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  1. They've lost interest because he has decided to come to us.
  2. If we paid $800k a year for Polec this place would go into meltdown
  3. My view on the surgeries was anyone who needed anything done would all get sorted out last year knowing it would impact our 2019 campaign but getting everyone cherry ripe to for future seasons. I think the impact on 2019 was far worse than they expected though.
  4. That's a rubbish post mate, people are allowed to be cynical of the ability of the club's leaders and question their decisions without having ulterior motives and axes to grind
  5. I8 My expectations for 2017 were to make first week of finals, and for 2018 to make second week of finals based on our progression since 2014 and the profile of our list. We underachieved in 2017 and overachieved in 2018 based on MY expectations. 2019 was clearly a massive underperformance but whether it is indicative of what this list will achieve won't be known until we see how they perform next year. If we kill it next year, finish top 4 and compete for a flag then the list, over a period of time, won't be seen to have underachieved. If we bottom out again, miss or just scrape into finals then it will be an underachievement for the list over a period of time. I don't get what is so hard to comprehend about all that but I guess it easier to get all hot under the collar, throw a tantrum, name call and accuse others of "accepting mediocrity" whatever that means. Other than raging on an internet forum what do you (and others like you) do different to me to not accept mediocrity?
  6. Sorry mate, my posts will come with a content warning in future 🤭
  7. I assume you both realise that not every team starts from the same position at the beginning of each year? We had a VFL team in 2012/13. Matt Jones and Dean Terlich both finished top 5 in our B&F FFS. We've had to completely build the list up again from scratch.We probably should've made finals in 2017 but weren't a real flag threat. We should've made finals in 2019. Other than that we've performed at or above expectations. We won't know until next year whether we have underperformed or not. All things being equal we should be aiming at a top 4 finish internally in 2020. Of course the aim is a premiership but the correlating aim is continual top 4 finishes giving you an opportunity to win a flag. Which is exactly what Pert and Bartlett (and Jackson before them) have indicated in their "5-7 years" comment.
  8. Now that Garlett is gone we have a need for an injury prone small forward
  9. Schwab did this and was an unmitigated disaster. Created a thread, belittled the diehards on here and then disappeared refusibg to answer legitimate criticisms. As above I'd hope the club just gets on with fixing the problem and getting results. Only results will placate the members.
  10. Collingwood did this a few years ago and didn't go well On one hand it's good they acknowledge the need for members to air their grievances after the disappointment of this year but on the other I don't see what it is possibly going to achieve? Are members going to start questioning the coaches and selection committee on team selection, recruitment/drafting, game plans etc? It's ridiculous however the email explicitly states they wi not discuss any off field issues only on field (does a training base constitute on or off?) Just do your job, make the necessary changes and show us the results starting round 1 2020. Anything else is just fugazi.
  11. Exactly, that's why I I quoted that post to remind him that things are never as bad or as good as they seem. Don't worry he'll be back on board next year when we bounce back and he can point to that post and say "see, I knew Goodwin was a ripper I always backed him"
  12. And then do it all again in 18 months.
  13. Whenever these things come up I always try and find some way to get out of it. Generally by explaining that I have actual critical work that needs to be done instead of participating in a corporate bukkake session.
  14. It wasn't THE problem, it was a contributing factor to how things turned out. Why do people seem to find it so difficult to consider a multitude of factors impacting our performance this season? It was a perfect storm of everything that could go wrong going wrong. It was a bad season but it won't define this playing or coaching group.
  15. It's not about messages delivered from the coaches so much as onfield coaching, ensuring players are positioning themselves correctly, being mindful of their opponents positioning and ensuring they keep the correct options at front of mind. The AFL wanted to remove runners as they didn't like then being infield coaches but the thing is the more inexperienced teams (of which we are one) would be impacted by this more than the experienced teams.
  16. How could he rate Frost as highly as some on here? He'd have to be a mix of Scarlett and Fletcher with a touch of Silvagni thrown in.
  17. Yeah Richmond's success was built off the foundations laid by Wallace 🤣 pBS
  18. That was earlier this season. He hasn't improved, he's still chaotic and had the most goals scored from turnovers for our side (if not the comp).
  19. Does the 100m take into account the metres lost when the ball goes flying back over his head from a turnover?
  20. This gets brought up every year and it never happens. Supporters like to think they'll get something for nothing but clubs are far more intelligent with their dealings with other clubs, especially ours.
  21. The video is cut short. After he won the free kick he promptly kicked the ball out on the full missing a bloke 15m away.
  22. He looks really good galloping out of the backline with ball in hand until he turns it over and it goes back over his head for a goal. I won't be too upset if he goes, he's only depth when we have a fully fit list so depends what we get for him
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