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  1. Lapsed coach keen to return if it’s not too late. Team: The Cuckoo’s Nest. Coach: Drew. Thanks.
  2. I've just signed up to the Cordner League too. Team is The Cuckoo's Nest. Thanks.
  3. For the record - no, he didn't. He was pulled out of one of the main 'match sim' drills and worked with Daniel Cross on the sideline instead: a tackling/evasion drill, then taking marks over Cross who was wearing the pads. (During which he reeled in a huge, one-handed hanger, and he finished with a massive leap which wiped out himself and his bag-man. They both got up laughing, and one of the other staff joked, "Now that's a test.") He then returned to the main group. But if he wasn't in full training today, surely must be soon. Did the vast majority of the session and looked fantastic.
  4. Ahhh, the sweet sound of commonsense.
  5. Exactly. This kid is superb. Plays inside and out, and when you get your own pill in tight like he does, the right choice is to handball to a runner with eyes up. But he kicks when he should, and kicks well. And covers the ground like a Kenyan. Get excited.
  6. "Morton - beaten by midget" [sigh] I take it that means you didn't notice Garlett kicked two of his goals on Sylvia, and another on Rivers? (Yes Rivers - caught in a mismatch on rotation.) Nice exercise, very very poorly executed. Bate was ok, Cheney poor, Martin encouraging and Davey to be applauded for not throwing the towel in, as he would have once. Spencer is tall though, I'll grant you that
  7. Thank you to those who happened to notice that the captain's recent form has been good. In fact his past month has been first class. I thought he was gone, like many others, but he has shown he is capable of going around again. We should be grateful. Another batch of young players will learn how to prepare themselves for AFL football; they will see how to conduct themselves with integrity; they will realise the value of selflessness; they will understand what it means to play for the Melbourne Football Cub; and they will better players and people for it.
  8. That's the trouble with fundamentalists - in sport, as in religion. You convince yourselves you do
  9. Feels like I’ve just wandered into the trashy end of what was once a pretty good party... FWIW, I reckon there’s been some confusion around purpose (winning the flag) and nature (or ‘essence’). It’s self-evident that the club exists to try to win to the premiership. We’re in a competition after all. But it doesn’t follow that this ambition is the “essence” of the MFC. Otherwise, how are we different to any other club? We may as well be Collingwood, or Carlton, or Freo. But I don’t accept that. We are Melbourne. We are the sum of our successes and failures, yes, but also the people who come together to work towards a common goal - and the way in which they set about achieving it. This includes our history, culture, community engagement and even (gulp) our cruddy facilities. Which is not to say I want a flag any less, nor that I question whether this is or should be our central driving force. As Einstein contended, this probably was just a “pissing contest” but a worthwhile one all the same. NB. For the record, I didn’t vote. Was desperate to avoid being labelled a pedant, but couldn’t quite manage it…
  10. Hhhmmm ... Their kicking for goal cost us the game, obviously. (Thankfully?!) But they also gave us the chance to win it, with their work-rate, structure and marking. 'Ordinary' is probably the least appropriate adjective. Such was the incredible gulf between what they did well and poorly, they are anything but.
  11. Plenty here demand loyalty, but show none. Expect commitment, but give none. Robbo, good but not great, is likely a goner, and a couple of his peers too. But he, they, have given of themselves. They have earned our respect. Let's not dance on their grave.
  12. The irony (and the futility) of this debate is that it presumes that should we tank - which is to say, we play the kids, wrap the old hands in cotton wool and experiment with our match-day structures - we will be less likely to win games, and more likely to secure the hallowed PP. I suspect it's a false premise. Is playing Bennell instead of Whelan tanking? Arguably the reverse is true. Newton for Robbo (God forbid)? Johnson for Jamar? McLean is playing like he needs a rest, and McKenzie that he deserves promotion. You could even argue that a fit Wheatley contributes as much as a developing Grimes. We are poor side, improving slowly, boasting a handful of players with considerable potential. The point is, I'm not sure we can reasonably expect to control our fate. (Which is not say I'm not praying for half a dozen more narrow losses...)
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