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  1. I can't imagine anything coming out of this other than platitudes, " we understand how disappointed the fans were", we're on the right track etc etc The email that announced it made it clear they won't be fielding questions related to any off field issues which only leaves onfield and I can't imagine they'll be going into depth about gameplans and the like
  2. Such a shame he was born about 5 years too early. His silk could've really helped us during the Northey years, might have helped us pinch a flag in 1990.
  3. As well there should have been. But I think that's different to a being a club in crisis.
  4. Assistants come and go, it's the CEO, President, Coach, Footy Manager - the key roles that promote stability.
  5. It's the mental crises of posters projected onto the club.
  6. Continuously trying to develop and complicate the gameplan stifles the players and bogs them down. Goodwin needs to pull back a bit and let the players play to their strengths, just "trying harder" isn't going to help anyone. Getting away and learning from different organisations offers fresh perspective and can help blow away the cobwebs.
  7. We don't need superstars. We need solid players with speed and elite disposal who can play 200 games for the club.
  8. A history of drug use doesn't necessarily make you a [censored]
  9. You might want to put a big asterisk on this post. Because come round 10 next year and Harley's still in the rehab group a bunch of posters on here will be using it as evidence of the certain demise of the club.
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