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  1. You people need to get some fresh air
  2. It's the shockers that get remembered though and his set shot action is terrible. It's all mental I have no doubt which means it's easy to fix. Those stats don't take into account the out on the fulls either
  3. Hopefully he's spent plenty of time with Stafford over the preseason.
  4. He'd have to have stiff competition for that!
  5. Because the chances of it working smoothly for every game are almost nil. Especially if you're trying to get young kids through the gates at the same time
  6. Just use this year's lanyard? My oldest son got his membership pack the other day but no indication my youngest son's pack has been posted yet.
  7. Maybe there are. But they haven't been implemented or even communicated. So until we are at least told what this might be I will remain sceptical.
  8. It's not the 80s anymore. People shouldn't have to attend the AGM to get an idea of the financial strategy, the club has 50k members now. The communication should be transparent.
  9. I dont think I missed it. Income from pokies may not be the only thing that sees us succeed as a business but the lack of that income could see us fail.
  10. 10% of our revenue when we're already in the bottom rungs of the financial ladder. 10% just to get back to where we were when we were already behind the pack and have minimal assets, no training base etc
  11. Governments rarely give up revenue, what makes you think they'll ban pokies and give up the revenue that flows through from that? A financial model that relies on sustained success is doomed to failure. The only way we could operate that way would be to have so many members they are forced into reserve seat packages at the start of the year which would be extremely difficult given our large home ground, large number of MCC members and low supporters base.
  12. The machines are still there. It's just that instead of the money going toward a football club it is going towards Woolies and Bruce Mathieson.
  13. Yet the AFL still comfortable having a "major betting partner" Talk about hypocrites
  14. And what will the commission do to help those clubs who do divest? What consequences are there for those that don't? Goyder won't be around forever but our pokies revenue is now done and dusted. I can't imagine the AFL chipping in a few extra mil per year to cover our lost revenue.
  15. Selling off the pokies was idiotic considering our financial history.
  16. Top 4 I'm not expecting much from our draftees and anything we get from Bennell, VDB, J Smith would be a bonus.
  17. And take Hocking with him. Who would've thought we'd be longing for for Demetriou/Anderson again!
  18. This is just further proof the game is run by the media and any changes have nothing to do with the supporters, clubs or players.
  19. Depends how poor his attitude was I guess. Was he a genuine no-hoper or a kid in his early 20s on few hundred K a year partying it up with his mates?
  20. Has goal sense too it seems. You can't teach that and none of our forwards currently have that.
  21. Haha yeah fair call but not to MFC which is what I meant (in the context of Jackson returning to west coast cos of NicNat/Suma - who I think has been at Freo for some time anyway so not sure why it would matter)
  22. Who cares what Preuss thinks? If Preuss demands selection he'll get it if not he'll be off to another club or have a short career. Balls in his court. Same with Weideman. Positions won't be handed out, you're gonna have to earn it.
  23. Just like Gaff and Judd came back to Melbourne and Lukosius and Rankine back to SA. If we overlook players because they might leave us one day we might as well pack it in.
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