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  1. Looks like it http://www.footyindustry.com/?page_id=698
  2. Yep I think Goodwin has to release the shackles a little bit
  3. How? The ground is owned by the state government and managed by the state government appointed MCG Trust.
  4. Agreed, we need another tall to offer a second get out option But we also need those midsized forwards to present up and be the connection between midfield and forward. In 2018 this is something Melksham and Hannan and later Vandenberg when he returned from injury did well. In addition to forward pressure they were the link ups across half forward. This requires high levels of workrate to be constantly on the move and spread the defense. I'd love to see Weideman come in (or at least Brown) for either Vandenberg or Hannan. I'd probably bring in either Bennell or Jones as well
  5. Every club has had to deal with those circumstances though. Yeah we've been impacted a bit more than others due to the postponement of the Essendon game but does that impact our game style, structure and ball movement to the degree we've seen? Port has been impacted more than us so far, having to relocate to Queensland for a month yet they've been going ok. For me the time for excuses is over. Injuries last year was a reason for me rather than an excuse but there's only so long you can keep justifying poor results before you start demanding results. Every year there will be circumstances which can be pointed to, meanwhile were another year closer to Gawn's retirement, another year of development for Oliver, Brayshaw, Viney, Weideman etc down the drain. The time is now as far as I'm concerned and it seems my expectations are in line with the board. BTW I know you're not trying to justify the performances, just explaining why I think supporters have "turned" on Goodwin. I'd say for me though I haven't "turned" on him, just "turning up the heat".
  6. Excellent point, I see this happen frequently too and it drives me crazy. Run in and have a shot. Successful AFL teams kick goals from 50 and have goalkicking mids. Eventually as you say the defense will push up to put pressure on and we can go over the top to the lose man.
  7. We had space in our forward line then as well, weren't we the number 1 team for goals within 30m? Now we still get it there but we are devoid of space, opposition teams drop back and absorb the punishment then try and get us on the rebound.
  8. I wonder what impact playing home games interstate will have on our finances now that we are (I assume) unlikely to benefit from the MCC's generosity here. We may only get 2 home games at the G this year, last week vs Geelong and this week vs Richmond. Currently we will lose 1 home game (vs Suns at Giants Stadium) but it seems a good chance we won't see another game in Vic this year after this weekend. Will this have an impact on the money required to be raised by the club to ensure we are an unassisted club? Does it blowout the target from $1m to $2m? Or was this already factored in by the club? Have we been able to negotiate a separate deal with the MCC? I note Bartlett commented on the podcast earlier in the week about the support we had received from the MCC.
  9. If Drysdale is an alias of Dr Who as I suspect he doesn't even support the Demons, he switched to the Giants years ago.
  10. What do you mean by clean slate? I give Goodwin the benefit of the doubt for last year due to injuries but it was still a fail of a year for the club. We finished 17th! I defended Goodwin last year and backed him to turn it around but it was still a fail. Fact is though those excuses aren't there this year and it's time to produce.
  11. I haven't seen anything mentioned about Goodwin having no plan B in at least the last 5 pages or so. It's the plan A not working that is the issue. Yes teams get beaten. But when they get beaten consistently and in the same manner then the coach has a problem.
  12. For me though contested footy doesn't just mean winning clearances. It also means the defensive pressure you put on the opposition. When we beat the Dogs at Docklands in 2018 I think it was our pressure was lauded, I think we were sitting at over 200 on the pressure index. No way we're anywhere near that at the moment. Again I'd like to add I'm not on the "sack Goodwin" wagon yet. I backed him last year when people on here were turning on him. I'm happy to give him the rest of the season to see what plays out but the heat needs to be turned up on him. He should be feeling the pressure now and know that his career is well and truly in the balance and hangs on the outcome of this year's results. Let's see what he's made of.
  13. I'd also add Goodwin often talks about the Melbourne brand and supporters being able to clearly identify how we play. At the moment I couldn't tell you what this is. All supporters see at the moment is a team that is great at getting the ball inside 50 and terrible at actually converting that into scores. There is no system or structure, just hack the ball forward.
  14. I don't think it's covid AF, I think it's the fact that we are seeing the same issues as last year despite now having a full list to choose from. Last year we had injuries and a down year after 5 or so years of improvement. This year results are required and we aren't seeing them. It's not even just results, if we were playing with a system and coherence I think supporters would be more forgiving but we just seem to have no idea out there. It wouldn't have mattered to me had we snuck home against the Cats and be sitting at 2-1 its the style we are playing which has me frustrated.
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