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  1. Why? The AFL says we can't have 20 minute quarters because we need consistency across the season but then say they are considering increasing the interchange? I have seen no rationale offered for why they would increase the bench. It was originally floated when they were looking at a compressed season but now with a normal fixture going ahead (no mid week games) there is absolutely no reason for it The game is run by absolute buffoons, shorter quarters plus an increased interchange equals low scoring snoozefests
  2. If they can make it work great. It's a "nice to have" though, main thing we need is facilities for players and staff
  3. Fritsch to me is a good "icing" player, he'll do well when the team's going well but I can't see him grabbing a game and imposing himself on it when things aren't going our way. Maybe just my perception because of his size but I haven't seen it yet. Not saying get rid of him by any means but I don't see him getting a podium finish in the B&F so his salary needs to be commensurate with his abilities
  4. Unfortunately Fritsch may have to make way so we can re-sign the Wagner brothers
  5. social clubs and cafes I don't care about I agree we should have some kind of Hall of Fame/museum - it should be housed in the MCG though
  6. As long as it's not fenced off behind the MCC gates and is accessible to all supporters. I've been opposed to Casey but really the only reason is that I don't want it to be a disincentive for players thinking of coming to us or players wanting to leave. Having a base around the MCG would be great but if we can't find something optimal we have to be pragmatic. Casey offers the space to work in but is it too far out to expect players to travel? Let's assume most live around the Brighton/Toorak area suburbs, whats the travel time out to Casey? We don't want a Saints/Seaford situation on our hands.
  7. It says we're the biggest loser but then goes on to say Freo & Sydney had easier ranked draws initially so it's a rubbish article. Also the only reason we're the "biggest loser" is based on our double-ups in the initial draw which are not going ahead. I'd say escaping a trip to Geelong is a tick for the win column.
  8. It would need a car park to be a success, foot traffic there would be minimal wouldn't it?
  9. 2x 2hr games is better than 2x 3hr games - it would allow them to have all games over the weekend with no overlapping. Would also mean games on Thurs/Mon nights are more lucrative as they will finish earlier on tv
  10. They want games to fit in a 2hr tv segment
  11. This should be the norm, especially for geelong games. I get why north/Hawks don't want to host bigger clubs (same reason we wouldn't want to host Collingwood in Darwin) but there is no reason why the shouldn't go to Geelong. Geelong wants to play them there it's the AFL forcing these games to be played at the MCG.
  12. and you should be able to plug your PC/laptop into your TV with a HDMI cable to watch on your TV
  13. Get a chromecast, telstra TV or apple tv? Does your TV have bluetooth? If so you might even be able to stream it from your phone to your TV. What brand/model of TV do you have?
  14. It's only to round 5 though, still 12 rounds to go
  15. How would that work? So west coast plays Adelaide in Brisbane and it's a Crows home game? They play all other interstate sides and they are always the away team so the other teams get lumped with home games at away venues? I don't see how that could work, they will be playing home games at neutral venues just like us in NT and Hawks/North in Tas.
  16. "For neutral venues" - Adelaide and Port for example can play 8 home, 8 away and 1 neutral game. We could play 7 home, 7 away and 3 neutral (MCG games vs Richmond, Collingwood and Hawthorn). Home & away doesn't really matter except for interstate travel (or games in Geelong).
  17. What is the difference between home and away for neutral venues with no crowds and no gates? NSW, QLD, SA & WA teams will get 8 home, 8 away and 1 neutral game. Vic clubs will be different but they can figure it out, Geelong really the only outlier.
  18. If we won the flag this year I would be bloody ecstatic. It would suck not being there or winning in an empty stadium, would be extremely eerie. But I'd still be celebrating like a madman with the family, wife, kids, parents, brother, sister, cousins, aunts and uncles. Especially if it was against the Pies or Tigers (or even West Coast)
  19. He's a good 3rd marking option up forward but definitely not the key forward target, I agree
  20. He had Hogan next to him. Hogan drew players to him and he ran up and back all day creating space in our forward and spreading defences.
  21. You have to have some community integration, we need to have something to sell to the government to invest in
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