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  1. Herald sun reporting that Tom failed to finish training and has been sent for scans on his foot.
  2. All sorts of good news for those of us going to watch the JLT game in Kingston on Saturday, 20k+ wind and 90% chance of rain from 11 am to 5 pm is the cheery forecast. Expect a small crowd as there is very limited shelter from either wind or rain at the twin ovals. Better select the team most likely to play on a heavy track. https://www.google.com.au/maps/place/Twin+Ovals+Rd,+Kingston+TAS+7050/@-42.9753434,147.2859031,401m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0xaa6dd82c2c5cdf01:0x181876d4ffff8eee!8m2!3d-42.9735461!4d147.2853323
  3. Folks couple of things for those coming down. For those with Melbourne members tickets- you will be behind the point post at the Southern end of the ground. There are free ferries departing from the Casino to Bellerive - 6 minute walk to the ground. Free buses will depart from the city to Belerieve - walk 2 minutes to the ground. If you have hired a car - good luck parking is no great around the ground - follow the signs to the allocated parking areas- walk up to 10 minutes to the ground, The Wagon and Horses pub located in North Hobart publican is a Melbourne member and rusted on fanatic. He is offering free beer prior to the start of the game until the first goal is kicked, Article in the Hobart Mercury BRENDON Garland is digging deep to prove his love for the mighty Dees. The licensee of North Hobart’s Waggon and Horses and the younger brother of veteran Melbourne defender Colin is shouting the drinks on Saturday until the first goal is kicked between the Demons and North Melbourne across the river at Blundstone Arena. “And anyone who brings a [match] ticket back after the game gets a free drink on entry See you at the game - Go D's.
  4. Better than the white strip, but would like to see the tomato red revert back to the dark red.
  5. Thank you for that great report- maybe you need to come down to Hobart - nice and warm this morning.
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