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  1. bit late for that.Perhaps the"he is already better than Hogan" fraternity have had a reality check.Mays performance tonight amplifies why it was such a pathetic trade .
  2. well it certainly has been a dramatic fall from grace for the Weed .Last week he was a better key forward then Jesse and this week it is off to the VFL.Still seems our best bet at FF but dont expect another Hogan.
  3. if KK does well tomorrow he can go straight in.
  4. we didnt get rid of Hogan sadly Hogan got rid of us .Weed continues to improve incrementally and hopefully will make a quantum leap forward at some stage this year.However he will never be as good as Hogan .
  5. not as huge as the doubt on Hannans fitness.
  6. final round 1987 against the Bulldogs for sure .Drama all day- Gary Lyon breaking his leg, watching Glenn Lovett and Sean Wight drive us into attack time after time and listening at the end on the tranny(meant transistor in those days)as Jason Dunstall kicked the 2 matchwinners for Hawthorn.What A day !
  7. i think it may have been an oblique reference to a sponsor for the back of jumper rather than the Bank of Japan
  8. It was generally a good session and well received by the impressive crowd .I thought the stand out was Joel Smith .He clunked everything and looked the fittest I have seen him .His kicking was ok as well
  9. Shouldn't be in Freo colours .An ill conceived and particularly poorly executed trade .However he is opposition and can no longer be a favourite .
  10. A pretty good year at Aspley . Very popular at the club,3rd in the best and fairest and an interchange selection in NEAFL team of the year .However hasnt improved since leaving us and it would be a big leap of faith to put him on The Suns list .
  11. the interesting and probably disappointing comment from josh was that Jesse was happy to stay if we couldn't broker a satisfactory trade .Doesn't seem that we were forced to take 6 and 23 because Jesse was insisting on a trade ,more just a statement of preference.A tragedy if this becomes the difference in winning or not winning this years flag .
  12. Or the " Why did we ever do that trade For Jesse thread "!
  13. All a bit late .No point asking these questions unless you need to somehow internally justify an unjustifiable trade .Perhaps there was some to date unreported attempts at lateral negotiations involving Brayshaw and others but as best as I can see we just took what Freo offered which was not nearly enough.
  14. marvel at how we were able to get match winner jesse back on the list.
  15. with respect that is not an answer to the question who won the trade We got Salem and Tyson, GWS got Kelly and clearly won the trade .I agree that if we had not made that trade and then drafted Billings over Kelly that would have been an even worse outcome .
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