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  1. This is the first time I have posted this year . Yes I am still here if anyone remembers me If not it doesn't really Matter LOL All have to "Say is watch this space" . If Melbourne goes one better or more next Year everyone here will be lauding Goodwin's expertise and foresight If we do worse everyone will be calling for his head me included and pointing to the Jack Watts decision Personally i am peeved not so much that we have got rid of Jack though that rankles me, but that our Club is still making the same mistakes !!!! My membership and that of my Family is hanging by a thread . Lack of success or even something to pin our hopes on till now has left a bitter taste , and finally when we seem to be making real Progress and there seems to be some light at the end of the Tunnel we get this ! After being a Melbourne Supporter for over 51 years I'm fed up with personalities and their own agendas in our Club We are supposed to be a club and what is best for the Club should be at the forefront of everyone' concern especially those involved in the club All I have to say now is Make it so ! Enough Said ! Fire away folks
  2. Its simple . This year it seems Jack is coming of age , he has always had ability but up till now his been on and off like a cold/hot shower . I hope for Jack and the Melbourne Football Club that from here on in he just keeps running hot .
  3. I figured this deserves its own thread Congratulations Jesse , you are a "CHAMP"
  4. I cant go past the game at the Cattery Living in the Geelong region and having to put up with Geelong supporters for 20 odd years That was one of the sweetest wins for a long time especially being at the ground watching the Geelong G me in their Corporate boxes as a Guest too the other 5 Melbourne supporters that I saw that enjoyed the game in that area with me I know it is a game we can live on till footy commences once again next year Seeing the blooding of young players and their performances as they grow Hogan a obvious standout Jones the Captain we needed Viney continues to Impress along with Brashaw Gawn seems to have come of age Garlet continues to excite These are just a few thoughts I wonder what others think?
  5. Deeflated by the game happy with a win , enough said .
  6. Oh I celebrated today believe me and we sang it hard and long (As a Invited guest in the Geelong Corporate boxes) so you can just guess how that went down. ( Actually the Cat supporters where in shock I think ) All we got from Geelong supporters on the way to the ground was not "if" they would beat us but rather by how much they would beat us. They where all so Cocky !! After living in this area for so long and putting up with the shite we have over the past 10 years about how good Geelong is, this is the best present and the best game I have seen Melbourne Play in Geelong if not the best game they have played all year . 'We have only just got home after celebrating ". I can tell you now it is a Grand Old Flag and I couldn't be happier even if I won Tattslotto (well maybe just a bit happier) GO 'DEES' and I'm sure we all sung the song at least once today
  7. Well I said I was looking forward to Pedersen, Watts and Brayshaw playing together on the half forward line I wasn't disappointed . great game dees now all you need to do is back it up again next week with the same intensity, against Port. Wouldn't two wins in a row be great right now
  8. I actually look forward to this match. I want to see how our half forward line works , Brayshaw Watts and Pederson , based on Pederson's performance last week hopefully Brayshaw and Watts will be able to feed off his endeavors and gain a extra edge
  9. Actually I'm not interested so much about Jack Watts but more about what these two said , we are all aware by now where Jack Watts is at if not then we have Rocks in our heads. My questions is are they right to say what they said or aren't they? Gifted 100 Games ???? No excuses now ??? The thread is about these two more then Jack and there ability to shoot from the sideline . And are their comments more damaging to Watts improvement, or are they more damaging to Watts bringing him down I didn't want to turn it into a Jack Watts Thread per say so I apologize if it turns out this way
  10. The footy classified show tonight with Mathew Loyd bagged Jack Watts saying he has been " gifted 100 games of AFL Football " No work effort not hard and desperate . Garry Lyon says he has no excuses anymore . Anyone want to comment on their comments ??
  11. I am sure I am not watching the same game that others are here We are not rubbish compared to where we have come from That was rubbish , at least now we are competitive . Our guys are outclassed today at least up till now But as I said at the begging of this thread "I just want Melbourne to take it right up to them, to win would be a great result but as long as they play with pride Ill be content" ​Lets just say at least up to now I don't feel embarrassed .
  12. Since when did the game of football become a game for umpires????
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