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  1. It's definitely having an economic impact isn't it?!
  2. Good luck with the fundraising mate. I'm raising a million dollar budget for a social issue too at the moment and if you can empower and inspire those around you and hit a nerve, it can come together quite quickly. We've raised $100,000 in very little time at all and then I'll leverage that again.
  3. This guy totally reminds me of Leopold from The Simpsons. He's a walking bloody cliche. Quite hilarious.
  4. I've stayed away from Demonland and the official website for a bit and just caught up tonight. Watched the first three eps in a row. Not only are the production values excellent, the structure of the episodes are simple, but very well done. I could watch it for hours. Well done, MFC.
  5. He wasn't there for much of 2018. He came back at the end of 2018 if I recall correctly.
  6. You're in trouble mate when Adam Cooney is echoing your thoughts. He's an absolute gronk. There are 8 spots up for grabs because the [censored] season hasn't even started yet.
  7. Massively important player for his pressure and tackling, but I've still never seen an AFL footballer struggle to hit handball targets like him. His kicking is very hit and miss too, so he has to get it done with his pressure game and his toughness can never be questioned.
  8. I'd sign Bennell to a one year deal. No brainer really. So he's had a minor calf tear. If we get 2 or 3 games out of him come the end of the year, versus a VFL player, I'd still like his class off an interrupted pre season.
  9. In theory, this sort of contract strategy should be the norm in the coming years. Longer contracts enable clubs to know exactly how much cap they have to play with over a 5 to 10 year period. With more players on these contracts, it will give clubs the flexibility to build a surplus to attract FAs and guns.
  10. I'd make it 10 mate. In a heartbeat as you say.
  11. Governments will transition sectors if it means the economy will be positively impacted. In the MFC's case, we're not talking about an economy. We're talking about a business. Whether it was the right move to exit the pokies, probably only time will tell. I don't think we could say one way or the other at this stage. What I think we can safely say though is that the CEO and the COO did not predict such a drastic onfield decline and this has impacted on the financial bottom line. There's not a lot that can be done to the financials if the onfield team is puss.
  12. Mining as we've seen it is unsustainable and as technology grows, synthetic solutions will become more widely available or in some cases uncalled for. It's only a matter of time. Goldman Sachs have just started drilling the nail in that coffin.
  13. I don't think we could have predicted an onfield fall from grace quite as dramatic as the 2019 season proved. Therefore, any moderate financial projections saw us breaking even or posting a meagre profit. Instead, an onfield disaster, which is clearly unsustainable and needs to be righted immediately in 2020. Across the business world, businesses are moving towards sustainable revenue practices/streams and often this coincides with ethical wins that can be spun as PR and positive brand positioning in the marketplace. It doesn't matter where I or the MFC stand politically on the pokies, it's a dying business, just like mining and it will eventually go the way of the dodo. Have we moved out of the pokies 5 years too early? I'm not sure. Don't we still have this as revenue stream until 2021? I can understand us waiting to exploit it for the next few years, but equally, those clubs signing 20 year deals are tying their wagons to an industry that will eventually see itself legislated into oblivion. Diversifying the revenue streams at this point is a good strategic move, now we just need our [censored] football team to win some games and things will turn.
  14. That is a ridiculous video. Just provide the bloody numbers, you weirdos.
  15. He's a rookie. He's depth. If we are injury ravaged, he can inconsistently play a role. You can't smash it with every rookie pick. I wasn't a fan initially, but it makes enough sense for 2020.
  16. If that's the case, I wonder who we were after at 3. I'd hazard a guess that it was Young, but we cooled on him for whatever reason. Probably because Young could be seen as a bigger risk than Jackson.
  17. Personally, I think they've got it wrong. Petty should play back and Smith should play forward, but what would I know?
  18. I like your 22 here, mate, but I'd have Vandenberg ahead of Jones on the bench. I reckon this will happen across the season naturally and by the end of it, if we're playing well, I doubt Jones is in the 22.
  19. Leaves 17 open for Bennell. 👌
  20. You're right. I get more excited by mids or KPFs than I do by anyone else. Incidentally, I'm intrigued by Rivers for his potential of rolling through the midfield.
  21. No chance we could get the title of the thread correctly written is there? It's triggering my OCD.
  22. Sometimes, but Richmond's predictability hasn't hurt them, nor did Hawthorn's.
  23. Fritsch could be yes. Smith isn't a footballer. He's an athlete. Maybe he can bring some pressure in the forwardline, but his decision-making leaves a bit to be desired. All opinion of course.
  24. Agreed, but I think we need to get far more creative with our set up. Think Richmond 2017. Over a single pre season, they managed to completely rejig their forwardline and the only gun they had was Riewoldt, so they built around him, added Caddy and then a bunch of speedy contributors. I'm not suggesting this is necessarily our best way forward (we don't have enough pace), but we certainly need to play to a better/different forward system. One that enables forwards to create space (and quick ball movement will help with this), but also enables us to play predictable football so that everyone is on the same page.
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