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  1. So, what you're saying is, he's been through the Bailey era and the Schwab continuous crisis, the tanking investigation, the appointment, failure and dismissal of Neeld, the selection of Roos and the process of Roos hand-picking his own coaching group, the transition to Goodwin and this year's mid-season purge, served under the boards of Stynes, McLardy, Bartlett and Pert, ... and yet he's never been subject to any real scrutiny. I'm impressed.
  2. Israel Folau would look at the Melbourne Football Club now and for half a century, and immediately be inspired to quote scripture; I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation. - Deuteronomy 5:9 But I doubt there's any real danger of attracting Folau, we just can't fit the necessary shekels under the salary cap.
  3. Well, since you're asking, and nobody else seems to want to, alright, I'll do it. But you owe me big time.
  4. I think at this point it is very suitable to quote Bartleby the Scrivener. "I'd prefer not to". Sums up the situation, really.
  5. I'm actually a little concerned that Fritsch is hiding under a blanket on the back seat of your car. He seemed to start well but has been completely missing for an hour. Did I miss an injury, or, is it just a Demons-in-August special night?
  6. I know Melksham took at least one ruck contest. As well as either kicking or setting up our entire score. How is it possible for that to be the case when he doesn't even seem to be having a particularly good game?
  7. That the bias in favour of West Coast has been sustained over such an long period is just completely horrifying. My first thought glancing acros the lists was to wonder to what extent it has ebbed and flowed within that 22 year period. Some years North did very well, some the Bulldogs scooped the free kicks. This season, for example, the Magpies are a mile out in 'first place' for free-kick differential, followed by the Bulldogs and Crows. Last season it was Magpies, North and the Eagles. It would also be interesting, but too much work for an amateur, to pick apart how much individual players affect the team balance of free kicks. Lance Franklin, particularly in his Hawthorn days, was notorious for giving away frees, even cracking 3/game in 2008. Joel Selwood only managed a measely equal 12th finish in his debut season, but has made up for it by finishing first in 7 seasons since then and never, ever, being outside the top 3. Having said all that, I think the free kick stats at footywire.com must be all messed up or something, because I can hardly see Adam Goodes anywhere...
  8. Had a less than great couple of years after the major injury interruption which appears to have kept on pestering him through 2018 and 2019. Personally I still rate him, especially because he is a player who has proven in the past that he has an instinct for hunting opponents to get a tackle rather than just waving his arms at whoever comes near. Real question marks on him right now but I am confident of his resurgence. (touching wood regarding any further injury problems or complications). I do like the idea of using him a bit as a trouble-maker in the forward line. He has a deceptively good first few steps of acceleration and I'm sure would make a few opposition defenders a little nervous.
  9. Given the make-it-up-as-you-go... er... 'spontaneous excutive authority' model of AFL management, I wonder if we could drop some hints to Gil that we would be interested in trading pick 2 as part of a deal to get King, and that way GC still gets to do their '1-2 buddy draft' without needing a start-of-draft priority pick. Ah, yes, similar lines to what binman just posted. IT all relies on shady deals that once upon a time would have been called draft tampering but which are now 'operations management'!
  10. Wow. There are some people who really just believe the world ought to be arranged to suit them. I really hate the smug expression 'check your privilege', but geezus, there's a man who needs to check his privilege. This is even more inappropriate than the dancing in the Freo changerooms moment, that was at least just a tasteless celebration of a 'good commercial outcome'. Gil is actually putting pressure on a player regarding a significant personal decision.
  11. Yeah, it would need to be a quality player, but for that part I am basing it on Gold Coast's serious need for mature quality. No good having all the top draft picks if they all want to leave right away... which bring me to the second point! I hesitated even as I posted because Ben King for 'new' pick 20 and 'move' of pick 8 to 2 sounds pretty limited. I think it is partly wishful thinking but also partly the problem of what can a club do when a player definitely wants out and as a club you don't have the credibility to force them to stay. Not without causing a ripple of irritation through other players. Half the club is eyeing the door anyway, there's very little sense of a club bond, zero tradition, and I don't think anyone really believe the club will become anything serious any time soon. It isn't really possible to stare down a kid who might very happily walk back into the draft the next year, knowing that they'll almost certainly land at a victorian club as they wish. Anyway, I just chose 8 to be the rebounding pick as a lucky number. Let's imagine, uh, 11 and hope that it seems more reasonable!
  12. It's a funny pattern really, I'd say that last year's draft was fantastic right at the pointy end, but faded quickly even by the mid first round. Seems like this year there are fewer players in that 'super' category (hence everyone being crabby about the prospect of going from 2 to 3) but has more depth of 'quality' right through the first round. Presumably King would be a top-5 pick in this draft, it would be terrific to grab him knowing he was keen, and in a trade that kept us in the first round by shuffling later picks. Gold Coast's 15ish is a bit later than I'd prefer, which means there'd be a need for a third-club involvement, which makes sense if Gold Coast chooses to use their very early picks to bring in some mature quality, which they really need to do and which the AFL HQ would surely be pressuring them to do. Our top pick going to gold coast then on to somewhere else for a player and that club's first pick (eg. 8 ) which comes back to us while our second rounder (eg. 20) goes back to Gold Coast Us: OUT pick 2, 20, IN: pick 8, Ben King Gold Coast: OUT: Pick 2, Ben King IN: Pick 8, pick 20, mature player, Other Club: OUT: mature player, pick 8 IN: Pick 2 Am I in fantasy land or does that actually seem like a reasonable deal for all involved, in the event that Ben King definitely wants out? Sucks to be Brayden Preuss, though!
  13. I am sure this news will come as a deep shock to many, and I think it would be best if the Mods closed the thread for a while so that everyone can take the time they need to digest this revelation.
  14. If we were tanking, Fritsch would be floating around somewhere unclear near the backline-ish. Anyway, if we are tanking, what the hell are the Kangaroos doing? Aaaaaaaaah, that's why they signed Shaw. It was the only way they could get him to agree to stop winning.
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