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  1. How about... 'His statisitcs are low and we would like him to be having more impact on games, but he is working very hard, getting to contests and not rarely being decisively beaten. He could at any moment have a really impressive breakout game (like the 2018 final) and if that form then sticks, we're talking about a seriously quality player.' In the meantime, let's just celebrate that his contract will be cheaper for now.
  2. Well, there are 'superfood' brands that push it, but they annoy me just by calling themselves superfood brands. 'Green banana flour' is the most directly relevant search term. I can't offer much more than wikipedia, which does also have a whole collection of links at the bottom which seem up to date. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banana_flour Meanwhile, in other banana news, the nanny/police state is coming for our little yellow friends! https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-06-26/how-anti-terror-rules-shut-down-banana-festival-street-parade/11245390
  3. Ha ha, thank you. But I'm sure it has been noticed that I still couldn't quite resist the need to say at least something about the topic. Mea Culpa. We are all miserable sinners on the internet.
  4. Whenever I think about something like this, I am reminded of one simple rule: Never trade away someone named Josh Kennedy.
  5. True story: Many people who consider that they may be some level of gluten intolerant will experiement by replacing a number of gluten-heavy foods (obviously breads) with low or non-gluten alternatives. One of the leading items in this is a bread made from bananas (not to be confused with the cafe snack 'banana-bread'). A feature of this banana product is that it has very high levels of various fibres and roughages which do an excellent job of clearing out the digestive system (much like Uncle Bitters on a good day at the mansion, so I hear). So, the people who have made the switch from gluten to gluten-free experience a significant improvement in digestion, even if they weren't actually gluten intolerant. A quite understandable round of confirmation bias kicks in and tada, they become really annoying at group dinners. Never underestimate the power of bananas.
  6. Chris Fagan. I may be biased in favour of coaches who resurrect a prologned basketcase (Lions hadn't cracked a % of 70 in the previous three season, their drafting had been a mess and they were leaking good players faster than they could be found. Since he has come in, Brisbane have stopped the bleeding of young players while also actually getting real development out of them. They've gone from 'maybe next season they might scrape some kind of respectability' to 'lurking on the edge of the top 4'. Brisbane's position just a few years ago was so bad, Fagan's achievement this year would be like Mark Neeld taking us to finals in 2014.
  7. I wonder how many of the mystery injuries and unexplained absences even from the Casey teams might be something similar? No harm trying it if the player is struggling to find form while playing. Clear their head, give them set focuses and no screaming gits each weekend.
  8. Well, we can take some comfort in watching him bounce pathetically off Viney over and over. Sydney Stack, he ain't. Edit: Holy crap, I just looked at another angle of Walter's dive and he was already dropping his knees before Jones made contact! Took both feet off the ground and let himself fall forward onto Jones. Sniper and 'simulator' all in one game. I fear I'll be getting some 'behavioural awareness' attention next time we play freo.
  9. Keep the pick if it is very very early or if there is a particular player we are very keen to make sure of. If it (hopefully) drifts down to the 7 or 8 range, then it becomes tradeable, though we must keep one live pick in the first round and I also think keeping ourselves with a reasonably early option is appropriate. I'm not keen on any 'top draft pick for a player' trades unless it is a truly exceptional player. And no, I don't count Ben Brown in that category, sorry.
  10. One day, hopefully several years from now, this thread will be harvested for the Jack Viney retirement party. And it will be beautiful.
  11. Depth tall defender, currently out of form, has shown better form in past. Not one you'd expect to cut from the list but also not, on any recent showings, one you'd expect to be pushing for senior selection unless there were injuries opening the door for him. And is there any chance people can accept that is where he is at without trying to pin every frick'n loss and stuff up in our entire season on him personally? Doesn't look like it, there will always be some with a bit of the 'ol predatory self-esteem.
  12. Mathematically, Carlton can still finish 1st. My brother is a Blue and also an analytical genius. Would you believe that Carlton-to-1st scenario actually requires every club to win 11 games exactly?
  13. Wins and strong performance and presenting ourselves as a united and purposeful club. Sure, it might make a few places difference in draft order. But that handful of slots in the order is instantly balanced by the better hand we've dealt ourselves when it comes to having a choice of trade targets and of players keen to join us. And all of that evaporates in comparison to even one quality free agent deciding they prefer us. It is one of those impossible to know probability things; if we get six more wins for the season, instead of three, does that make Lachie Whitfield pause and think 'I'll hold off signing with GWS a little longer, see how Melbourne go next year, because I know I would be a super-valuable player there and it could all come together perfectly.' I'd happily move from, say, 4th to 8th in the draft, just to keep alive the possibility of getting Whitfield as a free agent! Plus, paradoxically, a team performing well has an easier time re-signing players at lower salaries.
  14. Funny, I've always thought of Frost as being a bit of a free wheel. Or was that... loose wheel? (I should put out a tips jar)
  15. You're just saying that because he has had a longer tenure already than any St Kilda coach except Allan Jeans. Fun fact - even if Richardson coaches out the full season, finishing with an entire season longer in charge than Thomas or Lyon, he will still have coached fewer games than either of them!
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