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  1. SCOTT WATTERS Triple premiership Coach with Subi Premiership assitant with Collingwood! Enough Said!
  2. We should go for best available: I think you can draw a line throw tried coaches with no premiership i.e. rocket, craig, laidley is a great coach who did the best with what he had so i think he should be considered. Of the current coaches the obvious choich is malthouse followed by clarkson - if either of these two are unavailable then i would suggest going for the best avaiable untried coach: In order of my opinion on who would be the best for us: Watters (Collingwood Assistant)this guy can coach (triple premier coach at subi, has worked with eagles and dockers and has great reports from collingwood. Neeld (Collingwood senior assistant)malthouses right hand man (glowing endorsement from all at collingwood) Tudor (Gellong & Sydney assistant formerly at saint kilda)Every club he has been at has played really good footy, glowing reports) Sanderson (geelong assistant)really highly regarded Mcartney (Essendon)really highly regarded
  3. Based on 2011 form Scully's value should of dropped! he has done nothing and potentially has an injury that could hamper is entire career. I dont really care if he leaves now, knowing we will recieve the two compensation first round picks as weel as have the cash to lure another already proven player. Scully + Bailey OUT Fevola + Malthouse IN
  4. Demonland is full of precious folk!
  5. By a Country Mile - He is a superstar
  6. In all the games we have lost this year have nothing to do with a gameplan - they are simply a lack of intensity which is clearly an attitude problem - and the coach and his assistants need to fix this ASAP!
  7. bennel, morton, jurrah out maric or bartram for bennel, tapscott for morton, bate for jurrah in
  8. Dont mean to nit pick, but all wa footy games are played at subiaco oval (aka Patersons Stadium) the waca is only used for cricket. i would also be happy to get any draft pick for him, just want him gawnski
  9. I think we will win! But i would rather lose a match with him than lose a match without him if you know what i mean - blooding another player is a win win situation.
  10. Exactly, not once did i compare the abilitys of the players, it is more do in terms of player importance for the club.
  11. Congrats to Sam Blease......been waiting for this kid to get a game for ages. Him and skulls best mates! Good luck
  12. Matthew Warnock Nathan Jones Jack Watts Jordan Gysberts Matthew Bate Jamie Bennell James Frawley Cale Morton Colin Sylvia Jordie McKenzie Ricky Petterd Brad Green Addam Maric Brent Moloney Liam Jurrah Jared Rivers Joel Macdonald Michael Newton Austin Wonaeamirri Stefan Martin Max Gawn Jeremy Howe Neville Jetta Daniel Nicholson Michael Evans Nathan Jones Jack Watts Jordan Gysberts Jamie Bennell James Frawley Jack Trengove Cale Morton Colin Sylvia Jordie McKenzie Ricky Petterd Brad Green Colin Garland Brent Moloney Liam Jurrah Jared Rivers Joel Macdonald Tom Scully Stefan Martin Jeremy Howe Mark Jamar James Strauss Daniel Nicholson I have highlighted the changes in our team from the carlton game and the richmond game and it is not rocket science to see why we are playing much better. thats not including davey, tapscott as well. Plus the improved form of Green, Watts, Jurrah and Petterd, Frawley and Stef martin. The outs we had would be the equilevent of carlton missing Jamieson, Judd, Murphy, Kruezer. If we can keep a healthy list, touch wood, there is reason why we cant be competitive with the best teams in the comp. I am really looking forward to playing carlton and west coast with a fitter, stronger team.
  13. the purple headed warrior is damien barret isnt it? Andrew 'Spits' swallow is a cracker
  14. Love the way nicho has the confidence to take the game on.
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