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  1. Nah the worst non call was Hurn playing on from a kickout and running close to the 50m line without taking a bounce
  2. I agree. If Petracca, Garlett and TMac kick the goals they should we win by 4 or 5 goals.
  3. The guy regularly fresh airs when going for spoils. I've given him chances (about 2 years worth) but he just isn't up to league footy.
  4. Might as well try and get something out of the season
  5. Its our structure. We make it so easy for the other team to pick us off because we are so predictable. We arent doing too badly except for our kicking inside 50 and conversion of inside 50s to scores because we either hack it forward or move too slowly forward so end up with kicks down the line to hot spots/key forward targets. The key defenders just tangles up the key forward allowing the intercept defender an easy chop off. We need to learn how to move the ball more efficiently forward (greater skill and flow rather than the haphazard panicky scrum/hack it forward footy) and how to spread the field. It always feels like we have no space, we need to spread the field, particularly the forward 50. Part of it is wanting to go down the corridor but sometimes the best play is to go over the corridor to the "fat side" and spread the field more. We did it several times on the weekend, we're so focused on attacking through the corridor we don't see that the next kick after that makes it easier to defend. If we go over the top of the corridor onto the fat side it spreads the field, creates more space for the forwards to work in, spreads the defense and forces them to work harder.
  6. I was gonna ask anyone who was there, had it been raining? Humidity? Both teams seemed to be handling a bar of soap out there but it looked like perfect t conditions.
  7. That's what we were saying too
  8. Bowling shoe ugly as JR used to say (for you WWF fans)
  9. The game should have been all but iced at quarter time. Great to get the win but [censored] me this team can make you pull your hair out. How have our skills dropped so markedly in 6 months. We were never the most skilled side but this is another level. Why does TMac attempt marks with flat palms? Why does Omac continually fresh air spoils?
  10. Occam's razor says we should be based at the G
  11. I've always wondered whether we would've continued dominating if Barassi had stayed on to coach - or would things still have played out similar to the way they did and Barassi would not be the supercoach he is known as today.
  12. I agree with you although the Bulldogs flag is always in the back of the mind - all you have to do is make finals and then prepare yourselves for 4 weeks of blitzkrieg footy. Won't happen for us this year though. 2020 we will bounce back as long as we focus now on getting our players fit for round 1 2020 and we attack the draft with at least 3 or 4 guys with pace and skill who can slot in (a la Duursma, Rozee, Butters at Port)
  13. It took me until the Essendon game but really even before round 1 I had this feeling things were not going to go well for us this year. I had us as flag contenders up until a couple of weeks before the season. The Brisbane pre-season game was a bad sign. I just thought a lot of other teams had made significant improvements whereas we had gone backwards if anything losing Hogan and relying on Weid too much. Anyway I'm viewing this year as one long pre-season for 2020. If things don't turn next year I'll start questioning my life choices.
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