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  1. You are a perfect example of the type of poster on here that struggle to READ and interpret at a basic level. Bernie Vince (2013), Garlett, Lumumba and Dawes have nothing to do with the sort of player my entire post was talking about. I don't even know why I bother on here anymore. You basically read my post and then decided to talk about a complete set of different players. Also, how on earth is it negativity? It is pure fact. Look where the big players go in recent history. We will have to pay up big. I am hopeful as hell, but be realistic people.
  2. JESUS CHRIST. Do you people read what you type? I literally CRINGE when I read some of the suggested trades on here. If you want a player that is CONTRACTED and you are a team that is hopeless, you need to pay overs. Remember 3 things when thinking about trades. 1. Nobody wants to come to Melbourne. 2. Nobody wants to come to Melbourne. 3. You have to pay overs in contracts AND in Trades, when are you are team nobody wants to come to. I would be surprised if we land anyone of his status. Look at the recent history, big clubs or high up the ladder is where they go.
  3. Reverse racism does not exist. Unless you can go back and magically halt Europe from colonising black and brown countries and change institutions and governments that have privileged white people for hundreds of years. Besides this, everybody has a right to dislike Adam Goodes AS A PERSON.
  4. He never said this, classic forum inaccuracy. You may want to watch it again and listen.
  5. Spot on. 3-5 thousand down due to the fight. I am as diehard supporter as you get, however this fight is the biggest sporting event of the year, and arguably the biggest fight of all time. I will be watching the fight.
  6. In Brisbane today, anyone know where I can watch the game? Pub?
  7. Dear god, some of the uneducated crap in here is horrific. There is only one rule when it comes to these sort of things, READ THE LITERATURE. So many people on here are speaking and researching on such a basic level, that it is pointless information. Also, one or two examples (for or against), does not count as evidence.
  8. The deal didn't get signed off. Mahoney has been booked in to go on SEN for 5 days, hoping to make an announcement. Looks like the deal didn't get sorted. I will always back my source in, but apologies. I was right about Frawley and Vince well in advance, 2/3 isn't too bad.
  9. Hi All. I would just like to let everyone know that my post regarding Kennedy was a genuine post from a good friend/source. You can check my history in 'topics'. I started a thread in June stating that Frawley was gone and the club understand this. This was way before anybody thought he was actually going. My source has always been on the ball, so I will back the information I was given in. To the mods, please leave this thread up. Thanks guys, Go Dees
  10. Years of posts, to say this and get banned off demonland? Can some of you have a think. Just all of you wait until tomorrow.
  11. I can confirm that we are definitely giving up picks 2 & 3 for Kennedy and 39. The pick we will receive will go to Collingwood to get Lumumba. The Clark deal seems to be very messy thanks to Collingwood, expect to get next to nothing for Clark.
  12. Please can everyone read the thread. I said 2 & 3. Where did pick 23 come from? I am already in deep water, let alone people making up things like adding 23 in as well.
  13. Finally a post with some actual critical thinking. These trades are not made lightly, MFC know what they are doing this time around. Good Post.
  14. Everyone, please get behind the club. The supporters need to stop feeling hard done by, its the supporters who also create a toxic culture. Roos and MFC have been bullish and decided to go all out to get it done. Go Dees!! P.s. St Kilda are going to take Petracca, the kid is a jet.
  15. Picks 2 & 3, for Kennedy and 39. Pick 39 will be used to get in another player, although I was not told the specifics of this other deal.
  16. The deal will be done by tomorrow 3pm. Some supporters may get a shock for the compensation we will be giving Sydney, but you have to pay overs to get these sorts of deals done. I am told we should be thanking Chris Dawes for the effort he has put in to get Josh across. He and Kennedy are mates from their Sandringham Dragon days. Go Dees!!
  17. If thats the case, GET HIM IN THAT LOCKER ROOM. Anything to kill whatever currently exists in that locker room is A OK for me. But really, what a ridiculous comment.
  18. Anytime he gets the ball, I feel as though I have some form of generalised anxiety disorder.
  19. I have heard from a reliable source that Frawley is gone. This was decided a long time ago, and has been kept in-house. Roos knows this and is keeping Frawley out of the backline to Develop them without him as he will be gone next year. There has been plenty of chances to put him back, but roos has taken a stance and knows the development of his backline is more important. Its a shame.
  20. haha so am I. This win is crazy, I can't stop randomly shaking my head and fist pumping. I knew there was a reason I supported through all those hard times, cause winning is an amazing feeling.
  21. For christ sakes, take the ball out in front of you with your hands extended. I counted 7 times that a player was spoilt because he tried to take a chest mark. SIMPLE
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