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  1. what does 4.1 to 1 goal do to Lyons premature assessment that Freo is the best last quarter team in the competition .Go dees !
  2. Mat i believe you are marking JT a bit too harshly .Well actually a lot too harshly .Drafting is essentially a game of probability .Athough there are plenty of exceptions ,the rule of thumb is the higher the draft choice the better the chances of success .It is not difficult to rate the top draft picks in advance and the clubs all come up with much the same list .The art is in finding players who are not in the top picks J T could only play the cards dealt to him and he was largely dealt a poor hand .This year his first pick was 27 and even by then you are getting into the speculative arena .He took Sparrow and he is a definite maybe .James jordan was next at 33 and he is in a similar boat to Sparrow .in 2017 his first picks weren't until 29 and 31 .He took Spargo and Fritsch and both proved good enough to play finals football in their first season .In 2016 the first pick was 46 which is almost "we"ll pass " territory.He took Hannan who once again was a player good enough to make our finals team.In 2015 he was dealt a couple of aces in picks 4 and 9 and took Oliver and Weideman .We know their ability .Oliver is a superstar and Weed at least a long term player .Similarly in 2014 he had trac at 2 and Brayshaw at 3 .Both are wonderful talents .In the same draft his next pick was 40 which was Nibbbler ,another finals player .In 2013 he took Salem at 9 and he will finish high in this years b and f .40 Was jkh and he even snagged a good player at 57 in hunt .Compare that to his predecessor. in the 2011 draft he took the devastatingly underwhelming selections of Taggart Tynan and Sellar. 25 games between the 3 of them .If JT can get high picks he will draft top players but that said he in my view has done pretty well with even the low picks ..
  3. i have to take issue here with you SWYL on this one . it was 1965 where we won the first 8 and didnt make the finals .In 1971 we only won the first 5 before being beaten by Collingwood in round 6 but again didnt make the finals .On a slightly brighter note we did win the Night Premership in season 1971 so does that count as our elsive post 1964 premiership ?
  4. no matter how many misses Jason may have had it is pellucidly clear to me that he is streets ahead of Barry Prendergast.Craig Cameron and irrefutably Richard Griffith( i still cringe at the mention of the Coctatoo Collins twins )and I challenge you fine posters to provide any data to show otherwise.
  5. I feel like I have absolutely nothing to look forward to and at the moment feel this club as robbed me of he ability to lead something of a normal life.
  6. i thought we were good at times today and you cant seriously question the players commitment .We just cant gel as a group and that's been the case all year .The midfield has no faith in the forward line and there is good reason for that .The effect of losing Jesse was not fully appreciated and is at least part of the reason the forward line is so shambolic.There has been no plan B for the forward line and the weekly selections are a victory of optimism over experience . We are a team without confidence and the break will do us no harm .
  7. the only good thing about Dennis was that he only had the one season.Sadly he has now passed on .
  8. Did you check for him in the Casey reserves side ?
  9. or perhaps have the Federal Police raid him because his opinion differed from yours .let everyone feel free enough to offer an opinion and then make of it what you will.
  10. the biggest disappointment to me is Fritsch .Omac and his ilk aren't disappointing because they were duds to begin with and have just traveled further along that path.But Fritsch last year was a revelation-so neat and clean of hand and foot .I thought he would bounce back this year from his prelim final setback but that hasn't happened .He just cant seem to find the ball .The biggest improver has been Salem who has steadily progressed to be now a genuine A grader .
  11. I dont believe it is unfair or unreasonable to have a negative view on players performance providing your view has some arguable basis and is not actuated by malice.I certainly have no malice towards Oscar and by all accounts is a great bloke but really brings nothing to the table as a footballer .If you asked what was the single biggest factor in the heartbreaking loss I would with complete candor and honesty say the performance of Oscar.
  12. I dont want to appear unnecessarily provocative and I do admire the blind loyalty of The Oscar camp but that said I have no doubt that the extra 3 points needed for a win would have been achieved if May,Lever ,Kelty or just about anyone else had played CHB on Saturday night .Oscar is and has in my view always been an indescribably inept footballer with no skill set at all .On Saturday night he made an out of form and not much good anyway Josh Jenkins look like Wayne Carey .I wouldn't expect Oscar to even be an influence at Casey .He however is a particularly talented golfer and perhaps the club could encourage him in that direction
  13. Im off to Darwin tonight to lend some support .Can any posters advise where we congregate to have a drink in Darwin ?The anecdotal evidence from the Gold Coast function is that we imbibe at the Boat Club but I haven't been able to confirm this .I would hate to wander in to some Crows haunt and be never seen again .Any info is appreciated
  14. Surely Weed has to replace Kelty and just about anybody can replace Omac .
  15. bit late for that.Perhaps the"he is already better than Hogan" fraternity have had a reality check.Mays performance tonight amplifies why it was such a pathetic trade .
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