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  1. On 11/26/2019 at 1:12 PM, faultydet said:

    I think people might be placing FAR too much weight on a baby turning around a once (supposedly) poor attitude.

    How many busted [censored] losers have you seen with kids in tow, durry hanging out of their mouth and kids sans shoes? Plenty.

    Depends how poor his attitude was I guess. Was he a genuine no-hoper or a kid in his early 20s on few hundred K a year partying it up with his mates?

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  2. 1 hour ago, DeeSpencer said:

    Our coaches haven't shown any great ability to train front and centre or pressure. We've trained up ball winning and I think we've trained up a pretty fit squad (up until last year). And rightly or wrongly we've trained a team that can get the ball inside 50.

    Yeah I'd rather use pick 20, and yes I wonder if the mid sized Bergman or the slightly bigger Weightman were better picks but the speed to the drop of the ball, the taps on, the pressure. There's so much to like. 

    He's not just flukey and flashy, he does all the defensive stuff.

    Has goal sense too it seems. You can't teach that and none of our forwards currently have that.

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  3. 10 minutes ago, Earl Hood said:

    Wonder what Pruess makes of this pick? We have Gawn, we have Pruess and we have a 19 year old, 203 cm, ex elite basketballer in Bradke, still learning the game but we have spent pick 3 on a 199 cm ex basketballer, turned under 18 AFL ruckman who can go forward occasionally! This kid better have some serious talent  as a key forward and show it early next season to vindicate this decision, because we don’t desperately need a Max replacement for another 3 or 4 years. 

    Who cares what Preuss thinks? If Preuss demands selection he'll get it if not he'll be off to another club or have a short career. Balls in his court.

    Same with Weideman. Positions won't be handed out, you're gonna have to earn it.


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  4. 2 hours ago, DemonOX said:

    Good luck to him and I hope he does really well for us. 

    I am only concerned if we don’t perform he will off to the weagles as he said Peter Sumich is his mentor who he will remain in contact with and that his fav player is Nic Nat. 

    U can bet Sumich will be pushing for him to go to the weagles especially if we are still crap like this season. 

    Just like Gaff and Judd came back to Melbourne and Lukosius and Rankine back to SA. If we overlook players because they might leave us one day we might as well pack it in.

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  5. 23 hours ago, Baghdad Bob said:

    I can understand the concern at taking someone like Pickett at pick 10 but perhaps we are just a bit ahead of the curve.

    Charlie Cameron and Eddie Betts are two of the most influential small X factor forwards of recent times and neither were taken in the National Draft. Small forwards, in a lot of cases, have been taken late because of the reasons mentioned here.  But good ones are match winners.  If the Betts and Cameron drafts were done retrospectively they'd both be in the top 10, perhaps top 5.

    If we take Pickett it's because we believe he can have the same impact as other elite small forwards.  If we are right we've got a bargain, if not we'll be one of many clubs that have a miss with a pick in that vacinity.

    Personally I hope we take him unless someone we really rate slides.  I believe we have a good list, as Mahoney said our list is pretty much set.  We don't want for a lot as long as our (the FD) evaluation of players is correct (Weid and Petty succeeding for example).  The other thing is that many here overrate pick 10.  It can throw up some guns but it can also throw up some duds.  All pick 10's are guns when drafted but there are a lot of duds amoungst them.  

    We have been crying out for X factor for years. Many here have lamented we don't have it and now as we look like getting it many have gone all gun shy.

    How many other potential small forwards were taken with speculative picks and amounted to nothing?

    I'm not saying the club shouldn't take Pickett (as I have no idea), if they think he's good enough you take him. But 1st round/top 10 picks should always be Best Player Available and not a reach based on needs. Taking Jackson and Pickett is fine if they are considered the best players there at those picks, but if we're doing it to try and fill holes in the list it will bite us on the [censored].

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  6. 4 hours ago, Lucifer's Hero said:

    I might just mention that Mahoney put up a number of charts that were not about 2019 injuries/surgeries.  They were on Lessons Learnt, Actions for 2020, Programs etc.  I complement the club for identifying many other problem areas and not just excuse the year as injury and surgery issues (which undoubtedly had a significant impact).

    Good questions, Dr G.

    On data analytics.  Pert said as part of the review they engaged a consultant data analytics group (sorry, didn't get the name) that benchmarked us on a range of measures. 

