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  1. yep, traveling to Melbourne to see us get pantsed in the big games is not fun. the last QB win i went to was when Grgic kicked a late winner. Loved the games where that Brad [censored] for the pies kicked a bag a couple of years in a row.
  2. we beg for blockbuster games each season and, they have given us a couple, only because we want, and it involves the big Vic teams. yet we rarely perform in them. we turn up in big numbers just to go down by 40+ points. having said that, Watts did nail that one against the pies a few years back when Collingwood were in bad shape 20 odd years ago they begged the comp for big blockbuster games, the comp gave it to them. the difference is that they performed each and every time, the supporters followed. Now its a given, involve us in 15 games at the G and 1.2 million will walk through the turnstiles. its why Essendon and Carlton want more games at the G so they can do similar We got a glimpse of what this could look like for the MFC at the end of 2018. the club needs to consistently perform.
  3. god knows what that intersection will look like after the station upgrade
  4. would something like this fit around Gosh's?
  5. should we rely solely on the govt for cash to build? we might be waiting for ever. potential sponsors that front end the $ to get the project off the ground. ( i know nothing on how sponsorship works btw) we build a facility that generates income, they get front of jumper exposure for x amount of years, signage and space to sell their wares within the facilities. (possibly within the CBD)
  6. unlike most, i dont feel like the facilities need to be near the MCG. i know after games i would head over for a pint, but that would be about it for me, as i dont live in the city IMO with no pokie revenue that, whatever they build should have some sort of way to make money attached to it. even if it was a sales room/ yard for jaguar to sell their wares, attached to sponsorship money somehow. i like the Jim Stynes name for whatever we build tho. Wouldnt it be good to see the " Jim Stynes Wing" on the electronic boards on the southern stand at the G, David Neitz behind the goals etc at home games
  7. whatever they build, will have to have some sort of way to make money, if we are to even consider being competitive with the other clubs. would they need to consider retail outlets, office rentals, cafe, bar, childcare, public gym and swimming pool, restaurant, apartments, hotel, a place for uber to land their flying contraptions etc. part of me thinks they need to think outside the box. we will have no pokies soon enough
  8. get the collingwood logo tattooed on my arse!
  9. sorry miss, i didn't realise this was english class!! must improve my spelling, pay more attention and stop being confused!!
  10. garland dunne howe n jones dawes pederson watts trade or delist over the next couple they all need to go,
  11. Would have to agree, if the players are to show improvement and the club is to sell hope then we need to be beating the teams around us in the bottom four. For me this is the most important game of the year so far...time to beat them and move forward...
  12. 1111 2222.pdf So was thinking about how the club would like to create a link with the city and came up with this while at work, ( i realize the colors are wrong) I was dissapointed that after making such a great video for this years membership drive that I didn't see it on Fox Footy, Free to air tv, see it in the papers or hear it on MMM or SEN (correct me if I'm wrong). I realize its costs money but what is the point in making it if not going to get on the front foot and get it out there. I would imagine the majority of people that visit the MFC website are members? (hope the attachment works as had trouble uploading)
  13. This is my fave from bomb blitz! Of all teams, OF ALL FKN TEAMS we embarass ourselves against this 2 bob, pissant club AGAIN. See 2011, see 2012 FKN GROUNDHOG DAY against this shite. Absolute fkn livid. love it!
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    some interesting points in this topic about links between melbourne city and club re: new york yankees article...........
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