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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but at this stage he is the third best key position forward we've drafted in the last 25 years. 🥉 I actually feel like he can be something really valuable. Not a Hogan replacement, not a beast of the goal square, not an All-australian contender. I just have this feeling like he'll put together a long 'effective' career that will do wonders for our team structure and salary cap balance.
  2. It's a tricky one, because on the one hand Franklin's presence probably made the difference of - Two additional finals appearances (2018, 2017) Two, debatable three, top-four instead of top-8 finishes (2016, 2015 and perhaps 2014) So in the first five years of the nine year deal he has basically been the difference between Sydney being a genuine premiership contender and having an image as an outstanding, exciting team, or Sydney being just another mid-table better than average team in and out of finals with a few flashy stars and reliable old hands. On the other hand... what would the salary cap difference have meant? Players traded out of the Swans in Franklin's time include several handy names; Lewis Jetta, Toby Nankervis, Tom Mitchell(!), Nic Newman, , Dan Hannebury, Gary Rohan and Zak Jones. For how many of those losses was Franklin's recruitment and salary space a factor? As for the future? No doubt Franklin's athleticism won't be as potent as it has been, but he is still a very smart forward. You do have to wonder though - ten weeks out of full training for a 'simple' knee arthroscopy does seem like a lot. Maybe it isn't just the Demons who are a bit shady when it comes to injury reporting?
  3. Nobody. I am convinced that the structure these days should be 2xCHF with the nominal FF position being either left open for players to run into or used to rotate a player (obviously usually a ruck) to mess around with opposition defence structures. Two centre-half-forwards share the job of ensuring there is always someone offering the long lead to our confused clearance packs AND always someone lurking ready to burst out with the shorter lead or at least contest in a dangerous area where all our mad mix of medium-sized half-forwards can swarm through. And those two CHFs should be McDonald and Weidemann, particularly so that Weidemann has a constant reference point for the work rate required in the role while also always having an experienced player around to direct and encourage him.
  4. The great Norm Smith himself. Or maybe you mean Paul Roos, but I'm pretty sure that adds up to two.
  5. Our current set of imports alone would have to be a considerable core to a team if all playing well etc caveat thing thing. Hibberd, Melksham, May, Tomlinson, Langdon, Kolodjasnij, Preuss, Lever and Mitch Brown now too. Possible Harley Bennel at any moment now. I almost included Hannan, from Footscray! And Gawn is literally foreign - New Zealander! Or possibly some as-yet unidentified planet. May have arrived with the Murchison meteorite.
  6. I think I can see what the club seemed to be trying to create, even though it went so horribly, horribly wrong in 2018. I also think I can see that the actual players required to do it are there on the list now - we aren't playing a style that is mis-matched with what we've got. Shiver down my spine but I really believe if it comes together we're not talking about 'competitive' or 'respectable', we're talking about truly dominant. I think what our current list, and strategy, could conceivably produce is even better than the Round 6 to 11 run of 2018. So, bugger it, I'm going to say that success in 2020 looks like: - a few rounds of being 'competitive' while we find our feet, being 4-1 after round five but people saying it is mostly a soft draw and we were lucky against one of the Giants/Eagles. - pushing the Tigers to the wire in round 6. - and then going 15-1 in the remaining 16 rounds, to finish top of the ladder with a 19-3 win loss and a metric obscenity of percentage. Maybe we win the premiership, maybe we wont. But the finals will be epic.
  7. I unfortunately don't go as far back (in AFL life) as the Northey years. But what also strikes me about the Daniher years is that we had many 'senior' players who would only produce the occasional really grand season and then just be good the rest of the time. Some of that was just plain old injury, some of that seemed to be a bit of self-satisfaction. I'm not going to try to judge too much, i just find it an interesting pattern. Hmm, off the top of my head, Johnstone is the poster boy for it. And then quite a few definitely good players - but the question is, if they had strung together the form consistently could they have been 'great' and could the team have jumped an important step further? Johnstone, White, Woewodin, Robertson, Rivers, Leoncelli, Mclean, Bizzell, Bruce, even Green and McDonald who only really consolidated late in or after the Daniher period. A dozen players bobbing up like whack-a-mole rather than being a potent, consistent core to keep turning over the wins column and provide a structure and leadership for new kids to develop in. It is clearly still a pattern and is why I prize the consistency of the likes of Gawn, Oliver and Harmes, and why I desperately long for a few nice clean preseasons for important players who I feel would be consistent if injury let them, like May, T.Mc, Melksham, and Viney.
  8. I'm really annoyed about that. Particularly Kat Smith who I really rate the way she goes about it. I also think Lauren Pearce is right up amongst our most important players. It's going to be a hard start to the season for them but in the end the AFLW game is still 'young' and variable enough that whoever conditions best, trains best and wants it most on the day will get the wins.
  9. I can't decide what joke to make here. Should I go with the 'game being santised' theme or the 'homoerotic fantasy' theme?
