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  1. Seems like a pretty good call 👍🏼😱
  2. Please do. And send it to the club and the afl and anyone else. It was nothing short of unprofessional.
  3. We were putrid tonight but the afl and their umpires have completely ruined the game. The umpiring was so so bad on both sides. Worst I can remember. Unfortunately for us it was usually at crucial times which made it feel like a fix up. The Jetta one the worst. Closely followed by the Melksham hit in the head in front of the goal, yes he should have marked it but that didn’t mean the umpire doesn’t have to pay a free. And the one against frost where frosts jumper is halfway up his chest whilst his arms are in the air, but then free is paid against him. Good trick! Should become magician. When Oscar was bending down to pick up the ball in the wing and was kneed in the head and they went on to score a goal. The 50 against Harmes but no 50 to us when “the package” drops the knee into our player after a mark right in front of the ump. The couple of protected area infringements on our forward flank that were ignored which would have resulted in shots in goal. The list goes on, there were more on both sides but honestly it ruins the game. Let it go or get em all. This nonsense where they seem to have a new rule of the week and ignore all other rules is ridiculous. When you have the commentators critiquing them the whole time you know it’s gotten bad. Really struggling to watch AFL these days with the the absolute pitiful standard of umpiring. I still tune in to Melbourne as I love the Dees for some strange reason. But honestly don’t watch many other games any more. In the past would watch 3-4+ a week. How to fix this? Put some money in it and make them full time for a start. Can’t make them any worse. It’s not possible.
  4. Well done boys. You were amazing! Fair play to the umpires tonight. Thought they were pretty good overall in a tough game. Very happy!
  5. Nicholls. What a c u next Tuesday. His doesn’t even try to hide his bias against us. He should be banned from ever umpiring another Melbourne game. Not that that would ever happen.
  6. I’m as gutted as the rest of you for sure. I didn’t but now do have question marks over Goodwin. Moir list is pretty amazing and when you consider the amount of game most of he guys have played it’s impressive how well they did against some of the best in the game tonight. Massive pity they couldn’t do it for four quarters and I’m really [censored] off. But the future is still okay. Chin up people. I’m proud of the guys and the huge effort they put in. Hope it drives em cause they are good enough. Night.
  7. No 50m to Lewis when a Geelong guy was standing in the protected area. They get a goal. What a surprise.
  8. Man up their spare in defence please. Come on Trac. Well done 👍🏼
  9. Another goal to Nichols. Really wish we could ban him from Melbourne games. Players have been doing that all day 🙄
  10. Umpire Nicols in Geelong. Recipe for disaster 🤬
  11. An Adelaide mate / supporter sent me some info recenty that we hadn’t beaten anyone above us. Which is true. I sent him back our last result and the result of the last grand final.... point for this thread? At the end of the day if we don’t beat anyone above us in the next few rounds [censored] finals there is no point being there. I have faith the boys can do it. But I’d rather not make it and pay no attention to finals than get there and be an embarrassment.. although apparently these days if you make finals yours a chance....
  12. One of our family favourites. Especially when he is on! Go Milkshakes!!
  13. Yep Dr Gonzo well said. What a f#€*ng joke this game is becoming
  14. In Weed or Garlett. Out. Trac or Hogan sorry a message needs to be sent Hogan probably stays on this years form. Love Trac but like Hunt needs some time to get himself right in the magoos
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