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  1. How has he grossly underperformed? Do you think we should have won a premiership in his first 2 seasons? If so it's your expectations that need to be re-evaluated, not the coach. This year has been bad. Bad all round and some readjustments need to be made in the offseason. But he's earnt the right to be given the benefit of the doubt for one season, especially consideri g the diabolical state of our injury list.
  2. And I couldn't give a stuff about membership boosts, I just want to see onfield success. And that is more likely to come from off field stability rather than emotional bloodletting.
  3. Brad Scott was at North for 10 years Richardson at the Saints for 6 with not much to show for it Bolton at the Blues for 4 with no runs on the board whatsoever Hinkley has been at Port for 7 years and they're still flakey, haven't done anything since his first couple of seasons Pyke will not get sacked this year and is basically in the position Goodwin will be in next year if our poor form continues into 2020 Goodwin is in his 3rd year and has just missed fi also by the narrowest margin ever and then took the side to a prelim. We've had a very bad season and he has some learning to do but he and the club should have some runs on the board to wait and see how they rebound next year with a fitter list and some of our young guys another year in. To compare him to the other coaches above is just dumb
  4. Did you watch the game today? We did not "persist with the manic chaos game for the entire match".
  5. Do you blame Goodwin for today's loss?
  6. I can forgive Vineys miss, hell even Petty due to inexperience especially up forward (even though both his were absolute sodas). But the two misses from Lewis were inexcusable.
  7. How many Prelims have those teams made in the last 12 months? Anyone who puts this loss on Goodwin is just plain dumb. He coached well today, it was the execution of the players which lost us the game.
  8. Exactly, not only we did miss multiple sitters early (Viney, Lewis x2, Petty x2, Gawn, Fritsch) the Eagles were kicking them out of their [censored]. Umpires were pathetic we got a few our way but overall I thought we were extremely stiff, constantly got blocked out of marking contests, rubbish 50 to Darling, another rubbish free kick to Darling. Still we had enough chances to win.
  9. Just open it in private tab in your browser
  10. Great win by the Bombers undermanned and on the road Adelaide are a joke of a team, seem to have all the pieces but something's missing. Just never trust then to win a competitive game.
  11. Oh I agree completely. Was just having a light hearted dig at how bad the MFC is traveling. The game hasn't lost me yet, but it's getting there. I used to think no game in the world could top Aussie rules but now I think American football might actually be a better game (for all its faults and issues with the current administration).
  12. Agree we desperately need TMac to find his prior form, Petracca to nail his set shots, Weid to develop and to recruit 2 crumbing goalsneaks.
  13. Peter Jackson spoke at the end of last year and warned the supporters and club about panicking and melting down when the inevitable backwards step came. Linear progression for 6,7,8 years on the way to a flag is unheard of and was unlikely to happen for us. The backwards step has been more dramatic than we would have liked it expected but the supporters need to show faith the club is on the right track. If this continues into next year then questions will be asked but at this stage I'm willing to write this off as a bad year and learning year.
  14. This happens all over the ground not just in the forward line. Drives me berserk seeing players do half hearted leads, or worse no leads at all which then doesn't open up space for players behind them to lead into. Makes it so easy to defend as well because the ball invariably gets kicked on top of their heads so the defender can jump over the top to spoil or intercept.
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