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  1. The other Newton is Juice, how do we call the new variety?
  2. Whatever, just make sure no one is tagging Ablett 'cos he is the captain in my dream team.
  3. Davey and Davis on both HBF can go downhill skiing in tandem.
  4. Besides Jones, Frawley and Garland, all of them gone missing when challenged...
  5. I would like to see Trenner to run through $cully after the first bounce.
  6. Cale has absolutely no currency on the trade market, the question is whether he has more up side than the third/fourth/fifth round draft pick (depending on how many we delisted). As much as he frustrated me and you demonlanders, I think we may be better off keeping him. He may end up as another Sylvia "AFL's biggest under-achievers" but at worst we can have a perpetual scapegoat.
  7. Trade Morton for him is a better outcome.
  8. If Butcher is Port's only highlight, why would a team finishing on the bottom of the ladder let him go?
  9. We've gone talls in all of the live picks.
  10. Backs: J.Bennell, M.Warnock, J.Rivers Half backs: J.Grimes, J.Frawley, J.MacDonald Centreline: A. Davey, C.Bruce, N.Jones Half forwards:J.McDonald, M.Bate, R.Petterd Forwards: B.Green, B.Miller, J.Trengove Followers: M. Jamar, L.Dunn, B.Moloney I/C: J.Strauss, J.Spencer, J.McKenzie, T.Scully Emg: A.Maric, R.Bail, C.Bartram Fitzy is the only fit player on the list not selected with a first name starting with J.
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