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  1. I don't think so, for me. List clogger, I reckon.
  2. Haha, probably, but it is the silly season. I certainly think if Brayshaw and Harmes can rediscover their 2018 form; Petracca convert his forward form into midfield form and use his explosiveness and x factor to win stoppages and kick goals from the midfield; Oliver continue to improve, but we know we get consistent ball winning from him; Viney gets a proper run at it without being plagued by injury; Langdon and Tomlinson's running power; and adding Bennell - it's a midfield that finally has everything, if, and I say 'if', Bennell can get on the field. Salem and even Jones can roll through there too. I'd say we at least match West Coast and could compete with Collingwood. Richmond's midfield is good, but not as deep as Collingwood's, nor does their team rely on the midfield. They're all about pressure systems and ball movement.
  3. Reckon May has more to do with his than, Nev, but I could be wrong. I mean, of course, our recruiting team and FD have the most to do with it, but I'd suggest May has had something to do with it.
  4. Well done, Jimmy. One of my favourites nowadays. Is only going to get better. Can't wait to see him attack 2020.
  5. A F

    Jack Martin

    I did think of that, although no one says Rowell is asking for that.
  6. As cheap depth, yep. If we're serious about next year, we need experience and depth come the second half of the year. We've lost quite a bit of experience with Lewis. If May goes down or Omac isn't up to it and we need someone to play on a gorilla, he'd be a handy in.
  7. The following scene has been playing through my head constantly in regards to Bennell. https://youtu.be/FfAuGSqpn_4
  8. Exactly. Without injury, he would walk into any midfield in the AFL, but what he provides our midfield, if he can stay on the park, will make our midfield the most feared in the competition. That's before we add two top 10 draft picks (hopefully players with an ability to roll through there too). The modern game is about midfield depth. Things are getting exciting again if Bennell is over the line.
  9. Reading back over the early part of this thread, Ethan, you must be melting down at your trade desk, mate. How ya feeling?
  10. For mine there's very little risk. The worst we lose is a list spot. We have such ordinary depth that 15 or so players already on the list wouldn't get a game for anyone else. One list spot on a potential A grader is a minimal risk given the state of our list. If he passes the medical, we back ourselves to get him right.
  11. A F

    Jack Martin

    Welcome, but that makes absolutely no sense. Players don't demand to go to clubs by insisting that their club of choice take their mate in too.
  12. Reckon this might be the strategy as well.
  13. Yes, completely agree, but you have to view the AFL as the business that it is, and those clubs are big drawers than us. Simple as that. Commercially, we have a long way to go. A few flags would help convert a few. 2018 finals shows we can draw if we're playing successful finals footy.
  14. Same strategy as with Elliott. Be interesting to see how it pans out.
  15. Exactly what our midfield is absolutely crying out for. Skill, outside speed, x factor and goals. If this guy gets going again, he'll be an A grader. There's very little risk associated with Bennell being on our list. I don't really care what his past is like. If we're taking him on, we'll have the right mentors around him (looking at you, Nev) and the only risk is a list spot. I'd prefer a punt on Bennell than 10-15 of the guys we've re-signed in the last year.
  16. And Kemp? Since this is the Kemp thread. 😂
  17. Does he make a good choice for us then? I don't know much about Green, but they naturally compare him to a current footballer, being Cripps. If he's as half as good, he and Clarry would be a very good duo, with Kemp in there for x factor and goals. I don't mind it. And no, Osilik, I'm not asking you. Yes, inside mids, blah, blah, blah. Someone with an open mind, please.
  18. What I meant was that could we conceivably land Green and Kemp or is it merely a pipedream.
  19. Is there any chance that GWS don't match a big for Green and we end up with Green and Kemp?
  20. It could just be that we think the top 10 this year are better than the 15-20 range next year. Given we're backing ourselves to climb the ladder next year, we would hope we'd be looking at a top 8 finish next year, therefore 15-20. Once you take into our account the alleged compromised nature of the 2020 draft, it makes enough sense.
  21. I assumed his appointment means that the Jennings role has been made redundant in the FD shake up.
  22. Yeah, wonder if the Hawks will give him another 8 years for things to "finally click". Laughable. If it hasn't clicked by now, it won't.
  23. You could be right but I concur with the idea that it's quite possible Kemp won't be there at our next pick. I'd prefer Kemp over Young, but it'll be interesting to see what we do with pick 3.
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