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  1. The time line of the prospect of Harley joining us ran pretty much parallel with the prospect of drafting Jack Martin. We didn't appear to make much of an effort to convince Martin that we had the draft pick and he wold play with us or no one.A bit like North and Carlton over Keith Greig .Instead the club dismissed the drafting of Martin rolled out Harley as a substitute and people got excited .Now the overwhelming consensus seems to be that it was unlikely that Harley would ever play anyway .That consensus is well justified and I concur with it .But we cannot say that all we lost was a potential rookie list player .What we lost was an absolutely fortuitous opportunity to snag not some rookie listed player but a genuinely good fit footballer .Harley was just the soft option .
  2. What has puzzled me is whether there is any medical evidence available to the Club to suggest that he can get there in the end .Freo of course tried everything including surgery in Germany to fix Harley's calf problems.Probably all that remained was trip to Lourdes . All to no avail.In the end of all this the Dockers had decided by mid 2019 that despite their very best efforts sadly Harley wasn't going to make it and they not unreasonably let him go.Has anything changed which would give us something other than a mere hope that Harley would be right for 2020?
  3. no he was a terrible kick for goal-completly unreliable .But his marking judgement was unrivalled .Tragically struck down in his first season but had already shown he was something special . Although he was not the same player when he returned he was still one of our mainstays in typically difficult times .
  4. As a consistently long and reliable kick I would go for Bryan Kenneally .Surprising no one mentioned Magnificent Ron whose kicking was as good as the rest of his game ..
  5. if we can perhaps ignore Carlton for a moment and concentrate on ourselves i just wonder whether we did enough in this instance to take advantage of that serendipitous opportunity to gain a very good player .As we all know Martin want one in the same draft that Jesse went two so obviously he was rated .it is difficult to assess his Suns form as he the type of player who would be at his best with talented players around him and those players were in short supply at the Suns .Martin made his preference for Carlton clear but he was just as clear the previous year for his preference for Essendon so I never saw him as welded to the Blues .I accept that his asking price for his first 2 years was high but that was a particularly unsophisticated ruse on Carltons part to fix the mess made by them in the Trade Period Did we try enough to juggle the financial and personal issues that accompanied his potential drafting?.I of course have no way of knowing that but I my feeling just on reading published material was that we let a great opportunity slip too easily
  6. Except Bradke cost us nothing and we have nothing to lose .Jackson cost a draft pick for which we had to lose all year to gain .Naturally I fervently hope he turns out as a number 3 draft pick should but I sense that this is make or break for JT.
  7. I found this years trip to Darwin particularly pleasant and i was looking forward to a trip in 2020 .The weather is beautiful that time of year and the people hospitable .We play the stadium better than we play most grounds and despite the heartbreaking loss to Adelaide this year we ,in my view anyway ,had developed a genuine home ground advantage .I doubt the final decision was ours and was a result of the demise of the Northern Thunder .The AFL are concerned with the drop in draftees from the NT and saw a need to align NTFL with a geographically closer club .I understand the members support of moving back to the G and the reasoning of the AFL is generally sound but I am still a little saddened by the news
  8. Well we unlike other clubs at least ended up with our prime targets which were settled on well before the trade period began .We weren't running around like headless chooks on the last hours of the final day .
  9. good to get another top 10 pick this year but again unless there is some not yet revealed further strategy we have been too generous in what we have given back
  10. a second round pick next is a surprisingly good outcome .Frosty always reminded me of Gary Cowton so his deficiencies were apparent and generally surfaced at the worst possible time .He was a trier who never wanted to leave so I wish him all the best . h
  11. He may look ok statistically but it was pleasing that Jeremy Howe had no real influence .Also saw Lyndon Dunne mooching around in the rooms afterwards. Collingwood are now 2 flags in the last 60 years so all in all a wonderful day .
  12. wow what an effort to come up with 10 positives .Well done.I came up with zero.I didnt even think Max was quite as good this year as last .Next challenge will be positives for Nathan Lyons fielding-Fielded Gary .
  13. what does 4.1 to 1 goal do to Lyons premature assessment that Freo is the best last quarter team in the competition .Go dees !
  14. Mat i believe you are marking JT a bit too harshly .Well actually a lot too harshly .Drafting is essentially a game of probability .Athough there are plenty of exceptions ,the rule of thumb is the higher the draft choice the better the chances of success .It is not difficult to rate the top draft picks in advance and the clubs all come up with much the same list .The art is in finding players who are not in the top picks J T could only play the cards dealt to him and he was largely dealt a poor hand .This year his first pick was 27 and even by then you are getting into the speculative arena .He took Sparrow and he is a definite maybe .James jordan was next at 33 and he is in a similar boat to Sparrow .in 2017 his first picks weren't until 29 and 31 .He took Spargo and Fritsch and both proved good enough to play finals football in their first season .In 2016 the first pick was 46 which is almost "we"ll pass " territory.He took Hannan who once again was a player good enough to make our finals team.In 2015 he was dealt a couple of aces in picks 4 and 9 and took Oliver and Weideman .We know their ability .Oliver is a superstar and Weed at least a long term player .Similarly in 2014 he had trac at 2 and Brayshaw at 3 .Both are wonderful talents .In the same draft his next pick was 40 which was Nibbbler ,another finals player .In 2013 he took Salem at 9 and he will finish high in this years b and f .40 Was jkh and he even snagged a good player at 57 in hunt .Compare that to his predecessor. in the 2011 draft he took the devastatingly underwhelming selections of Taggart Tynan and Sellar. 25 games between the 3 of them .If JT can get high picks he will draft top players but that said he in my view has done pretty well with even the low picks ..
  15. i have to take issue here with you SWYL on this one . it was 1965 where we won the first 8 and didnt make the finals .In 1971 we only won the first 5 before being beaten by Collingwood in round 6 but again didnt make the finals .On a slightly brighter note we did win the Night Premership in season 1971 so does that count as our elsive post 1964 premiership ?
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