  10. Most our our best 22 would, when injury-free and in form, fully deserve a place in a top-4 team's best 22 unless they were jammed behind a better player in their specific position. Most our our best 22 would, when injured and/or out of form, fully deserve a place in a bottom-4 team's best 22.
  11. Let's go corporate speak and call it is his 'stretch goal' then. Quite right that it'll all come down to consistency. But I'm not worried about rivals up forward - a return to 2018 attacking power compared to 2019 is worth close to 120 goals (1570 points for vs 2300) to share around! Ugh. I just got a shudder at the exposure to just how much we stalled in 2019. All is well. All is well. All is well.
  12. Fair enough - it's a big call but not an eggnog-level call! I'll start by just going 'yep, Tim Kelly'. I'm basing it on 16 goals in those final seven games when he was allowed to settle forward. For a mid-sized half-forward in a team which only managed 66 points a game in that period, that's phenomenal. Pushed out to a full season that would work out to a neat 50 goals. So, my call is basically that Fritsch's form of late 2019 once he was moved permanently forward is how he will continue in 2020, and that, without any further improvement, puts him right up among the top class of goalkickers, never mind half-forwards. Meanwhile, the top-pick midfielder Rayner, Brayshaw, Cerra, Dow all look great but are lucky to crack 20 disposals in a game and only Brayshaw has really earned the contested ball and tackling credits. Hell, those guys were all supposed to be midfielders when drafted and Fritsch has them all covered even on possession counts. They're all good players but there';s nothing the likes of Walsh, Taranto or Oliver among them. Liam Ryan and Jack Higgins are beautiful players who have done great things coming into top teams and been very effective as creative small forwards. Would be completely happy if Pickett followed their level! Jaidyn Stephenson is similar in the sense that he has had a clear role in a top team - luxuries denied to Fritsch. He also deserves a lot of credit for showing consistency. He's the most like-for-like rival to Fritsch in terms of role (assuming Fritsch is allowed to settle forward). It'll be a head-to-head comparison to watch in 2020. Aaron Naughton has had some GREAT!!! games and if that becomes anything like his norm then he'll be a superstar. But he's also turned in more than a few stinkers or had minimal real effect for many games. Impressions are influenced by just how memorable his best games have been. There's some others of note, like Worpel, Miers, and a few kids of course who might just emerge a bit in 2020. But that's not a big pool to pick from and the fact is that if Fritsch delivers in future what he showed in those last seven or eight rounds of 2019 then he is a truly elite half-forward. Plus, turns out 2017 was a weak draft that we did well to trade out of. Hopefully the same is true of 2020.
  13. I'm confident that we will rebound at least well enough to have the horrors of 2019 become just a foul memory (learning experience etc). I actually really think our 2020 team has much better prospects than, ah, well, I guess I'd have to say any team of ours since 2000, really. If 2000's fourteen wins with good percentage is the benchmark, I think we'll get there. My 'reasons for optimism' list goes something like; - our entire backline leadership and brains group was chronically injured in 2019 and is looking available for 2020 - we have hugely increased the diversity of our midfield group thanks to Langdon & Tomlinson coming in - I personally (and I'm not alone) rate both Vandenberg and Smith as valuable inclusions who make things go a little better. - The knock-on effect of having many more senior bodies available is that it will allow our layer of players who aren't 'guns' to be used in roles best suited to their attributes and confidence. Hanna, Hunt, Nibbler, Hore and many of our younger guys will both benefit personally and be able to be more effective role-players than they could be under the depleted-team pressures of 2019. - Bayley Fritsch will consolidate as a top-3 player from his draft and with the returning Melksham (AFL King of Goal Assists) provide a smart and capable half-forward line that we crave. - I believe in the return of Tom McDonald to full prowess and workrate. That in my mind is worth a couple of wins a season even if nothing else changes. Hell, he had a rubbish year all up but when he found his rhythm he still managed to be absolutely crucial in three of our five wins.
  14. Hmm, players I see as being of that core 'definitely AFL quality every week' unless something is serious wrong with their body or form - B: Jetta May HB: Salem Lever Harmes C : Landgon Brayshaw HF: Melksham T.Mac Petracca F: Fritsch FOLL: GAWN Oliver Viney Fourteen 'feels' like a good start, and then there's a good block of players who might also warrant that 'reliable AFL quality' term in 2020 but I'm not prepared to declare it based on some question mark or another, from age (at either end) to chronic injury to whatever - Tomlinson, Vandenberg, Smith, Hore, Jackson, Pickett, Weideman, Hibberd And of course all the guys like Hannan, Hunt, the Wagners, Nibbler, O.Mc who when in good form a perfectly acceptable cogs in the machine. Seems like the main thing we really have a question mark on whether we can have enough truly AFL standard guys out there is the tall forward bracket. Interesting to watch Weid, Jackson, Brown and see what they deliver. Just one of those proving to be a reliable target and hard worker for 2020 would make a big difference to our game.
  15. Hmm, but that would require organisation! Do you have a format in mind?
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