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  1. I'm jealous about the knife. Looks so dense and sharp you could just toss onions across the room at it and they would cut neatly.
  2. This may actually be the worst thread in the history of Demonland. Is there an 'ignore' button for threads so I can not see it on the landing page?
  3. I propose we merge with Matt Damon. We agree to use his name, but he wears our colours and gives us his fans, and money. Sorted.
  4. Meh, just explain tot hem that they can take a 'proper' pay cut now out of respect for the thousands of people in the AFL 'family' who have just become income-free, or the AFL can just sort the problem by reaffirming the '25% of all AFL income' line the players were so keen to have, and strangling the salary cap and permitting renegotiation of contracts. They are entirely within their rights to, for the same reasons that QANTAS had the right to immediately stand down 80% of their employees. Oh, and a side note - not many people are aware but a similar clause exists in tenancy policy. So any tenants out there (if they are aware of their rights) who has been stood down due to coronavirus does in fact have the right to break their lease without penalty. But they don't know because thye don't have the legal team of QANTAS helping them!
  5. All too true. Might as well have the club go out to our older members with pre-filled Demon Will Kits.
  6. Hell, even the tag of 'future captain' has been too much of a burden for several over the years.
  7. I just caught myself thinking of our odd little community as being like the people you've been sitting in the same seats near for years. Don't even have to like each other, might often be annoyed by our manners or vehemently disagree on something, but still, there's a certain sense of shared experience and humanity. Everyone look after yourselves and each other. The virus is an awful thing but you can shunt the odds a bit in your favour, and a bit in society's favour, by doing all the little things. 1%ers, n'all that jazz. Take care everyone, gotta be fresh for when the season restarts, and plenty more seasons to come.
  8. Basically an even game except for about ten minutes. (prepares to be flamed)
  9. On the bright side, I am now more confident than I have ever been that our pre-season and list are in their best condition in almost 60 years.
  10. Pretty sure that was the trigger clause. "Oh crap, Demons have won a final. Activate the President of Madagascar protocol!" But we'll always have Lily's vibrating explosion-in-a-jar goal celebration.
  11. Some people are really messed up. I don't know for sure which disturbs me more; The crazies who seem to be fantasising that things aren't so bad and that the million or so people in immediate risk of bankruptcy or homelessness are just entitled leftie kids having a sook. or The crazies who respond to any criticism of the lack of the response as if it can only be some kind of fake news strategy secretly promoting... um... past labor party leaders? I'll try to reassure myself that it is just a few people on a forum. As for watching at a crowded pub... that's just dumb right now. Dumb and irresponsible. Which is why we need much more action to help the people and businesses that NEED to close.
  12. We turned it right on early in the second, but same old story of missed shots. It's just about the only way the Demon's women's team loses, and it is maddening. I still think we'll win today, I just really believe in this team. (Weird, huh?)
  13. I'm a big fan of 'good' Brayshaw, who has that special talent for acting now and thinking ahead at the same time, which can make him a very smart and creative player. He also has 'pretty good at everything' in his favour which can translate to having no weakness. But 'poor' Brayshaw is just a midfield meat-and-potatoes player and starts to look merely 'nothing special, yeah, ok' at everything, which starts to look like having no strengths. I'm optimistic. I'm also optimistic about Viney, Tomlinson and Langdon so I guess I'm saying I think we're about to show off the greatest ever midfield mix.
  14. We need 80,000 laptops networked at the 'G with live audio (let's not risk video) links playing so people can connect and yell from their own home. There would be competition for spots in no time.
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