond If we only host 3 interstate teams that means a minimum 5 interstate games next year. More likely we host 5 interstate sides (including one in Alice) and have a double up match against at least one of those, more likely two
  13. Watch his game vs West Coast 2017. Pretty much willed us across the line in that last quarter
  14. Of course it's a flakey article. It's a Herald sun article. About the AFL. In October. 3 strikes.
  15. Plus May giving it to him against the Lions
  16. The AFL will never get between a player and their club of choice. As soon as a player challenges the afls player transfer rules in court the whole house of cards comes down
  17. Is murray actually a [censored] or just perceived because of his suspension?
  18. Improve the basic fitness levels and the skills and gameplan will follow.
  19. Langdon is a better footballer than Hunt, Hunt can sometimes lack awareness and often rubs himself into trouble. Langdon is also a better field kick though Hunts kicking for goal improved markedly in 2019.
  20. I don't mind docklands anymore. I'm in the northwest suburbs now so docklands is actually easier for me to get to than the G. Easier when taking kids too, can't find parking close to the G anymore and you don't have to worry about them sitting in the cold/wind/rain.
  21. Still better than Darwin
  22. Worked out ok for Carlton when they took Nick Stevens. Just take him and deal with the rest later. At the very worst we trade him to Carlton in 12 months and get something out of them they otherwise would have banked
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