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  1. Are we allowed to forfeit and save money on airfares etc?
  2. Has a team ever had more inside 50s than their score?
  3. I hope it doesn’t rain too much. May give trac pool flashbacks
  4. If we start doing that, watch the tanking calls come out, which we will somehow get done for and lose our first two picks! (not that we tend to get high picks right anyway)
  5. With our medical and fitness team, Hunt probably broke a few bones in his back but was put back out there shortly after... Won't see him again this season!
  6. There is only two ways we can make finals this year: 1. Sack Goodwin (not going to happen so rule that out) 2. An ex army sniper Melbourne supporter starts picking off players in every other afl club over the next 6 weeks. (Only issues ia that unless point 1 happens, the top up players that all the other clubs get will still beat us)
  7. His response... - we look good until another team takes the field -scoring has never been a priority -the new rules heave hurt us, I’ve been aiming for a rugby style game and this new ‘football thing’ has really hurt us
  8. Get my #sackgoodwin tattoo changed to #goodwin4life
  9. Is funny, this email, if sent to the club members is another example of the club being a rabble. I have 5 memberships with the club with some being very expensive ones and I have not received one email! funnily enough, if the clubs wants something from me, I get 5 emails...
  10. I think a rebuild is actually necessary. Not so much the players but the whole football department.
  11. Re the off field issues... This may get removed and if so, so be it. Rumors there was a club who’ve got up to 15 players claiming mental health issues so they don’t get drug tested. The issue is that the remaining players are now getting tested all the time and has caused a rift in the group. Strangley, we have fallen completely off the map this year. Do I put 2 and 2 together???
  12. My worry is that with how much the tigers will destroy us by and how insipid we are, our performance could cost us anzac eve.
  13. We can’t even win the demon dash at 3/4 time. We can’t even win something that is rigged for the fans!! (And I know he won but he lost, I was there)
  14. I have said for two years that Goodwin needs to go. He is the worst coach in the comp. we lose the exact same way every week and are actually getting worse at it as at least we used to be able to score but that is now gone.
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