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  1. I’m starting to change my mind on sacking Goodwin. From what I have seen this year we don’t have a coach as the errors we make are surely made by a team that doesn’t have one so we maybe we give him a year to actually coach the team to see if he is any good as there is no way he could have been coaching at all this year!
  2. 3.1 to be a little more precise...
  3. Simple answer. No. Watch his press conference, he is smirking in it after we’ve been humiliated. He is the worst coach we’ve had in a long long time
  4. Goodwin will probably get rid of him. His attitude of trying his hardest every week and seemingly having an idea of how to play football doesn’t fit in with his coaching philosophy. He has shown he prefers anything but what Max gives.
  5. Just want to fix your grammar. He HAS lost the players. I said it last year based on what I was hearing.
  6. I’ve said it before and will say it again. Goodwin can’t coach. Been told by someone in the afl that he is still struggling not having the runner out there like last year and can’t adapt to it. Met with afl just a few weeks to discuss it...
  7. Are we allowed to forfeit and save money on airfares etc?
  8. Has a team ever had more inside 50s than their score?
  9. I hope it doesn’t rain too much. May give trac pool flashbacks
  10. If we start doing that, watch the tanking calls come out, which we will somehow get done for and lose our first two picks! (not that we tend to get high picks right anyway)
  11. With our medical and fitness team, Hunt probably broke a few bones in his back but was put back out there shortly after... Won't see him again this season!
  12. There is only two ways we can make finals this year: 1. Sack Goodwin (not going to happen so rule that out) 2. An ex army sniper Melbourne supporter starts picking off players in every other afl club over the next 6 weeks. (Only issues ia that unless point 1 happens, the top up players that all the other clubs get will still beat us)
  13. His response... - we look good until another team takes the field -scoring has never been a priority -the new rules heave hurt us, I’ve been aiming for a rugby style game and this new ‘football thing’ has really hurt us
  14. Get my #sackgoodwin tattoo changed to #goodwin4life
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