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  1. Tom Scully's hands looked elite at junior level. Not so at AFL level. Young's kicking appears to be as strong as Gould's. Both consistently hit targets, but both for the most part, kick relatively safely. I'm not 100% on Young being an elite kick at AFL level.
  2. Not to digress too much further, but I always thought Stuie and Rangey were one and the same? FWIW, I never minded either of them.
  3. It's very 2004 Hawks drafting too. Let's hope we really smash this draft.
  4. That was how many years ago now? FCS, some new material, please.
  5. Ah, you changed the wording, but not the content. Congratulations.
  6. It's funny. He doesn't actually have a highlight until a minute in. Some pretty ordinary highlights. I don't get it.
  7. Paying for salaries like Brukner and Burgess may point to why we said little about GCS getting the PP.
  8. Still pretty quick though. He'd shed those kgs in a pro environment and add more pace to his game. Goody likes South Aussies too, so Gould and Stephens could be in the frame. I wonder if the review took away some of his list management oversight.
  9. Fair enough mate. Pity we don't have 3 top 10 picks and we could nab all of them.
  10. Kemp may well be gone by 8, whereas Gould should be there by 8, so this should dictate our drafting strategy. I hope this is the thinking anyway. 😁 Alternatively, @Fifty-5 proposed trading 8 for 10 and an early second rounder. We could still probably get Gould with 10 and maybe a Weightman at the start of the second round. Kemp, Gould and Weightman all address needs. I like it.
  11. A F

    Jack Martin

    I certainly read our interest as merely due diligence on a small forward who could help us in the right situation. We've never been super keen.
  12. Don't mind it but I want Kemp. So whatever we get in there that gets us him, would work for me.
  13. Haha and I thought my dreams were boring.
  14. Gee, Osilik doesn't rate Weightman. Maybe I should get on the Weightman train.
  15. You really are Demonland's answer to 'old man shouts at clouds'. Also, you're wrong. Again.
  16. A F

    Jack Martin

  17. I think they meant a good small forward. Still, it will be a bluff. Not sure we'd openly talk draft strategy on the MFC website. We'll take best available.
  18. Kemp for me at pick 3. I reckon Gould seems like a Hurn clone and I'd take him in the Young position who will by gone by that pick anyway.
  19. I reckon there's a strong chance the thinking when we went after a second first rounder was, package two top 10 picks for an A grader at GWS or get two bites of the cherry in the top 10. This way, we'd get one kid who might be able to make a difference in 2020 and the second kid is so good that him sitting out in 2020 due to injury is worth it because of his talent, and in this situation, we'd still have the ability to service our 22 in 2020 with a Gould or Young type. If our recruiters think Green is good enough, I'd be nominating him at 3, then going Kemp at 4 if GWS match and taking Gould at 8.
  20. A F

    Jack Martin

    If we're talking x factor too, Martin isn't even in the same street as Bennell. The latter has precisely what our midfield lacks, if as you say, he can get on the park.
  21. HUSTLERS on the other hand actually makes the most of its story. Besides RZ's performance, JUDY butchers it.
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