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  1. Yep. Hopefully all the drop offs will make it easier to get decent Grand Final tickets 😉
  2. Typical of what? I don't apologise for refusing to wallow in misery like the grumpy old men on here. Maybe it's because I have realistic expectations, I knew we'd lose easily based on the selected teams. Did anyone see our named forward line and realistically expect us to win? Give me a spell
  3. I'll have to take your word for it, haven't seen a second if the game as I was at my brother in law's 40th. But I'm assuming it was much like the last month if footy, albeit with even fewer tall marking options
  4. It's not that it's acceptable, but what else did anyone expect? Once I saw May, Petty and OMac were out and replaced by Chandler, Spargo and Stretch and we were fielding the shortest team in living memory I knew we would lose by over 5 goals. This season was over months ago yet people are still outraged after each loss. I don't get it. The challenge will be in how they rebound next year, not next week.
  5. That was a fantastic play that immediately resulted in Frost kicking the ball out on the full...
  6. Sheedy was right about one thing, the fish rots at the head
  7. You certainly implied it with your "but Goody's the man" comment. What did you mean by that if not a snide comment at his future prospects? There seems to be a level of anger behind your posts, I hope you're not this miserable in the real world. We all love the club but at the end of the day it's only a game, your teams performance is not a reflection on you.
  8. You're going to make judgements based on the last 2 games?
  9. Is Goodwin in charge of coaching appointments? Or does that rest with the head of football? You'd probably have been on the sack Bomber (2006) and sack Hardwick (2016) bandwagons too. Clearing out the assistants and restructuring does not necessarily reflect on the future prospects of the senior coach.
  10. Regardless of the content that is a terribly written article. Reads like something from a year 7 kid rather than a professional journalist.
  11. Even if Goodwin were only contracted for 1 more year we would not be moving him on.
  12. There was a post on here only a week or so ago saying that Frost turnovers resulted in twice as many scores against us as the next player He does some good things and is pretty good 1 on 1 but his brainfades are unacceptable. He is not the answer and if we are relying on him to be a long term answer we're going nowhere.
  13. No surprise, if any of the assistants survive I'll be shocked. The cleanout should've happened last year.
  14. If you can bare it go back and watch the first quarter. We were far more methodical moving the ball. The commentators were all over it. I don't disagree we've been poorly coached especially early on but there has been a distinct attempt to change the style of play in the second half of the year. The lack of key forward targets has killed us though as we have no get our option if the opposition goes man on man or presses up tighter around the kicker.
  15. We've been trying to play that style since the bye. It worked well with our ball movement in the first quarter amongst the best we have had all year. Our finishing in front of goal killed us, we missed at least 5 easy set shots which should've had the Pies on the back foot at quarter time.
  16. We had 40 uncontested marks in the first quarter. We were definitely NOT labouring under a play on at all costs game plan. The style was clearly changed to chip kicking/marking and not playing on.
  17. Melksham had the yips today too, both set shots hooked to the left. Wagner missed a sitter in the last. Fritsch kicked 1.4 I think. We played terrible but if we take our opportunities we get the result. It's that simple
  18. Same people who said West Coast and Richmond "never got out of second gear"? We were terrible after quarter time today but some people just look for the negatives in everything.
  19. Turnovers after quarter time, missed set shots in the first quarter. Gawn, Petracca x2 and Fritsch. Scoreboard pressure would've made a big difference with the Pies being so far off their game. Compare it to the game in 2017 where they came out and couldn't miss. We were 7 goals down before we knew what had happened. We could've done the same to them today but missed costly set shots. Started off with Gawn not even making the distance in the first 5 minutes. Gawn and Petracca should be forced to take 100 set shots every day over summer. It's all about routine with these two, you can see it in their run up they have no confidence they'll kick the goal. Petracca continued his good form today if he can sort out his set shots he'll have a breakout season next year tearing games apart.
  20. I agree, Petty has shown me something since the move forward. Still very raw bit something to work with. Dunkley should not be playing senior footy, not his fault we've just been decimated with injury. That's not to say he'll never be good enough but he should be developing in the 2s.
  21. Great thread These stats seem to be more on an individual level of performance/output - I'd love to see some stats related to gameplan/team play.
  22. They'll definitely get picks 1 and 2, they would've got it last year but Carlton stuffed up their plans by being so [censored] Noone will care if we get screwed because we finished top 4 last year and should rebound next year and the tanking thing is still recent history. Carlton traded out their first pick so people won't care if Adelaide gets knocked back one spot in the draft. The only team who will be upset is us and the AFL won't care because we won't say anything. Gold coast will get picks 1 and 2 this year take it to the bank
  23. But how many times did he scratch his leg?
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