    Putting on my Management Consultant hat, they would have identified where we are falling behind and driven a number of initiatives and changes.  I like that there was some 'science' behind the changes made and not just 'gut feel'.  Without the science we could have ended up with 'knee jerk' reactions rather than a clear direction and planned programs.  I'd expect Pert will have the benchmarking redone at certain intervals to measure the impact of changes.

    Also, on Mahoney's 'Progams' chart was:  "Data Focus across all departments.  New role:  Data Scientist".  He talked to the need for meaningful information so this would be Younger's role.  I think other resouces have been added in this area. 

    A question was asked on player mental health thru this disappointing year.  Mahoney acknowledged how difficult it was and his earlier 'Programs' chart showed:  'New Leadership and Wellness Programs'.  iirc he said they believed these would give us a competitive advantage.  Pert added that the wellness program would be club-wide as non-football staff had to deal with many difficult issues especially when we aren't performing well.  There wasn't time for detail but I had the impression it was being treated seriously.

    If I have time I'll go back and listen to the presentations and fill in some gaps.

    Thanks for the response mate.

    Interestingly in today's Sun it states that all clubs have to spend a mandatory minimum of $250k on mental health programs in 2020 up on $125k in 2019. I think it said up to $450k could be spent on this outside the FD soft cap? Could've got that wrong though.

  7. 19 hours ago, Lucifer's Hero said:

    I've seen barely a handful of people on DL say we didn't have an interrupted pre-season.  Quite the contrary.  Many just take a more balanced view.

    The charts Mahoney put up on injuries were but a part of a much bigger picture.  So one needs to be careful of overstating their impact. 

    The changes made off-field are recognition by the club that it wasn't just injuries/surgeries.  Recognition that there were problems in many parts of our football activities.  The other slides show what the club has addressed.  The ones that stood out to me were (in no particular order):

    • Coaching structure.  The structure is excellent (albeit I'm not convinced of all the people in the roles).  It will do a great deal for strategies/tactics, clear, un-conflicted communication to players, their roles and for their development.  In turn this will help with, among other things, ball movement and reduce the confusion and loss of confidence we saw later in the season.
    • Improved player role understanding that comes from the first item and other initiatives will be significant for the success of the game plan.  Mahoney referred to the way Richmond players know their role and play their role.  I got the impression we need to do better teaching.
    • Football data analysis and meaningful presentation to coaches for strategies and tactics.
    • Well being program not just for players but club wide
    • Greater investment into medical and fitness
    • Change of emphasis on recruiting
    • Revisit aspects of the game plan.

    These weren't just powerpoint 'words' to appease fans at the forum.  The club has been very thorough in its club review and taken action on each and every one and has programs in place.  All credit to them.

    Some people still think our 17th position was due to surgeries and injuries while making mere passing reference to 'other issues'.  By its actions the club is saying that injuries/surgeries were significant but there were bigger issues at play as evidenced by the overhaul I've summarised above. 

    In fact, Mahoney and Goodwin virtually said we dropped the ball.  Making the prelim had people (club, players, coaches) thinking it was just a few steps to a GF and then perhaps a premiership.  This caused the club to lose sight of the 'fundamentals' (their word).  My description of that while it might be provocative, is 'hubris'.

    Goodwin mentioned that after round 22 they did a 'dump' (his word) with the players where they laid everything on the table.  You can bet the players and coaches weren't blaming injuries/surgeries for being 17th.

    I think its time fans move on from believing injuries/surgeries were the problem in 2019.  The other issues collectively were much much bigger otherwise the club wouldn't be changing so much of its operations.

    Injuries weren't the reason we dropped out of top 4 but they were a reason we finished 17th. They made a poor season a terrible season.

    Did anyone have any questions or were comments made about our investment in data analytics or player psychology? A lot has been made of the mindfulness work done by Richmond and I think it's something our players would really benefit from particularly having a relatively young group.

  8. I can't imagine anything coming out of this other than platitudes, " we understand how disappointed the fans were", we're on the right track etc etc

    The email that announced it made it clear they won't be fielding questions related to any off field issues which only leaves onfield and I can't imagine they'll be going into depth about gameplans and the like

  9. 2 hours ago, rjay said:

    Very true 'Gonzo'...we have a new CEO who is yet to make his mark on the club.

