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  1. On the back of 4 or 5 dubious 50m penalties that handed them goals.
  2. He'll probably get another run in the seniors but with May, Lever (when fit) ahead of him and Petty and Keilty breathing down his neck it wouldn't surprise me if he doesn't play in the red and blue again this year.
  3. Just get them to go in through GA and then meet them inside the ground with 3 AFL members tickets. They can then walk through to the AFL members area by just showing the card and walking through.
  4. The aim for ALL clubs is to get enough members so that all games are fully ticketed. With our ground that means we will need approximately 55k members excluding the 15k or so who are also MCC/AFL Members. Once clubs have enough members most tickets will be reserved seats (like at Subiaco/Adelaide Oval/Kardinia Park) meaning extra revenue for clubs.
  5. How much do people think would be fair? Everyone's scoffing at 650k but would 550k be ok? 400k? Salary cap has increased over the last few years so 650k for the next 2-3 years isn't the same as 650k 2013-2015.
  6. Ive always had positive experiences with the staff but the wait times are crazy sometimes
  7. Is that the first time we've ever beaten a team with Buddy in it?
  8. Hitouts 50-10 Clearances 30-29 How is that possible???
  9. How about performing to a standard where it's impossible to drop you or alternatively showing your wares for prospective buyers in the offseason? Some pride in your own performance? These excuses for guys on a few hundred grand are laughable.
  10. We don't have to rebuild we just need to add some class/pace.
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