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  1. What anyone with a brain could've told you.
  2. Have faith jnr. We have a young team and a young coach and they'll learn from this year. Give them a chance to prove themselves next year and have an opportunity for redemption.
  3. It's funny how perceptions change based on on field performance
  4. Who is walking? McCartney and Jennings were pushed out, Rawlings has gone for another gig after 8 years. Hardly a mass exodus.
  5. Noone said it was "all" down to injuries and surgeries, only that those issues exacerbated other issues. A down year was made horrendous due to these additional factors. Some of us are able to understand nuance. Fwiw I wanted the assistants cleaned out last year, I thought we needed fresh eyes then.
  6. Oliver, Brayshaw, Petracca, lever, salem, Viney, Harmes, Weideman with TMac, Melksham and Gawn all 27-28. Saying the list is ageing is a stretch, our core group of players are all still quite young
  7. Carlton? It was the worst kept secret they tanked for 3 years, everyone knew it and noone cared. Collingwood, Hawthorn, West Coast etc etc
  8. I doubt anyone will disagree with anything in that article. No one denies this season was shithouse and unacceptable. Those you refer to as the "company men" of which I assume I am one simply think it is worth seeing what the response is next year before burning the place down and rebuilding from scratch again. We did finish top 4 last year after all after 5 years of linear improvement. Of course that kind of rational thought can't compete with "but I've been following this club for 55 years I demand success" etc
  9. Pretty spot on, could've included additional injuries to guys like Jetta, AVB etc that hamstrung the list and selection all year
  10. Not really the competition is so even, no real standout teams. Next year Brisbane will be up there, Richmond likely again, West coast generally do well enough to make finals but the rest are all just as likely to miss as make it.
  11. Looking forward to those tasty premiership odds
  12. People are still dissecting his post game pressers? He's just trying to get through to the end of the year without saying anything controversial so we can get this terrible season behind us and focus on 2020. He's not gonna say anything worth talking about, it's something he obligated to do and he's doing it. That's about the start and end of it.
  13. Sometimes the players have to experience things to learn from their own mistakes
  14. Goodwin would be coach next year regardless of contract situation. 2021-22 might be a different story, but there is no way he was getting sacked this year.
  15. https://m.sydneyswans.com.au/football/coaches/john-blakey
  16. Yep. Hopefully all the drop offs will make it easier to get decent Grand Final tickets 😉
  17. Typical of what? I don't apologise for refusing to wallow in misery like the grumpy old men on here. Maybe it's because I have realistic expectations, I knew we'd lose easily based on the selected teams. Did anyone see our named forward line and realistically expect us to win? Give me a spell
  18. I'll have to take your word for it, haven't seen a second if the game as I was at my brother in law's 40th. But I'm assuming it was much like the last month if footy, albeit with even fewer tall marking options
  19. It's not that it's acceptable, but what else did anyone expect? Once I saw May, Petty and OMac were out and replaced by Chandler, Spargo and Stretch and we were fielding the shortest team in living memory I knew we would lose by over 5 goals. This season was over months ago yet people are still outraged after each loss. I don't get it. The challenge will be in how they rebound next year, not next week.
  20. That was a fantastic play that immediately resulted in Frost kicking the ball out on the full...
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