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  1. Bizarre use of 'historical'. I mean, the term was already a bit on the nose when in came into fashion for the churches to refer to 'historical' abuse in their efforts to re-brand as being in some kind of new era. But for an incident five years ago to be 'historical' is odd use of language. Not much more to say, legal processes, etc etc. Speaking of which, he'll have to front court by video call even if the rest of society is back to normalish.
  2. WLLLWLWWWLLLLWWWLLLL A very streaky record against Richmond. I choose to believe the tide is turning. I think our two 'gun' tall defenders are steadily improving, I think our radically different forward line solution is literal centimeters from beginning to work properly, and I think our clearance effectiveness will be helped by playing together in consecutive weeks for the first time at AFL level since last season! In fact, I'm going to rest my thoughts on that - this will be the first time this season that the team has played together in consecutive weeks, and we've implemented a whole lot of changes that need to be worked through. Calling it not - incremental improvement for the next five weeks and then brutal unstoppable dominance after that.
  3. Mumford vs Nankervis Lycett/Vardy vs Grundy Jacobs v Nankervis Roughead/Boyd v Naismith/Tippet McEvoy v Naitanui Pike/Tippet v McEvoy/Hale Hale/Bailey v Sandilands Hale/Roughead vs Pike/Mumford Jolly v Ottens/West Jolly v McEvoy There is no definitive pattern there for what type of ruck 'wins premierships' or even tends to make it grand finals. Some of the winners there had dog days, others were among their teams best in a loss. My only concern with the ruck and with Gawn's contribution is that the communication is missing a beat and the hitouts which should be giving us great quality as well as quantity of clearances are instead giving us mixed results because players don't know where each other are going to be. On this particular matter, I'm willing to put some blame to the shutdown and not being able to train together, and I'm willing to watch the team play together and re-connect in the coming weeks. As for how this relates to the 'Goodwin boosting' thread... I would argue that this, and the dropped marks up forward, and the fact that we do not yet have a player with more than two contested marks for the season, are all things which Goodwin himself has only limited control over and our season is far too new and unclear at this point to be scratching at his scalp over a 3 point loss!
  4. No cap is neeed for interchanges, just make it so they have to be done in a batch, all four switching at once. Boom. Not only do you have players out there for extended periods, and tactical use of resting forwards and players being held to position to minimize low-value running, and the fitness premium becomes about being able to sustain the effort in a way that will actually stand out (Robert Harvey style) instead of being managed to invisibility (87% Tog vs 83% what a star) , but also you add a whole new tactical element of who you 'deploy' in those batches. Bring all your left-footers out fresh and try to dominate their wing? Rotate your mids in pairs or groups, or have one super-fresh at each centre bounce? And think of it - the need for a bteak in play to allow the batch interchange would mean every time there was a goal the 'reset' would come with a meaningful tactical/structural change. I actually first thought of this as a joke suggestion but it is really growing on me.
  5. Hmm, I recall the last time a highly respected premiership winning coach talked us up, they also nominated Goodwin as their successor! Conclusion - Goodwin is going to the Hawks.
  6. The key here is that all of their opponents since the shutdown have also been stuck on the Gold Coast.
  7. Casboult is a very different beast to the unreliable, occasionally impressive forward-ruck of the past. He's been really good for Carlton this season and his one fairly poor game against us probably made the difference. Unfortunately he's also now over 30 and has only once in his career gone a season injury free. Plus, as I understand it he is pretty deep 'Blue'. In-form Hogan is, tragically, the type of player we could use. But so would be in-form Weideman or in-form Tom McDonald.
  8. Brayshaw was one of several 'senior' players I felt began to turn things around on the weekend. Still short of his best, just like Tmac, Lever, May and Hibberd, but there was enough from each of them to give realistic hope they are on their way back. I've had a lot of belief in Brayshaw for a long time and still feel like he could be a champion quality midfielder if he can stabilise his form at the higher end of his range. Our midfield strategy has for a long time been to assume dominance based on having the best ruck and tge best young ball winners in the game. It looks, and is, full of holes if we don't actually win that overwhelming load of clearances and contested posessions. It's also why our mids look like a bunch of front runners the moment things aren't favouring us. In form Brayshaw is a key piece of the puzzle. Having all of Petracca, Oliver, Viney, Harmes and Brayshaw on song together as the core of a midfield means we have A-graders ready at every bounce and throw-in for whole games. No other club could hope to keep up with that all day. It's why we got the regular six-goal surges and goal-centre-goal doubles in 2018.
  9. Interesting signs of several underperforming players beginning to steady. I won't say turning it around just yet, but better signs from May, Lever, McDonald and Brayshaw.
  10. That goal was especially weird because it was created by a chain of really quite neat kicking., which isn't Melbourne's way even when we are on!
  11. Y'know, considering we're one fumbled mark (Fritsch) and a poster (Pickett) from even scores, it's interesting to note that was the WORST QUARTER EVER SACK EVERYONE. For that reason, when angry and frustrated during a game of football I try to restrict myself to only inarticulate grunts and wailing.
  12. I'm glad I saw your comment, because I'd written it off and just flicked it on in time to catch the Butler and Bolton goals and for the first time this season outside watching Demons a game is holding my attention!
  13. I just realised that today's games are like some kind of special championship event featuring all the teams where the only thing I care about is the particularly disliked teams losing! I checked the season guide and sure enough, the AFL have this marked in as 'shaudenfreude round'.
  14. Starting to look like Charlie Dixon is the standout tall forward of the season, and by a significant margin. Although, horrifyingly, Ben King might be his main rival at present. Come on T.Mac, come on Weid, there's a loose All-Australian spot up for grabs for any tall forward who actually kicks goals this year!
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