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  1. Before it get's taken as lore, I was being facetious with my comment as every injury we had this year seemed to be 4 to 6 and then they almost never played again.
  2. Just found out he is apparently 4 to 6 weeks away...
  3. I think that game coincides with the olympics so it will probably not be on the main channel
  4. Anyone who thinks this season was a bust will be silenced by this one!!
  5. Our skills coach this year, thankfully he has moved on...
  6. Biggest positive for me this year was that the Richmond station was a lot quieter towards the end of the season. Didn’t have to wait to get a train.
  7. That Kelly trade by Roos is looking better by the day!!!
  8. Hopefully he will be teaching all of our players to not stand there for a second or two feigning to handball after a mark this pre season. All that actually does is give teams time to man up. This would assume we ever actually learn anything though.
  9. Coming back from a horrible injury is right up our alley. Will probably offer pick 2 for him
  10. Get him back. One can dream he can be like croad at the hawks and come back with a flag!
  11. I’ve said for a while now that I believe we have become just a feeder team for the bigger clubs. It just feels like the afl is becoming the epl more and more. Afl don’t really care either, bigger club’s success means more money for them. We are not a big club
  12. Knowing our list managers, we will want two first rounders for max but settle for a third rounder
  13. Why would you hang on to an intercept defender when you can give up two first rounders for one with bad knees?
  14. I don’t want to be one of those who says I can’t say who told me but shall we say it’s from a player or two and an official from another club. Plus observation, stupidly I was there
  15. The player divide reared up tonight. There will be quite an exodus at year end
  16. That half has put the question about sacking Goodwin to bed. He simply has to be signed up for life. Wasn’t alive for the Norm Smith era but surely Gooody is the equal of, if not better!
  17. With the blues winning a few games this year, they will only play friday nights next year!
  18. Absolutely. I can’t actually see how we could lose a game next year. Goodwin is god
  19. I know he has probably misquoted things but I notice in Robbo's tackle thing in the HS that Pert was talking to 3AW on saturday mentioning that they are working on a 5-7 year plan to get us to be successful. Therefore I think we are all being harsh, this is just year 1 of Goodwin's rebuild, give him some time.
  20. I’m worried that with our growing injury list it could end derailing our season
  21. It’s recently dawned on me that the idiots of the world who just waltz along without a care in the world, thinking that the world is great are the ones with a smile on their face. They don’t care if the world is falling apart or even if they were about to die, to them, life is good. I need to adopt that outlook and stop trying to look at the world in a logical way and for that reason it has become apparent that Goodwin must coach for the rest of his life. I’m on the bandwagon and nothing is wrong!!
  22. Age

    Garry Lyon

    True. He should only be focusing on the positives such as ....... positive that this is the worst team in he comp right now ...
  23. The problem is going to be that this idiot we have leading the club won’t even review this season as it is ‘not the Melbourne way’ ala the prelim. Next season will be a carbon copy of this one and the ones before it.
  24. I actually think Goodwin is worse than neeld. Under neeld we didn’t have the players. Under Goodwin we have the players but cannot beat a team higher than us. I honestly believe that the club May fold under his reign. He is destroying the place
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