    It will be interesting to know how much input he had into the changes made.

    The structure is there but there have been significant renovations.

    As well there should have been. But I think that's different to a being a club in crisis.

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  10. 9 minutes ago, rjay said:

    No brigade of coaches sacked, that was an overstatement by 'steve' but also your take was an understatement and didn't account for the significance of the changes made. Some pushed and some moving on, who knows where each falls...

    Viney, MIsson, Rawlings, Jenning, Macca...it's not a small exodus, these were major players.

    Assistants come and go, it's the CEO, President, Coach, Footy Manager - the key roles that promote stability.

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  11. 1 hour ago, stevethemanjordan said:


    I also love what's coming out of the club recently but it doesn't fly in the face of any poster rightly expressing their disgust from this season.

    I'm not sure what your definition of 'crisis' is for a team that went from prelim to second last over the course of a year, but I'm pretty sure moving on an entire brigade of assistant coaches is a good indicator as to what went down in our mid-year 'crisis' meeting.. It was either Goodwin or his assistants that were going to go and one of those two things eventuated.

    You can paint it however you like, but the season was an absolute horror show and changes were rightly made. We were in a crisis and made some bold calls. Now it's the beginning of a new pre-season so naturally everybody is optimistic as new recruits, coaches and announcements


  12. On 11/7/2019 at 7:01 AM, AshleyH30 said:

    I love everything the club is coming out with in recent weeks, it really flies in the face of a few doomsayer posters on this site. I thought this club was in crisis? I mean; Goodwin was to be sacked (didn't eventuate, and ended up signing Richardson to help Goodwin the same week), players wanted out en mass (didn't eventuate, with only 1 player requesting a trade after we didn't offer a contract), Lewis leaving the club disenfranchised (didn't eventuate, and ended up signing him up as a part time kicking coach).

    Am I seeing a pattern here? Everything that some have posted as gospel of a club in crisis hasn't occurred, and in fact in most cases, has ended up being the exact opposite!

    It's the mental crises of posters projected onto the club.

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  13. On 11/8/2019 at 9:54 AM, Laughing Goat said:

    Ha ha Gee that response has had a lot of thought?

    I feel that the answers to our disarsterous season are not overseas. Maybe spending more time of developing our game plan & improving our skill level across the board may show significant short term improvement, rather than jetting off overseas looking for the answers.

    That's just me.....& happy to cop the criticism for it. Not sure Simon Goodwin can afford the luxury of travelling o/seas for a so called development searching trip. He's no Alistair Clarkson.

    Maybe you could contribute your thoughts on where our improvement should be & perhaps what they are going to find so far away?

    Continuously trying to develop and complicate the gameplan stifles the players and bogs them down. Goodwin needs to pull back a bit and let the players play to their strengths, just "trying harder" isn't going to help anyone. Getting away and learning from different organisations offers fresh perspective and can help blow away the cobwebs.

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  14. On 11/6/2019 at 6:24 PM, pinkshark said:

    Load of BS.  Off to America for PD.  Again, a load of BS.

    [censored] America.  Jesus bloody Christ, go and get some [censored] PD from the Hawthorn Footy Club FFS, or Richmond, or West Coast.   Imagine the furrowed, inquisitive brow of Goodwin when he has an equivalent 'leadership' course educated yank coach talking about how they drive culture and standards and all that other [censored] that flows out goodwins boring [censored], uninspired, 'leading' voice.  The truth is, US professional sports franchises don't carry on with all this 'leadership' BS.  

    Speaking of poor coaches, ran into Mark Neeld on the weekend.  He is running the Geelong United Basketball Club.  



    Ok boomer

  15. 10 minutes ago, BAMF said:

    Depends who we end up taking I guess.

    The only ones we have been linked to in a big way in the media are Jackson and Weigtman.

    Taylor confirmed our interest in Jackson when asked directly and all he really said was that he was one we were looking at and that we had done a lot of work on him.

    The link to Young is only because phantom draft experts have him around our pick and the fans on here are frothing over his highlights (admittedly, me included).

    I feel that we have an opportunity to pick up really good players at 3 & 8. But I don't think they are the superstars like in previous years. I don't think there is a Clayton Oliver level player at pick 3 this year which is a shame. Maybe Kemp?

    We don't need superstars. We need solid players with speed and elite disposal who can play 200 games for the club.

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